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  • How do I revive my personal blog?

    Wondering how one can revive a blog after some inactive period? Confused about how to proceed in the most effective way? No worries, find advice from experts here which will provide you with a clear direction to move ahead.

    I have my personal blog
    I was very active earlier for my blog but as because of study, I left the blog with the same content without any update or new article. I am now ready to get it active. How do I start this task?
    What are the best and effective way to revive my blog?
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  • You can go through your blog with a program in mind. You need not go through all the data you have updated earlier there. But have a glance at all the articles and select a few which will be good to update and you feel that there may be good readership to those articles. Revive those articles and post the revised articles again. Then go through the articles where the old links are not working and see that you can substitute those links with new links. If you have the analytics data choose the best ten and revive them and update them. This is the starting point for reviving your old blog. While reviving the article please keep in mind that to add new data which is related to those articles. Over the years your writing skills might have got improved. Look those articles in that angle and make changes that you feel are apt. Like this go on improving the articles. Concentrate on the quality of writing and also Search Engine optimization also. Also, have a look at spellings and grammar. If you have posted any ideas update them with the latest changes in those ideas.

    always confident

  • is a platform where many queries about mechanical and electrical equipments and gadgets are resolved. It has many sections where information and knowledge is available regarding many things like competitive examination, GATE, interviews, software etc. There is a lot of scope of information related to mechanical machines and equipments.

    This platform is working along with which is a very big blogging platform. You might have a place there also. Now you want to revive your blog. Reviving a blog is a challenging work as it requires a continuous flow of articles/ blogs in your area and if they are of good quality then only traffic would slowly start building in that. Traffic is the main key to the progress and prosperity of the blog. This is the crucial point in blogging. Please note that there are so many blogging platforms in the internet and in some of them even millions of bloggers are present uploading their work in their areas and there is a large crowd of the reading and reference material there. In such a situation making a place for one's material is definitely a challenging and tough task. So, what I can suggest at this juncture is to focus in one's specialisation area and go in details about the problems and issues encountered by the students, technical people and other workers. If one can answer each and every query or issue in one's core area then slowly people would take a note of it and start visiting that blog repeatedly for resolution of their doubts. That is one way of increasing the traffic to the blog. In online working, the concept of more is merrier works but quality should be maintained.

    Knowledge is power.

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