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  • Is there any prevention measure or medicine for Corona Virus?

    Interested in knowing how to prevent corona virus? Searching for all details of corona virus? Check out this page where our experts have responded to your query.

    The panic and some incidents are around from deadly Corona virus. People are confused on this. What to do? How to prevent from it? What are the measures to be taken care of etc.?

    How to identify the Corona related fever since its symptom similar to normal flu or fever?

    Is there any 'real' prevention measure or medicine for Corona Virus?
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  • There is no preventive drug or vaccine for the present corona virus though researchers are trying to find a solution to this ailment. It mainly affects the respiratory system in the human body and it is said that those who have a poor resistance to virus attacks or a poor immune system can be affected by virus more severely. If a person is kept in isolation and under medical care he can be out of its grip in about 15 days time. The recovery rate would change from the individual to individual. One of the most important thing is that the affected person should not go to any gathering or crowded place as there is a great danger of its spread in such close encounters.

    Some of the precautions being advised by the health authorities to be taken to avoid this threat are as follows -
    1. Avoiding close contact with the sick persons. This is of utmost importance.
    2. A sick person should be confined to home or hospital and in no case should go outdoors. This is also a very important aspect and there have been cases where a sick person roaming here and there has unintentionally caused spread of this to others.
    3. While coughing or sneezing, a sick person should use a tissue or cloth piece and discard it in a separate trash container.
    4. We must avoid touching our nose, eyes, mouth with our hands as that is the easiest path for the virus to transfer to the lungs in case it has been acquired in the hands.
    5. Frequent hand washing with disinfectant especially after coming from outside or sick persons room is a must 'to do' and is to be followed strictly. Children should be asked and reminded for it time to time.
    5. Do not visit the crowded place and gatherings and avoid arranging any such function.

    Another important thing is that do not spread the unauthentic news about this ailment and do not spread the fake information. Do not forward the misleading information as someone can be harmed by using that. As a good citizen, in this time of such a pandemic, we must act responsibly and should not blindly forward the messages related to it.

    It is believed that there are some herbs and natural items like ginger, tulsi (basil), garlic, vegetable soups etc which can help us in increasing our immune system and resistance to illness. Vitamin C is also supposed to increase the resistance of the body. These can be taken as a preventive measure. Keeping the throat wet and drinking water at intervals is also being recommended. All these things may help to different extent to the different people depending upon their body's resistance and immune strength and we cannot generalise them.

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  • The coronavirus has not exposed to the human body and so there is no vaccination is recommended to protect from coronavirus.

    But the following households will improve our immunity power.

    Ginger juice, honey, and lemon juice one glass each makes a syrup. Consume 3 to 4 times one glass of this syrup after diluting with water ( 3 to 4 spoons syrup with a glass of water) It can increase the body's immunity.

    Mixing 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric powder with warm water, tea or milk helps to combat the toxins.

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  • It is advisable not to dispense medical advice that has not been researched and proven to be effective. Even the advice issued by Ayush, Govt. of India (given at has not been proved to be effective so should not be considered to be a remedy for coronavirus.

    Ayurvedic and Homeopathic medicines have not been proven to be effective. Refer:

    Also, the advice of taking garlic that has been spread by many people is not correct. It is suggested to go through the guidelines and myth-busters issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), which is providing regular updates. Refer: Stop spreading myths and rumours on Coronaviruses (COVID-19). Please take care to be responsible when responding to queries( on any platform) that are related to health.

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  • COVID-19 is an illness caused by a coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2 and WHO has given the named it "Corona" which means crown or ring of light as per the shape of the virus under a microscope and 19 referring to the year the virus was first detected thus calling it by the acronym "COVID-19." The coronavirus is not a single virus but a large family of viruses which includes Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), Middle East Respiratory Syndrome(MERS), common cold to other minor to major respiratory illness that can be spread between animals and Humans.

    Q: How to identify the Corona related fever since its symptoms similar to normal flu or fever?
    Symptoms of novel coronavirus (COVID-19): As everyone's body reacts differently and covid is caused in the immune system, the symptom can vary or will have slightly different symptoms for the same virus. Some may show normal change while some symptoms will be worse. As COVID-19 is a respiratory illness, it will affect the victim's nose, throat and lungs i.e. the body parts one uses to breathe. If a person has been infected by a novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the victim may show symptoms like Fever, shortness of breath, cough, sore throat, nasal congestion, runny nose, body pain or diarrhea, and fatigue. It may take up to 1-14 days, most commonly around five days which is called the "incubation period."

