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  • Regarding future studies for teaching profession

    Aspiring to get into the teaching field? Want to know the best courses to be done through distance learning? Achieve your goal with advice from our experts on this page for your query.

    I'm a second year U.G. student in (h), after this I'm planning to do M.Com+B.Ed.
    So, my question is that which course should I do from distance (M.Com/B.Ed) ?
    In future after completing my graduation I'll be going for teaching line only.
    Please help me out.
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  • If you want to retain teaching profession after your M.Com followed by B.Ed, the following are the options you can persue for achieving your goal -
    1) The foremost thing in such a case would be to choose either of the two courses in the distance mode and the other one with the regular mode from a recognised university and this as per norm of the university rule.
    2) Now let us understand the complexities of the courses. Any course needing your regular guidance in order to understand the basics should be persued in the regular mode so as to be clear with the fundamental of the subjects. Studies covered under the distance mode should not produce any strain in your brain while going through the cirriculam prescribed for the same.
    3) Since commerce is the stream dealing with various tools such as Accountancy, Taxation, Book - keeping, Mercantile law etc which need to understood deeply so as to have sound command in the various related topics. Hence you should continue this with the regular mode.
    4) While choosing B.Ed for the distance mode, you should choose IGNOU for the persual for the twin reasons for selecting this plateform, the first thing is that it will provide you course material of quality standard and apart from it the session consists of doubt removal classes where any confusion arising out in relation to studies are suitably addressed.
    5) Distance mode course can be persued according to your convenience of timing. You may complete the subjects part wise.

  • After completing the B.Com. successfully you have two options with you. First is to go for M.Com. and then qualify in NET (National Eligibility Test) exam and that would entitle you to apply for lecturer-ship in colleges and universities. If you have interest in research you can even go for PhD and then you can directly apply for the lecturer-ship without qualifying for NET. Another option for you is that after completing your B.Com., you take admission in B.Ed. and then after completing it you are eligible for applying for teachers vacancies in various state as well as central Govt schools and colleges. Depending upon your interest you have to select your subjects in the B.Ed.

    As far as possible try to complete your M.Com. or B.Ed. in regular stream unless there are some compulsions to do otherwise. Some people are even considering one of the courses in regular mode and other on correspondence mode simultaneously but that is a lot of load on oneself as within the limited time frame one has to study for so lengthy a syllabus. I would not advice to do so though under UGC stipulations one regular and one correspondence course is allowed to be done simultaneously. In any case two regular courses are not allowed by UGC during the same time frame.

    Your core area is commerce so doing M.Com. would be a better option before going for B.Ed. or NET examination. That would bring some other opportunities to you also in other career streams. Commerce is a discipline which has wide acceptance in the industry in positions like Accountant, Auditor, Banker, Govt job, Legal Assistant, Insurance executive, Financial analyst etc.

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  • After completing your it is better you opt for B.ed regular course as we cannot for correspondence. Whereas for, once you complete and B.ed you can opt for a job then take up in any evening colleges. will be a continuation of so you will have a hold even though you take it a bit later after B.ed.
    B.ed and a basic degree is the basic requirement, so you can complete masters later instead of wasting those two years, you could earn and go for evening colleges offering masters in commerce. This will save your effort, time and money. You can also try for scholarship to assist financial so concentrate and get distinction marks in

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  • You want to be in teaching line. For a teacher a graduation and a degree in education are essential. The Bachelor of Education is required if you want to teach in schools. If you want to go for college teaching PG is required. But you will have more chances to become a teacher. Keeping this fact in mind I am advising you to select B.Ed course. While doing this course you can concentrate more on the entrance test you have to face for getting selected for a teacher post rather than doing M . Com. Concentrating on entrance test will increase your chances for getting selected for teacher post. Once you join in a school as a teacher you can start studying M Com through correspondence course. After that you cN attend for your NET examination. Which will make you eligible for lecturer post with UGC Scales.

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  • You are doing B.Com and going to do M.Com with B.Ed. With M.Com. and B.Ed. you can get a teaching job in Schools. If you want to do a teaching job in colleges as Lecturer then you need to qualify for the NET exam. And if you want to get a job as Assistant Professor then you need to do Ph.D. also.

    Best of luck.

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