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  • Need some proper advice before opting for keratin hair treatment to my hair?

    Want to know all about keratin treatment? Looking out for details of this treatment and its side effects here? No worries, our experts shall provide you with all the information you are looking for.

    As I have done permanent straightening to my hair twice before, due to which I am slightly facing some of the side effects like hairfall, dandruff and greying (my age is 28 now). On the other hand I know greying might be for different reason too, as it is a common problem even who didn't opted this chemical treatment or are younger than me. I am just explaining what type of turmoils were tingling in my mind. Giving a hope that it might not be due to side effects. A year after this straightening, I am supposed to do it again since my newly grown hair is slightly curly or wavy. My hair was having a volume and it was my dream to leave my hair open in a crowd instead of always tying up them. I know volume is good for my hair but I just wanted my hair open n look frizz free. So I opted for hair straightening, after which I was very happy with my hair. But to be frank, after the straightening has gone means after few months when it's a time to have a TouchUp again I feel like go for straightening again or do something good to my hair in salon. One of my friend, a beautician suggested me to go for keratin treatment instead of straightening, saying it is good for my hair, it nourishes well and also solve my problem. I need to know whether I should go for it or just forget to do anything to my hair simply tying them up and live with my natural hair? Are there any side effects or things would get worse as I have read somewhere that the keratin treatment too has a formaldehyde solution (which contains carcinogenic elements) in it which locks our hair to remain straight. Want to know better for me and for others too before opting this hair treatment.
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  • As far as my personal thinking goes unnecessarily going for a chemical treatment to hair is never advisable. Every treatment will have some side effects. Many people use dyes for color. They are very hazardous chemicals and on long usage, we will have different side effects. Hair fall will be high and sometime there will be a problem for our vision also.

    Chemical hair straighteners contain very hazardous chemicals like sodium hydroxide, lithium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, or guanidine hydroxide. They will make the hair week and loses its strength. keratin treatments are nothing but inducing proteins into your hair. The effect of this will be there for six months after that they may wash away, people say this better than the other treatments. But in some Keratin treatments, some solutions will be used which may release formaldehyde in heat. So you should opt for the Keratin process which is free from formaldehyde release. But this process is not as effective as the process wherein formaldehyde is involved.

    So the preference will be like this.
    1. No treatment. Leave it as it is. I will always go with this option only.
    2. Keratin treatment
    3. Chemical straighteners usage.

    always confident

  • Long straight and smooth hair is one of the most wanted desire of women as of now. The same can be achieved by resorting to various methods like keratin or smoothed treatment. Both the treatments involve to get rid of the dirt.
    However, there exists some difference between the two. The prime difference is that keratin is naturally occurring protien and the same is used for the treatment of the hair. In this treatment various chemicals are added to the products to make the hairs more manageable.
    The benifits of the keratin treatment are as follow -
    1) It is a unisex treatment.
    2) It makes the hair more manageable.
    3) A lot of time can be saved.
    4) It can check frizz.
    5) It helps in the retention of the moisture.
    6) It wil suit most type of hairs.
    7) Less heat treatment.
    8) promotes lustre of the hair.
    9) other features such as colourings, convenient shaping of the hair etc.
    Keratin treatment would have lasting effects for at least six months and to avoid the precipitation of excess formaldehyde, go in for the procedure devoid of such precipitation.

  • Beautiful hair is a matter of pride for many people who possess it and there is a big industry working for manufacturing products to make the hair beautiful. Traditionally people used hair oils and washed their hair with natural detergents to keep them shining and strong. Now a days people have resorted to various chemical formulations like shampoos and conditioner etc for the same result but these chemicals have some side effects also which can be harmful sometimes for the skin or even the hair.

    Keratin treatment is one of the popular treatment of the hair for making them shining and strong. Actually hair contain keratin and keratin associated proteins. These proteins make the hair healthy. During this treatment keratin is artificially added to the hair to make it smooth, shiny, frizz free and strong. In fact keratin treatment works like a good conditioner. Hairs would not flatten out and become curly and rather would remain straight. Different people have different types of hair and the keratin treatment may not bring the result same in all the cases.

    It does not mean that keratin treatment can be undertaken by everyone. Actually if one has a straight and good hair there might not be need for such a treatment and one should ascertain it in details before going for it. This treatment takes a few hours as pre wash and shampooing is done before application of keratin. The chemical formaldehyde is used in this treatment and it could create some irritation in the scalp. One should go to a reputed saloon for this where expert should handle the treatment.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Everybody is attracted to beautiful hair and wants their hair to be silky, long, smooth and thick. It is the same with men and women and everyone desire to get the hair of others i.e. one with straight hair like curly hair, people with curly hair like straight hair, people with short hair like long while people with long hair like short hair, people with thin hair want thick and visa-versa, etc. With the advancement in the science and cosmetic industry and easily availability of saloons and spa in nook and corner of a city, everyone wants their outer self i.e. facial beauty, skin, and hair to be the best. Having beautiful hair is a blessing where many struggles every single day to maintain the same while some are lucky to have it.

    Keratin is the major protein that is naturally present in our hair as it protects the internal and external structure of one's hair. Due to various factors like pollution, chemicals, sun, diet and changes in one's lifestyle affects the hair by damaging it like frizzy, dry, dull and damaged hair. To bring back the lost protein into your hair, a keratin treatment is carried out by many. In a keratin treatment, keratin is artificially added to the strands of hair that fill the porous spots in one's hair that caused the hair frizz, tangle and break making it shiny, silky, smooth and lengthy.

    The treatment may vary from one person to another and other factors like how strong the treatment is, the temperature, how it was applied, how porous your hair is and above all how well your hair specialists know the treatment. Normally keratin treatment may last for approximately three hours for the entire process when done correctly following the complete procedure and instruction and the effect of the treatment may last for nearly 3 months if one puts extra effort to take care of your hair and follow the Post-treatment instructions and use after-care products.

    For a good effect, one needs to speak with the stylist openly about what your needs, allergy, do and don't about the treatment, etc that will help you and the hair specialists to get the best out of the treatment without causing side-effect, allergy, hair loss, dandruff or any kind of irritation after the treatment. It is also advised to select the best salon or hair specialists and branded product for the treatment and do occasional visits as and when scheduled to maintain the texture, silkiness, and smoothness of your hair.

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  • I have witnessed the hair of some women who got keratin treatment in high end saloons here and I found that their hair are well straight and they are not complaining of large hair fall since then. As keratin is reinforcing the protein back in the flattened hair, it might be making them strong. Though there is not much appreciable difference in the condition of the hair as regards the shining and colour but if it can check the hair fall then that itself is one major benefit of it.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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