    Q: How is novel coronavirus (COVID-19) spread?
    A: Normally or most commonly novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is spread from an infected person:
    i) Through close personal contact with the person and touching or shaking hands with the infected person.
    ii) Through cough or sneeze (respiratory droplets)
    iii) Touching something with the virus on it like clothes, things, etc and touching your body(eyes, nose or mouth) without washing your hand.

    Q: How to prevent it or What are the measures to be taken care of etc.?
    A: As many have fear, it is said that the viruses 'novel coronavirus' (COVID-19)does not spread through ventilation systems(Air) or through the water but only by mutual contact and note given above, some of the measures to be taken care to prevent it are:
    a) Stay away from people who are sick as you never know who all are infected.
    b) If you find people coughing or sneezing, try to be at least 1 meter (3 feet) away from them as a precautionary measure.
    c) When you feel like coughing or sneezing, use your handkerchief, tissue or do it into your sleeve and not on your hands.
    d) Washing your hands often and properly with soap and water before/after you eat and after you go to the toilet for at least 20 seconds or use alcohol-based hand rub.
    e) Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth after touching, coughing or sneezing and especially without washing hands after touching metals or cloths or shaking hands.
    f) If you are sick or not well, stay home to avoid spreading illness to others and visit the nearby doctor at the earliest.
    g) Stay away from the crowd as there are chances of getting it from an unknown person or source.

    Some more precautionary measures that can reduce the risk of developing a more severe infection are:
    i) Using Alcohol sterilizer or using hand sanitizer would help to keep away from the virus. One can even make one by mixing an equal amount of aftershave lotion and mineral water if you do not find a hand sanitizer.
    ii) Use a cover your nose with a towel or handkerchief instead of medical or Disposable face masks when traveling or in a group. One can easily use their washed(in Dettol or Savlon or antiseptic liquid) handkerchief and after drying you can use it as a face mask or shield.

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  • As per the current knowledge about the Corona Virus, it belongs to the same family of Corona Viruses like SARS, MERS, etc which had taken their toll earlier. The origin also in China. These viruses are called the Coronavirus because their shape appears like a 'Corona' or Crown.
    The till now knowledge with scientists and medical people is that though the current Corona Virus COVID 19 s a coronavirus, its mortality(fatality) rate is just 2% whereas the earlier virus had much higher mortality rates.

    So the current coronavirus need not be feared as that much dangerous. The till now knowledge and data with the medical people is that those who died were either very elders or those who had other serious illnesses or diseases and the coronavirus attack compounded the risks and resulted in a fatality. As an effective vaccine is not developed for the current coronavirus attack there is no preventive medicine for this. The body with its own immunity has to fight the virus. That is why it is the elders and sick who already have low immunity who fall victim.

    The current coronavirus does not spread through air. It is found to spread by droplets from an affected person. So avoiding contact with affected person, keeping a safe distance to avoid cough/spit droplets falling on, avoiding handshakes with affected person, avoiding touching surfaces which could be affected by the droplets o affected person, etc and washing hands frequently with soap thoroughly(up to elbow) and avoiding the habit of unnecessarily touching eyes, nose, etc by unwashed hands can safeguard us to a maximum extent.
    Itis always better (even generally also) to have a balanced diet with proper nutrients and take supplements like vitamins etc to cure any deficiency.

    Following general hygiene and to take only foods after proper cooking and heating. It is better to avoid unhygienic foods especially from dirty street corners where foods are kept exposed and more people stand crowded.

    Any symptoms of fever, throat pain, dry cough, etc need medical attention as many of the symptoms of coronavirus are also similar to common flu, cold, etc. One should use and cover with a multi-folded handkerchief if a mask is not read at hand, before coughing or sneezing.

  • Covid-19- Symptoms and some corrections:
    Common symptoms include tiredness, dry cough, and fever. Some people also experience symptoms such as body pain, runny nose, nose block, sore throat, and diarrhea. Eighty percent of patients will get rid of it without any special treatment (with the treatment for the symptoms).
     If you feel uncomfortable, get in and stay at home. Seek medical help if you experience coughing, fever, or difficulty breathing. Get help with a locally provided help number.

    The incidence of serious disease is about one in six. The WHO estimates mortality rates as high as four percent. But older people are more likely to develop the disease. People with diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and heart, and lung disease are also at increased risk.

    Those who have been diagnosed with the disease or traveled to high-risk areas should report this to the Health Department. Others should be reported only if they have Covid-19 symptoms.

