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  • What are the career opportunities in Sociology?

    Are you interested in knowing more about sociology? Searching for details of careers after graduation in sociology? Here, on this Ask Expert page scroll through the responses and understand the careers in sociology.

    Sociology is an important field of social science. This course is offered by all major universities in India today. It is the branch of study that deals with the social behavior, life and society of the people. It offers undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees which are currently offered by universities in India.

    What are the career opportunities in Sociology?
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  • 1. After completing your PG in Sociology, you can opt for a teaching job. You can appear for the NET examination and once you are qualified in that you can become a lecturer with UGC scales. While working as a lecturer you can go for your Ph.D. also.
    You can do your B.Ed after PG and become a teacher in any government or privates school teacher. You can PGT in Kendriya Vidyalaya also.

    2. Sociology majors are more towards social service. There are many NGOs that are working for helping mankind and society. You can select a good job in that area and the work will definitely be satisfactory to you.

    3. Many sociology majors like working in politics. They prefer working behind the scenes to get politicians elected.

    4. A Sociology PG can opt for a post of Journalist. They can use their knowledge in understanding the persons better and how to get the best from them.

    5. Like any other PGs, they can go for bank Jobs, civil services and other government posts also.

    6. They will be very useful for HR departments of various organizations where interaction with humans will be more and maintaining human relations is very important.

    7. They can become good lawyers if they go to Law college and do their degree after MA.

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  • Sociology is the branch of study dealing with the behaviour of mankind. Having undergone through this course, the aspirant would be better familiar with human temperament, attitudes and their inclinations in certain areas. Following are the areas where they can shine well apart from job satisfaction.
    1) They would shine well in the field of NGO, since they can better understand the emotions of the people and this quality would keep such aspirants ahead of others. Hence acquiring a post graduate qualilification in Sociology and choosing to be a NGO will provide an aspirant to carry out his job effectively.
    2) Familiarity with the human temperament with the aquistion of a post graduate degree can widen one's career as a lawyer with the LLB degree or a similar qualification because of their better understanding of human behaviour.
    3) Like any other aspirant, they can appear for the PO posts of Banks both Nationlised ones or Private ones with the thorough preparations in this line. If required, they can undertake the help of some professional institute.
    4) If interested, they can make effort to clear UPSC examination to become IAS with their full dedication and guidance of the professional institutes operating in this line.
    5) Journlism is the field where one can apply ones knowledge acquired in the Sociology and with this qualification, they will succeed in this field.

  • Sociology is a vast and different approach as it ranges from religion, family, society, state, race, crime, beliefs, social class, change in societies, etc. It is a study of society, behavior of people or groups and relationships and comments with its tell apart position on the subject. It highlights the impact of certain functions, rules or organizations on a person or group's lives. Sociologists work with people and help them or society understand as to how gender, age, race and geographic region affects health, wealth, power, etc in society.

    After completing his HSC or +2 from a recognized board or university, one can join with for the following courses in sociology:
    - Diploma which is a full time 2 years course
    - An undergraduate course which is a full time 3 years course
    - A Postgraduate course which is a full time 2 years course

    After completion of the above-said course from a reputed college or university, one can work in the following field:
    i)Public Relations Workers - If one is keen on writing and having good communication and ready to work on in the field, One can apply for public relations jobs and make their career in journalism, publishing, etc.

    ii) Teaching - With a UG or PG degree, one can seek a career in a teaching post in schools and colleges. One needs to have a teacher certification which will help to get the work easily.

    iii) Social and Community Services - With good fieldwork experience and groundwork during course, a sociology student can work as a social worker and address problems faced by people or society. They can work with NGOs, juveniles, Old age homes, etc and help in fundraising, etc.

    iv) Correctional Service Officer - These are jobs related to understanding juveniles and prisoners in the jail, prison or detention centers. They work closely with criminals, understanding their nature, back-ground, etc and helping them to change by providing training and community-based programs.

    v) Counselor - As the name implies, a qualified sociologist can work as a counselor in schools, jails, hospitals, etc where they provide help to juvilliens to change from their current nature and become good citizens with dedication, hard work and understanding.

    Some more positions that can be looked into are social researchers, public health and welfare organizations, caseworkers, Customer Service Representative, Court Paralegal, law firms, advertising managers and administrators, business or industrial firms, public policy researchers, survey and polling organizations and data analysts.

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  • Sociology is a subject which has a wide coverage in the functional elements of society and it prepares a background for working in many areas and one can make a career after Sociology in many streams and work areas. Please note that after doing PG one has to do some certificate or short term course which is related to these areas so that one stands more chances of selection in that stream. Some of these areas where a Sociology post graduate can think to make a career are as follows -

    1. Public Relation departments in various organisations - Many organisation in private as well as Govt sectors hire Sociologist for their public relation works. One can apply for such positions.

    2. Advertising Executive positions - Many companies have a big budget for advertisement and marketing. To make those actions more fruitful a sociologist can help the advertising teams in aligning the advertisement efforts in a focussed and effective direction.

    3. Teaching / Education area - After completing PG in Sociology one can go for NET qualification and apply for lecture ship in the colleges and universes. Another thing is go for B.Ed. and try for school teaching positions.

    4. Human Resource departments - Big organisations have a permanent section dealing with HR issues like recruitment, training and cadre planning. There also, a sociologist has scope to apply.

    5. Journalism - This is one area where there is ample opportunity for a Sociology student to try his career. Newspaper, Radio stations to TV there are many positions where the sociologist is preferred.

    6. Data Analyst - By acquiring some commuter skills through a certificate course one ca think of this line also as there is a lot of data analysis in the social sector and a sociologist can handle that effectively.

    7. Geopolitical risk and International relations - This career line is specific and mainly in Govt sector where there is a scope of working in other countries through the embassies and high commissions. These vacancies are limited and tough competition is there.

    8. Rehabilitation Counsellor - These positions are in the social sector where the Govt schemes or private philanthropic helps are channelised in the well being of the society. NGOs are also active in this area.

    9. Research area - There are some corporates and institutions where advanced research in sociological topics is carried out. If one has an interest in research area this is also one option to explore.

    10. Criminal justice, law and social justice - This is mainly an offshoot of law and judiciary and in this area also sociologists have a crucial role to play.

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  • Major jobs for sociology degree holders in India and abroad:

    1. Guidance Counselor
    2. Human Resources Representative
    3. Lawyer
    4. Management Consultant
    5. Analyst (Market Research()
    6., Media Planner
    7. Policy Analyst
    8. Specialist (Public Relations)
    9. Social Worker
    10. Survey Researcher
    11. Advice Worker
    12. Community Development Worker
    13. International Aid or Development worker
    14. Youth Worker
    15. Social Researcher
    16. Sociologist

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