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  • Is my degree valid for haryana govt job if I have done my B.A.program degree aug 2012

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    I have done my B.A. history program degree by SMU distance from Delhi branch from aug 2012 to 2016. Is it valid for haryana govt or Central govt job. Someone is saying there is doubt about year. I also want admission in Kurukshetra university but clerk has denied admission.
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  • As per Sikkim High court judgment dated 26 June 2015, the degree completed before 2011-12 is valid. Others who had started their program prior to 2011-12 and those admitted for the programs any day after February 22, 2013, till June 26, 2015. But you say that you have started your course is started 2012-13 which means it means it is after March 2012 and before 22.2.13. So my opinion is that your BA degree is not valid for government jobs.

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  • According to the Hon'ble High Court of Sikkim Judgement dated 26th May, 2015 in WP(c) 4/2013 and dated 29th
    May, 2015 in WP(c) 8/2015, it is clearly mentioned that the University got 3 years recognition from 2009-10 to 2011-12. The recognition of the university was expiring on 14.10.2012. Before that they have already applied for renewal. But after 25.10.2012 Sikkim High Court freeze the fresh admission.

    In its Judgment High court also said that degrees of the candidates who had got admission and completed their distance courses anytime prior to the academic session 2011-12 or the Students who started their distance course prior to the session 2011-12 but completed the course afterwards is valid.

    Further, Students who were admitted to the programmes from February 22, 2013, to June 26, 2015 (Stay period granted by Sikkim High Court) their degrees are also valid.

    So, it is to say that status of any admission between October 25, 2012 and February 22, 2013, is still unclear.

    As you have get admission in the course from from August 2012 that is before the expiry of the recognition of the University. So your degree might be valid. You can keep the copy of the Judgement with you. You can produce this Judgement to the authority or you can move to the court and ask for the clarification.

    Copy of the Sikkim High Court Judgement can be download from the following links:

    Might be possible they consider your candidature.


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  • UGC is the main regulatory body in our country regulating and monitoring the various institutions either in the regular mode or distance education mode. UGC as per the powers vested in it inspected the SMU in 2012 and found that it was not having proper approvals and hence dissolved it and asked it to close all its centres in India. On this action SMU moved to High Court and got a stay order. Under the garb of that stay SMU continued operating. The High Court gave a decision in 2015 in favour of UGC and the degrees of SMU after 2012 became invalid. So after that its degrees were not accepted by any university or state Govt or central Govt or any organisation. In this process SMU lost its credibility and its reputation was severely affected.

    As on today any degree by SMU is seen with doubt and the employer gives discredit to it so I do not think that your degree has any value in this situation.

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