    There are instances where the onset of Covid-19 infection shows only symptoms. The disease can be transmitted from such patients. The possibility of not seeing symptoms for up to 14 days cannot be ruled out.

    Covid-19 is less likely to be transmitted from human excreta. However, after using toilets, you should wash your hands with soap and water.

    Wash hands with soap and water to eliminate the virus in your hands. It can be with any soap. Wash for at least 20 seconds between the inside palm, outer palm, and the gaps of the fingers. Hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol can be used if there is no soap.

    Pets do not spread Covid-19. Pets like cats and dogs are not infected or transmitted to humans.

    N 95 mask should wear and is a must for them who are with the symptoms of COVID-19 and also for the bystanders of such affected persons. Others need no such masks.

    The rumor that coronavirus is not infected by drinking hot water frequently is wrong or mistake. Drinking hot water does not cure Covid-19. But drinking water frequently is good for health.

    The saying of the prevalence of the virus in cold weather and snow is rapidly increasing is not true. Whatever the weather, the human body temperature is around 36-37 degrees Celsius.

    The propaganda that COVID-19 is unlikely to spread in the heat of Kerala is false. The disease has spread in Eastern countries with a similar climate to Kerala.

    The propaganda that taking garlic can protect Kovid19 is false.
    Garlic has the antimicrobial advantage of eliminating some harmful microorganisms. So it is a healthy food item.

    There is no safe place for train, bus, air-travel, festivals, theaters, malls, and shrines if the COVID 19 affected person arrived. Avoid all unnecessary trips and visits.

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  • One can even go through the article published on 15th March 2020 page 2 and17th March 2020 page 5 by "The new Sunday Express" Page 2 which gives a more clear picture of Covid-19.


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  • The fear of corona has increased to such a level that people are prone to corona in normal fever. In such a situation it is very important to understand that there is some similarity between the symptoms of both common fever and corona, but there is also inequality. Runny nose, sinus congestion, and difficulty in breathing are not common symptoms of Covid 19. If you have mild symptoms, then quarantine yourself at home and follow the government guidelines.
    Keep these precautions -

    Drink brew to increase immunity
    The best way to avoid corona is to take decoction two to three times a day. You can easily make the decoction at home. It has been claimed in many pieces of research that consuming decoction strengthens the immune system.
    Get used to washing hands
    Washing hands is the most effective way to prevent coronavirus. Many people have considered the habit of washing hands to be useless, but this is the best way. If you stay at home all day, there is no need to wash your hands throughout the day. But still before eating food, after washing sneeze and cough, do wash hands.
    Drink lukewarm water
    Drinking lukewarm water strengthens the digestive system. If your digestive system is strong, then you will not be able to easily catch any virus. So at this time try to consume lukewarm water.
    Wear a mask
    Wearing a mask is necessary to avoid corona. Many researchers have claimed that wearing masks can prevent coronavirus infection. Do not forget to wear a mask at this time
    Do not touch the mouth, eyes, and nose with hands
    The coronavirus can enter the human body through 3 organs - the mouth, eyes, and nose. The most likely of these is nasal penetration. In such a situation, it is better to avoid touching the mouth, eyes, and nose with hands.
    Always keep hand sanitizer with you
    Always keep a sanitizer pouch or bottle with you to prevent coronavirus infection. If you come from any public place as soon as you come into the personal space, then clean your hands thoroughly with a sanitizer.

  • Coronavirus is an infectious disease which spread through infected persons coming in contact with them. So, we should avoid going crowded area. As there is a various source of spreading this disease. But, there is no exact information available. Till now, there is no medicine available in the market. Research is still going on making of vaccination. Until vaccine comes, social distancing, wearing a mask and frequently use of hand sanitiser is the only option. There are different symptom seen in this disease. It is believed that this virus changes its shape. So, the symptom varies from person to person. In this disease, some people having fever and cough like a symptom. Whereas, some people feel a lack of taste and smell. Moreover, some people are seen asymmetric but they are virus carrier.
    Prevention is better than cure. So, we should avoid going outside until it is not necessary. While going outside, we should always wear a mask and use hand sanitiser. According to WHO, children below ten years and people above than 60 years must avoid travelling as these age group having weak immune system. So, they are susceptible to this disease. Moreover, people who are diabetic, high blood pressure and having a heart-related problem should avoid the crowded place.
    It is believed that people should take vitamin c like orange, amla etc in the diet as it makes strong our immune system. Tulsi juice and ginger are also suggested for relief in this disease. People should avoid non- veg item as it may carrier of this virus.

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