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  • Career as Geologist in GSI-Geologist Survey of India

    Interested in making a career as a geologist? Want to know all about their work, life and time for work and self? Here, on this page our experts shall provide you with all the required information pertaining to the career of a geologist.

    I want to build a career by becoming a Geologist in GSI. Can anyone help by providing information regarding the life of Geologists in GSI?

    1.How often do they go home in a year?
    2. How is their family life?
    3. Do they get time for self and family?

    Is there any branch in which field is not necessary and do work in lab or office?
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  • Geological Survey of India (GSI) is an organisation working under the Ministry of mines. They have regional offices at Lucknow, Jaipur, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Shillong and Kolkata (head office also). The main objectives of GSI are ground, air borne and marine surveys for national geoscientific information and mineral resource assessment, mineral prospecting and investigations, multi-disciplinary geoscientific, geo-technical, geo-environmental studies, glaciology studies, natural hazards studies, seismotectonic studies etc.

    They have many departments like survey teams, laboratory, research laboratories, data centres, management of scientific data and scientific expeditions, collaboration work with industry etc. I do not see any problem for a qualified person to apply there as geologist and depending on one's interest the type of job is generally allotted in such big departments. In the beginning, one might have to work as a surveyor in remote places with the survey teams as technical people have to earn that experience without which one might not be able to contribute in the organisation but after some time one can easily get a job in scientific data interpretation and other coordination activities. So, the apprehension shown in this query is not a serious one. One would get rest period and holidays after the survey tenure as per the regulations of GSI and would get the house facilities etc also as per the Govt of India rules and regulations. Overall it is a prestigious job.

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  • Geological survey of India is under the Mind story of Mines if India. There will be many positions in that. You may be posted in Head office or any other branch offices. Their main activity is to conduct surveys. The surveys include Earth, sea and air borne. They do these surveys to assess the minerals and materials available in these areas. The scientists working here are from different branches of science including physics, chemistry and geology. The jobs are good and you will not miss your family life. Initially you may go for surveys and you will be away from your family for ten to 15 days. But the remaining days will be in the office only. As far as my knowledge goes there is no rule that coming back from survey you will be given some holidays. As you put up experience your field work will come down. The scales and benefits will be as per the central government rules and very good service conditions will be there.

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  • Geological Survey of India is working from more than 150 years and have a very glorious track record and a valuable organization and asset to the Country. In GSI several kind of works are being carried out like Geo-technical investigations, Geophysical surveys, Geo-chemical Surveys, Thematic mappings, Glacial studies, Integrated approach of mineral exploration, Paleontological studies and Landslide studies etc.

    Demand and opportunities for Geologists, especially young and dynamic candidates are increasing day by day. Becoming a Geologist and working as a Geologist in Geological Survey of India is a very promising. They may be appointed as a Group 'A' Gazetted Officer. They need full time and devotion in their jobs. They also require frequent travelling and attending meetings with different peoples according to nature of job. They receive good salary. There is very good scope of learning and overall development. You can work in several fields like geophysical mapping and mineral exploration etc. You will get an opportunities to travel and field work from Himalayas to the southern end including cities, villages and forest etc. So, one can get exposure to lots of things and even get prepared to work in the very remote areas. Overall a geologist takes opportunity to live an adventurous life. Further, Geological Survey of India is best organization for Geologists to learn and execute. It is one of the leading organization and scientific department for baseline data generation. One can work in this organization with full dignity. Well trained staff and helpful management. Employee learns time management and free to think and its implementation.

    Geologists are sent to the site for almost 120 days after that they return to the head quarter and continue laboratory work, report writing work. These reports then will be submitted to Government of India. During the field visit of geologist or geophysics their senior management always remain in touch with them and take feedback of the difficulties they are facing during their field visit.

    These are the benefits you can get in Geological Survey of India. But, there are several cons also such as candidates must be ready for extensive field visit. Due to extensive field visit, it might be difficult to balance personal and professional life. In other word, one may get less time for family and social gathering as they live away from their families. Job profiles are assigned themselves. In remote area one may face communication problems due to lack of internet connectivity or poor signals.

    Besides there are some other kind of jobs in GSI like administrative jobs and translators and other kind of jobs. In these jobs one can settle themselves and less filed work is there. But there are very less chances of promotions.

  • Geological Survey of India is governed by the ministry of mines and mineral developments. Their main job is to conduct surveys to assess the deposit of various minerals and materials. It is not only confined to earth survey to assess the quantum of the deposit but it is even stretchable to aerial based and sea based. Depending upon number of candidates involved and requirement of surveys for a particular deposit, the surveyors would be required to devote their timings so as to achieve the targets as set by GSI.
    Their jobs include Geophysical, Geochemical, Land slide studies, Deposit of Various minerals etc.
    They are to get guidance from the competent authorities having their basic qualification in Geology and have joined GSI as an gazetted officer in the group of A class.
    The candidates would go to the site and carry out their jobs as per the instructions of their superiors. Finally they need to submit reports with the proper lab work and logging down the related informations.
    They would need to attend the different meetings organised by the seniors and pass on their reportings to their seniors regarding the quantity and quality of such reserves. Hence their jobs are suitably compensated in terms of pay and other permissible allowance apart from conducive environment to sustain geological surveys.
    Though the nature of job is hectic due to their involvements but the management would ensure that they get ample time to meet their family members after the completion of a project consisting of 120 days. For such jobs, promotion channels are highly satisfying.
    For the administrative jobs and clerical staffs they lead decent lives but the promotions are limited.

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