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    Is the validity of an original document a problem if it has a punched hole?

    Worried about a hole punched in an original certificate or any other kind of document causing a problem about its validity? Know from experts if an original document is considered to be invalid in case of a punched hole in it.

    We punch documents for the purpose of filing, In the case of a document such as a caste validity certificate, will a punched hole in it create any problem? This query is in reference to original documents and not photostat copies.
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  • If the punched hole is not on any text of the document and not damaging or erasing any keyword or text or signature or stamp or other vital items n the document, a mere punch hole for filing purpose will not invalidate the document.

  • There cannot be an issue if the punch hole was in order and not damaging any vital information of the document and hence the author needs not to worry about validation.

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  • It is a practice to keep the important and valuable documents either in a pouch or in a guard file. This is a very old technique and traditionally followed by the people especially for their educational and other important documents. In case one keeps them in a guard file or some other punch file, then one has to make two holes in the extreme left side without cutting or affecting any written or printed thing on the certificate. Generally, the certificate issuers also take care of this aspect and provide some space on the left side of the document. So if it is punched in that fashion and if it is not omitting any valuable information on the certificate then it is very well valid and admissible. I think we should not worry on that front and produce it for the document verifications as it is.

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  • Where is the hole on the document is very important? If the hole is in some important place and if some information is getting omitted then it will be a problem.

    Generally, the original documents will be filed in a file by punching on a side of the certificate. Many people will do that and it will not be a problem.

    As per your question, you said that the hole punching is done to file the document. That will be definitely on one side only. So there will not be any problem because of that hole.

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  • As you did punch holes for filing purpose i.e. on one side of documents (only on the boundary and empty places) hence, there will not be any problem but please make sure that there is no hole in the important text or signature or stamp. Because in that case, it may create a problem.

    However, it is suggested that you should be very careful for your original documents as if they get distorted getting a copy is a very tedious job and there will be printed 'duplicate copy' on the certificates.

    So never punch holes in your original documents because it mere a hole in the document will not create any problem itself but your documents will get torn from where you have punched a hole in the document.

    There are several kinds of files and folders with transparent sheets. You can keep them inside these files or you can get laminated your documents.

  • So long as your original certificate does not affect the contents printed on it especially your name, father's name, your date of birth, etc your certificate will not lose its validity.
    Punching your certificate along with other documents in order to preserve them safely is not going to affect your certificate provided you ensure that the hole has not been made on the vital parts such as signature of the secretary or the issuing authority, the stamp just below the signature of issuing authority and in the places where your vital points have been printed.

    One point in this context is to be remembered that the portion from where it has been punched gets torn over the time and the distortion will progress further as the certificate ages. Hence it would be better to keep all the essential documents in guard files so as to keep them intact.

  • Punching holes in any original document is certainly not a problem unless it tarnishes or mutilating any vital information like the name, DOB, year of issue, text or signature or stamp, etc, from the document. Punching hole to safeguard of filing it can be considered in any office or process unless it mentions in the documents that "any alteration or erasure voids this certificate."

    Some of the tip to avoid defacing any important documents is:
    - Use the hole guard to eliminate further tearing of documents after punching.
    - Using a punched pocket)slitted plastic bag with a perforated edge) to file your original documents safely.
    - Using the Expandable file folder helps to keep documents and important papers organized ina simple and safe manner.
    - Use the L-type transparent folder to keep your important or original documents safe and secured.

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