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  • 5th-floor flat Registration problem in Bachupally, Gram panchayat, Hyderabad

    Planning to buy a flat in a gram panchayat based area? Interested in knowing about the registration process and how safe it is? Scroll through this page and decide forward plan of action.

    I have purchased a flat in Bachupally, Gram panchayat, Hyderabad which is on the 5th floor. I got the loan sanctioned letter 25 days ago. But since then Builder is not moving forward to the registration process and saying that all the 4th and 5th-floor flats are on hold for registration. We almost spent 5 lakhs to the interior and all. We are in a position that we can't drop nor move forward to the registration process. Will the registration is done in the future or govt canceled all the unauthorized constructions registration process.  I really appreciate your valuable suggestions on what should be a good decision here.
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  • How you have purchased the 5th floor flat in the gram panchayat area? Before going for purchase you have to see whether the builder has taken permission for 5th-floor construction. I will give you my personal experience. In Kakinada of East Godavari Dt. of AP, I wanted to purchase a flat. Through known sources, I have gone to a builder and the negotiations were completed and I have given an advance of Rs50,000/-. But the person was not registring my flat. It has taken a long time but nothing is happening. He said that there was a problem in the flat that he promised me and told me that he will register another flat. As I am worried that I may lose the money I accepted for that. He registered on the 4th floor of an existing apartment where already 3 floors were constructed. He got the registration done but never constructed. Later on, I enquired and found that there is no permission for the 4th floor there. The builder disappeared and nothing is done.

    So please be in touch with the builder and see that the permission from the Panchayat will be obtained for the 5th floor and then only you proceed. Otherwise, you will be in problems.

    Before making the deal final did you see the approval from GHMC for the 5th floor. That is very important. If that is not there it will be a problem. You please ensure the GHMC permission and then only go for the registration.

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  • There have been many cases where the builder had not taken the appropriate approval for the G+4 or G+5 building in the Gram Panchayat area and had to shell out the huge penalties or face the threat of demolition. The builder should take permission from the Directorate of town and country planning (DTCP) or Urban Development Authority (UDA) whichever authority is applicable in that area falling under Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC).

    You have to find out what approvals the builder has got from the Gram Panchayat and also from the other authorities. I think that Gram Panchayat is only allowed to give permission for G+2 levels. Please check it at local level. Please note that sometimes if an illegal permanent structure is constructed by the builder then the concerned authority can take a view for its regularisation under the existing rules and regulations and the builder might be processing those things right now. As a customer you have all rights to ask him about these details failing which you can tell him that all the customers would jointly go for complaint.

    At this juncture what I can advise is that all of you collectively fight this with the builder and approach the authority for a considerate view. In the present Govt regime there are many changes brought in the real state affairs and I think the authority would definitely help in the matter within the stipulated legal framework.

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  • Before investing any money for the construction of 5 th floor flat in a gram panchayat taluka, you will have to verify all the related papers such as approval of Directorate of town and country planning( DTCP) or Urban Development Authority ( UDA) whichever would fit for Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation ( GHMC).
    Instead of making any delay in this regard, you should see the officials of Municipal Corporation and ensure that the builder has obtained all such approvals.
    However, it is one part and the other vital one is the verification of the builder record in respect of filling up of return of income tax of at least three consecutive years.
    There have been numerous cases where the builders after accepting the advanced payments in the pretext of further constructions have fled away leaving any vital clues of their whereabouts.
    Never accept the tall promises made by the builders in regard to their prompt initiatives to be taken up for the further construction activity. The construction taken in the illegal way might be demolished by the appropriate authorities.

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