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  • Confused about opting for engineering after B. Com (H)

    Are you largely interested in computers? Want to know how one can take up computers after B.Com (H)? No worries, our ISC experts shall respond to your query on this page and enable you to decide how to get into the field of computers.

    I am pursuing B. Com (H) right now. I had science in my +2 after which I shifted to commerce. I have a huge interest in computers and coding from a young age. I want to pursue engineering now. Is it possible for me to do that? Or are there some alternatives I should try instead?
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  • If you have interest in computer area then it is always better to have your academic qualifications and proficiencies in that field only as it is said that people progress and prosper in the areas of their passion and liking. Anyway it is not late and you can catch up with the stream of your liking soon. As you are already pursuing the B.Com. which is also a good career oriented stream, I would advise you to complete this and then go for computer engineering course. With your science background and interest you can do that. Many people go for engineering after B.Sc. so there is absolutely no problem in thinking under those terms. Computer engineering course would further enable you to go for your area of specialisation by doing some specific short duration courses which would give you opportunity to focus in your specific specialisation stream that is coding and programming.

    Another option which also can be thought of is that after B.Com. you go for some diploma course in computer sciences and after that you can further acquire skills in the specific domain through certificate courses or trainings so that you can then try to get a job in that particular line. As you have shown specific interest in coding and related things, I can suggest some courses as below for you.

    1. Diploma in computer programming - Many institutions and colleges offer this in which computer programming and coding are taught in details. The course is generally for 1 or 2 years and is sufficient to acquire the basic coding and computer programming practices.

    2. Diploma in Web Development - This is the fundamental course in web technology and one would be able to learn HTML, CSS, PHP & MySQL, Javascript, Jquery etc. This course is generally for 3 to 6 months period.

    3. Diploma in JAVA Programming - This is quite a useful one and has a short term tenure and in this one gets a knowledge of JDK, JDBC, Java Beans, Java-Servlet, JSP, J2EE etc.

    4. Diploma in DOT NET Technology - This is also a short course containing VB.NET, ASP.NET, XML.NET, ADO.NET etc.

    5. Python course for Data Science and Data Analysis - This is becoming a very impotent area as many programmers are going for it due to its versatile applications in data science and other business activities. I would recommend to go for some basic computer programming course before going for this one as that would help in better grasping.

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  • You are having science subjects in your +2. So for you, there is no problem to go for engineering. But already you are in B.Com(Hons) which is a four-year course. After B.Com if you join B.Tech/BE you have to spend another 4 years in that. I think it will be a very long tenure. So my suggestion to you is to follow one of the following options.

    1. There are many Diploma courses in computer science. So while doing your degree you can do this diploma course so that by the time you finish your degree you will also have one or two diplomas in computer engineering which will help you to get the desired post in the area of your interest. There is a number of diploma courses and certificate courses which will be very useful to you. I feel to think in this line will save a lot of your time,

    2. If you feel you can go for B.Tech. But you have to write the entrance test and you have to get a good rank in that course and then you have to get admitted. If you want that start concentrating on the entrance test.

    3. You can go for MCA or MBA with computer specialization. That will be an advantage as you will get a master's degree in the line which you want to be.

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  • A good thought as to complete your field of interest but to be frank, it is not that easy to switch from commerce to engineering but it is not that you cannot achieve but may require hard work, time dedication money and 4 more years. If you feel you can donate another more time then it is fine and worth.

    Some of the option to keep in front of you are:
    i) Diploma - As you are a +2 science student, you can apply for Diploma in computers but only after completion of your B. Com (H) degree. This will help you get a job in the field of your choice.

    ii) Degree - If you would like to get a degree in computer engineering, then either you will have to give JEE and get the admission and you will have to discontinue the B. Com (H) course in the middle or complete it in correspondence form after completing your engineering but not together as it is not allowed.

    iii) AMIE - As you have +2 Science, you can opt for an AMIE course and complete your computer engineering. This would be an ideal way of getting an engineering degree.

    iv) Computer course - You can also join a computer or coding course in NIIT, APTECH, and other institutes where they provide you the required certificate and placement. This can be done along your B. Com (H) degree and get into your desired field.

    v) MBA - You can complete your B. Com (H) degree and side by side complete your computer or coding certification then apply for an MBA in computers which will help you get a good opportunity and even have a good scope or add value to your resume/profile.

    vi) Part-Time courses - YOu can also join any part-time computer course or engineering from a reputed institute and complete your interest in computers and coding and also help you to get into the computer field easily. This will help you complete your degree and also get a valid certificate for future promotion and increment or even add weightage to your resume.

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  • Saving of the time is an important factor while deciding any career. At present, you are persuing B.Com ( Hons) dealing with the vital subjects in the commerce stream such as Accountancy, Indian taxation structure, Book - keeping etc and instead of making in the career in the commerce field, you have a flare for computer - engineering.
    Now there are two options before you to reach your ultimate goal. You may have a look at the following suggestions-
    1) Start preparing for the IIT test with the guidance of a reputed institution so as to have full conceptual clarity in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. This will help you in dealing with any question regaled to the subject including the complex one. You should go in the previous year question papers so as to be familiar with the latest trend. Attempt the mock test conducted by FIITJEE, Aakash etc so as to know your grip in the different papers.
    This process itself is time consuming apart from stiff preparation in the related subjects. In case of your selection, you will have to go for the four year duration in the computer engineering ignoring your past effort in the continuation of your B.Com ( Hons).
    2) Complete your B.Com( Hons) with at least 55 percent marks and then appear for MCA test of the leading engineering college. Once you qualify the written followed by oral, you will be inducted to this course comprising three year duration.
    This approach would save your time apart from your chances of absorption in MNC either through the campus interview or through the open advertisements published in the leading news paper.
    Moreover, your honours background will facilitate in your learning of oracle at a later stage.
    Hence option two would be a realistic choice.

  • There is no problem in doing an engineering course after your Humanities course. First, you need to complete your current course and look for the courses which satisfy your criteria. There are many certificate courses available like MCITP, CCNA, PMP etc. Some of the web development courses are Java, PHP, Ruby, Python. If you are going for an Engineering course, first you need to appear for entrance test and must get a good rank to a good seat in a college. Prepare for your test as early as possible, so you will have a good chance to get a seat.

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  • Having done class 12 with science, you are eligible to apply for engineering entrance examination and if you prepare thoroughly for it you can get admission in it. Meanwhile you can complete your B. Com. also. In case you do not get selected in the engineering course then you can go for some diploma or certificate in any computer line of your interest and then try to get some job in some industry to earn experience and then go for acquiring additional computer skills like data science, database, python language etc. You can gradually acquire more and more knowledge in the field of your interest and make a good career.

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