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  • How do I become green card holder of USA?

    Wondering how one can become a green card holder of USA? Searching for information regarding the rules to get the green card? Scroll through this page and get answers for all your queries.

    Everyone who wishes to study or to do job in the USA tries to get green card to get a permanent resident. What is the other way to get a green card in the USA? Can a person who wants to invest in the USA get a green card as he has invested so and so amount? What are the exact rules of getting a green card when one invests in the USA?
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  • A green card in the USA means that you are a US citizen and you can live there without any restrictions. But getting a green card is very difficult. As far as my knowledge goes all investors in the US need not be US citizens and there is no special provision for investors to get a green card based on the investments made.

    There are three main ways to get a green card.

    1. A family-based green card: If one of your parents or your spouse is an American, you can get the green card as a family member. A citizen of the USA who is above 21 years of age can make an application for a green card to his wife/husband, children, siblings, and parents. A green card holder can sponsor his spouse and children.

    2. Employment-based green card: Every year the US government will be issuing a good number of green cards based on employment. There are different types of this. Importance will be given to:

    A. People who are having extraordinary ability in the fields of sciences, arts, education, business or athletics,
    B. Professors and researchers who have a good name in their field and outstanding.
    C. Executives and managers in certain areas.
    Entrepreneurs are also will be eligible to get a green card in this category. The number of green cards varies from country to country the waiting period will vary. So waiting may be very long.

    3. Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery: Generally this will be for the people who will be from the countries where the number of immigrants will be less. Persons who want to get a green card in this type can register online at

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  • In US there is an immigrant investor program through the EB-5 visa route. As per that if a foreign national invests a minimum of $500000 in a US enterprise if it is located in a Targeted Designated Area or $1 million in other business enterprises then he can acquire a green card. The investment can be in any type of enterprise preferably in real state. This is a prestigious way to acquire a green card in US. One can monitor his investment on day to day basis or can do it through an agency. One would get some return on investment also from that investment.

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  • To get a green card for USA is a difficult task but there is a provision for Employment based green card. For the sake of convenience, this can be split into several components each indicating the category and type of jobs falling under them.
    Below are given types of jobs falling under various categories-
    Category. Jobs Included
    1) Priority Worker( FB1) Position in the Arts, Science, Education, Bussiness and Atheletics
    having extra ordinary ability.
    2) Professional with 1) Position having at least a masters degree
    Advanced degree ( FB2) 2) A bachelor degree followed by at least five year experience
    3) Position in the Science, Arts, Bussiness with the exceptional
    ability as enlisted in their records.
    3) Physician with a special Physicians interested in agreeing to work full time in
    Weaver( FB2) undeserved area for a specific period.
    4) Skilled Unskilled Skilled position needing a minimum of two year training
    Professional ( FB3) experience
    5) Special Worker( FB4) 1) Religious Workers
    2) Afganistan and Iran Nationals having served the US
    Government with certain accepted capacity
    3) Certain other Employees, Retirees and other family members.
    6) Investors ( FB 5) Non US Nationals interested for investment for at least one
    million dollar in a rural area in a new bussiness in USA creating
    a full time employment for at least 10 workers.

  • The Green Card is an identification card that gives a non U.S. citizen the lawful status to live and work anywhere in the United States permanently. The U.S. government issues green cards to family members of U.S. citizens, current green card holders, workers from other countries but there are many other categories of green cards.

    Q: What is the other way to get a green card in the USA?
    A: The categories to be eligible for a green card in the U.S. are given below:-
    i) Green Card through Family: If anyone has their close relatives who hold U.S. citizenship or a green card, they may apply for family-based green cards of their own. The eligible family members include spouses, children, parents, siblings(brother or sister), widows and widowers.

    ii) Green Card through Employment: The employment-based green card category is again subcategories as;
    - Priority workers (EB-1): It applies to a person having extraordinary ability i.e. of national or international acclaim in arts, sciences, education, business, and athletics or is an outstanding professor or researcher or is multinational managers and executives comes under EB-1 category.
    - Professionals with advanced degrees and exceptional abilities (EB-2): It applies to a person having an expertise bachelor's or master's degree along with at least five years' relevant experience in the field of arts, sciences or business that is of national interest falls under EB-2 category.
    - Skilled, unskilled, and professional workers (EB-3): A skilled worker requiring a minimum of two years' training or experience, a professional holding a bachelor's degree or an unskilled worker that require less than two years' training or experience falls under EB-3 category.
    - Special workers (EB-4): Religious workers and ministers, media professionals, nationals who have served the U.S. government from Afghanistan and Iraq, retired officers or employees of international organizations or NATO, Children having Special Immigrant Juvenile(SIJ) status fall under EB-4 category.
    - Investors (EB-5): Any non-U.S. nationals who are interested in investing or already invested at least $1 million in a new U.S. business or $500,000 in a high-unemployment or rural area which will create full-time positions for at least 10 workers come under EB-5 category.

    iii) Humanitarian Green Cards:
    a) Green Card through Refugee or Asylee Status: Any People persecuted in their home country due to their race, religion, nationality, political opinion, etc and were admitted as a refugee or granted asylum status at least 1 year ago can apply under this category.
    b)Green Card for Human Trafficking and Crime Victims: Any victims of human trafficking staying in the U.S. without proper documents may apply for a 'T' visa. Any victims of crime such as kidnapping, sexual assault, and torture staying in the U.S. without proper documents may apply for a 'U' visa. To qualify for a green card, they must be ready to help investigate and prosecute and even stayed in the United States for at least three years after receiving the 'T' or 'U' visa.

    iv) Green Card through Registry: If anyone has lived continuously in the U.S. before Jan. 1, 1972 to date can also apply for a Green Card.

    v) By winning the Green Card Lottery: It is the fastest and simplest known to way get a U.S. green card. The lottery is open to nationals of countries whose immigration in the U.S. is the least and it may change every year wherein approximately 55,000 immigrants are given U.S. citizenship through the Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery system. The registration can be done online at If you are lucky and is one of the winners then you can directly apply for an immigrant visa.

    Q: Can a person who wants to invest in the USA get a green card as he has invested so and so amount? What are the exact rules of getting a green card when one invests in the USA?
    A: Kindly follow the Investors (EB-5) category which is explained above.

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  • What is the other way to get a green card in the USA?

    Anyone can apply for a Green card also called a permanent resident card by the family, an employment or job offer, refugee or asylum status, and ability to self-petition or have a record created for permanent residence.

    Can a person who wants to invest in the USA get a green card as he has invested so and so amount?

    In some cases; some people invested USD Five Lakhs in real estate or hotel projects and their investment and became the permanent residents in the US. In Panama (Also a country in the US) gives the option to buy forest land and become a permanent resident of Panama.

    What are the exact rules of getting a green card when one invests in the USA?

    Firstly, you must be eligible according to the answer mentioned in the first question.

    If you are living in the US and apply on Form I-40 and once the application is approved and a visa number is also available then apply for AOS to get Green Card (permanent resident) the following is required:

    Completed application form I-485 (Application to Register Permanent Residence)
    Submit the filing fee with Form I-485 with a biometric services fee.
    Submit Evidence i.e. evidence and supporting documents to prove eligibility for Form I-485. You need to file the application with the correct filling location as per the instructions given in the application carefully.

    If you are living outside the US:
    Anyone can get a Green Card (Permanent Resident) in the US through consular processing. The same can be done when USCIS works with the Department of State for issue a visa using approved Form I-140 petition when the visa is issued.

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