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  • Is divorced daughters income included in income certificate

    Are you having a query regarding inclusion of divorced daughter's name in income certificate? Searching for the correct rules and regulations here? On this page scroll through the advice provided by experts.

    I want to apply for family income certificate from tehsildar but I am confused whether my daughter's income will be included in it or not?
    My daughter is divorced and staying with me. I have heard that widow daughter and sisters are excluded from family income certificate but are divorced daughters excluded too?
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  • The family income certificate is a certificate in which the income of that family from all sources is included. A family means self with his wife and children who are dependent on him. Employed sons who are majors and married daughters are not considered as family members. WIdowed daughter is also not considered as a family member even though she stays with the family. The incomes of the wife and the husband and any other income from fixed assets or parental properties are to be added to calculate the family income. Sons who are employed are also not family members. So you need not add their salaries also.

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  • Please note that until unless you have a joint family and HUF (Hindu Undivided Family) status is invoked do no club the income of married/ divorced daughters or employed sons to your income. Some business families especially in Marwari and other communities have such an arrangement is there. I will try to explain you how to do it in simple terms. Add your income and your wife's income (if she is working) and that is your family income and then you can also mention if any dependents are there who are not employed and you are spending on them.

    If your employed son and employed/ non-employed daughter in law and your divorced daughter are living with you it is only a sharing arrangement between you people. Everyone has to give his expenditures and expenses and their income is not yours. So do not do the mistake of showing or adding that to your income. It will inflate your family income unnecessarily. Even if you want a higher family income from Tehsildar for taking a loan or some hidden agenda or something like that do not inflate your family income as it can catch the attention of the tax authorities also. Do things in a right way and refrain from wrong reporting. Some people have been in trouble after getting inflated income certificates. Remember earning members are not dependent on you. It is entirely another matter that due to love and affection you are not charging them monthly expenses.

    From Income Tax point of view also you have to fill your own return, your wife (if employed) her own return, your son (if employed) his own return, your divorced daughter (if having income) her own return, your daughter in law (if employed) her own return. You may live under the same roof with some understanding but tax is to paid individually because income bands might be different.

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  • While calculating the income of a family, the following incomes are to be clubbed so as to make a family income from the tehsildar.
    1) Your own income by way of salary from any recognised institutions or any income from the banks earned through the fixed deposit after retirement.
    2) Income of your wife earned as shown in the number one.
    3) Income of your unmarried son and daughter by way of their employment.
    The income of your widow daughter and divorcee daughter are not to be clubbed with your family income even they are living with you. They may under the same roof because of your closeness but the clubbing of such income in your family head would be considered inflated.

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