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  • Need a immediate career advise for a jobless Engineer.

    Are you looking out for immediate career advice? Wondering how to get a good job instead of online sites who offer contractual job with very low pay? Find responses from experts here for your queries.

    I have completed my Bachelor degree (Automobile Engineering) in 2014,with CGPA 8.1. Till now I didn't get settled in my life. Due to this job, my annual CTC below 1 lakh and my skills are just basic in this field. I just cant afford to grow up my skills'even though I am interested due to my Educational Loan backlog. I have applied on more than 10 career sites but they are all not in proper way. Either they are cheating money in the name of consultancy or giving a contractual job with very low salary. Also tried Govt jobs but due to my bad luck I am not yet placed. This is only waste of time (minority caste). Should I try job in my core field or else go to a whatever it is. So please guide me to take care of my future. I am in lot of stress.
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  • Intially, it is better to clear your financial crises and reach stability in life. Later as you feel comfortable, search for your core field with the expected income. There are a lot of opportunities, take ample care to judge one amongst them to build your career life.

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  • Too many engineers are suffering like this due to not having a proper job. Now it is more than 5 years you have your degree but not settled.
    You have to improve your qualifications by getting some additional certificates related to your subject and experience. Decide the course based on your experience and do those on a part-time basis and improve the qualification.
    Then with improved qualification, you start looking for jobs in which your certificate will have good value and apply for it. Then you will have better chances to get a good job in a good company. Don't wait for a very good company. If you are getting a hike in your payment just shift the job. But keep on trying for a better job.
    If you have free time you can think of doing some online jobs or you can take tuitions to the school children which will give you some income and you will be in touch with the subject.

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  • We are witnessing a recessionary trend in the job market and as such no appropriate response is forthcoming in the Automobile- sector. However, the jobs in other sectors are equally not promising due slackness in the demand.
    Hence this is the trying time and you must look around all possibilities which can raise your income mitigating your hardships. You may look into the following tips to augment your income.
    1) Teaching the students interested to clear the competitive examination relating to Engineering would be a wise choice in your liesure hours. This calls for a serious introspection from your end and see in which of the three subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics you are comfortable. You may take up tuition in your preferred subject where there are atleast of 10 students in a given batch. Batches can be stepped up depending upon your time.
    2) In your city there may be numerous garages where you can work as a consultant as a part time basis during the liesure time.
    3) You can take up some additional diplomas relating to your field, so that with such a qualification your promotion prospects are widened with the aquistion of such a course.
    4) Online coaching can be continued in the field of Automobile Engineering in your your free time.
    Explore all possibilities which can generate your income.

  • Your future career-best decisions but don't worry you're an Engineer so you apply on freelance market i.e Fiverr, guru, freelancer, Upwork is the best way of your future. My point of view the best way you try on this site.

  • Being an engineering graduate, you always have an option of switching the job sector as you are not satisfied with current job profile both in salary and growth prospects.
    I will advise you to go for either Software Testing or Digital marketing training as these skills are much in demand in the current scenario. These courses are not very costly and will not burden you financially. If you have financial problems you can opt for home tution to the students of 10th, 12th to fund your education. Getting a job in digital marketing is easier in comparison to Software Testing but there is big difference in salary package after few years of experience. In software testing you can go up to 6LPA package after just 2,3 years of experience if you do hard work. Do some online search about both these career options and then go for the one which best suits you depending on you financial condition and also how much effort you can put to study. Just upskilling yourself will land you in to a highly paying job will will bring you job satisfaction also as you will be learning a lot in any of these job fields.
    Hope this information will be helpful for you.

  • Hi Anonymous,
    I read you questions and trying to answer it based on my experience. I am also an engineer, completed my graduation in 2008. When I started my job in first company, it was with very low salary.
    Some of my friend got a job with very good CTC in different company. Some of my friend was just not accepting Job because of low CTC offered whereas I accepted with low also because I wanted to start my career.

    Once I started my Job, I tried to develop skills. At one point I felt, that my salary is not growing and I started searching different jobs. Your interested Skill Jobs might be available across India in different cities. It entirely depends on you whether you want to stick to your interested core field or want to try different field.

    Interest will give you satisfaction and may give you good money or may not.
    If you select different field, you might need to start as a fresher. But if you think, different field will give you good money, you can wisely choose as per requirement.

    Always try to motivate yourself with positive thinking. I believe Automobile is vast field and you can start your own service workshop also after some experience or can partner with someone. You can use Linkedin which is very professional website for Job search.

    Nilesh Patel

  • Dear,
    As an Engineer I can understand that you are going through a very tough time. After Engineering almost every student has the same problem (mainly the students which are not from any reputed institutions). First of all consult with your parents because no one can understand you as your parents can. After that you should think about the options available to you, because there are a lot of non technical opportunities available in the market. As you mentioned you are are from minority community, so you can try in banking and insurance sectors also because there a lot of exams conducted by the banking organizations and insurance companies.
    But if you want to work in private sector then learn some new skills like CAD, CATIA, RAVIT and other programs.
    But at last I will say its your life and the final choice must be yours, so start where are you at this moment and don't stop until success. Best of Luck..

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