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  • What are the myths about COVID-19?

    Want to know all the myths around COVID-19? Searching for the various myths spread by people and WHO guidelines to fight these myths and the virus here? Scroll through this page and get answers for your query from experts.

    The world is facing the novel corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic and panic have been created to fight or to remain protected against it. There are many myths about COVID-19 is being spread by the people without verifying the facts.
    In this matter, can anyone share myths about COVID-19 or corona virus? What are the guidelines by WHO to fight against corona virus?
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  • Several myths have been circulating in the first place on the topic of protection against coronavirus disease. Here are some of them.
    1. Coronavirus does not spread in hot areas. Coronaviruses do not survive in hot sunlight. -
    This statement is false.
    In many parts of the country - the hottest state in India - the Kovidou-19 virus has been multiplying and one has died.

    2. Coronavirus does not enter the body if we use turmeric powder 1/4 teaspoon with 1 glass of water daily to avoid infection.
    This statement is also 100% false.
    Since curcumin in turmeric helps to release toxins in the human body, regular eating is good because it helps boost human immunity.

    3. Use the mix of lemon juice, ginger juice with honey, diluted with water 4 times daily will protect from Corona Virus.
    This statement is also without any basis.
    But this mixture can be drunk as it is good for various functions of the body. Do not assume that drinking this will prevent coronavirus infection.

    4. Get rid of this virus by bathing it in hot water for 2 times a day.
    This is also a false statement.
    Bathing two or three times daily is good for body hygiene. Any kind of germ cell contamination can be used to wash away the virus, but there is no point in using a bath to get rid of the Kovid-19 virus.

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  • Coronavirus is a new virus and no vaccine for this is available so far. It may take a year or so to find out a vaccine for preventing this virus. Because of this social media, many news are coming and they are not having any correct evidence and we can't go by these myths.

    1. In Country's like India, it will not survive as the temperatures are high. This is what we are seeing in many posts. But it is not true. In hot countries, it will survive and spread. The active time of the virus may be less in hot areas. But nothing is proved.
    2. Many household remedies are coming out for this virus. But there is no evidence that these will work. Keeping the general usage of products like lime. garlic. turmeric etc, many are telling that they will kill this virus but no evidence and hence it is a myth only.
    3. This will not spread through food items. But when the persons are serving there may be contamination and that may also cause a problem.
    4. Many think it is a deadly virus. But it is not correct. This is ten times less severe than flu we will get many times. Only 1 to 2% of people affected by the virus may die.
    5. Another fact is that no treatment is confirmed as it is a new virus. But many people are getting cured by the treatment they are receiving.
    6. Many people are thinking that even we go out also it will not affect us. But it is wrong. When you are coming across a person who tested positive to this virus there are many chances that you will get infected. So it is always better to avoid gatherings.

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  • What are the guidelines by WHO to fight against the coronavirus?

    The best way to protect yourself from COVID-19 is to clean your hands regularly. Doing this will eliminate the virus in your hands and avoid contact with your eyes, mouth, and nose.

    Keep a distance of at least 3 ft between you and anyone with a cough or sneeze.
    When someone coughs or sneezes, sprays of small fluids from the nose or mouth can contain the virus. If you are close, and the coughing person is sick, you can breathe in drops, including the COVID-19 virus.

    Avoid touching the eyes, nose, and mouth
    The hands touch many surfaces and pick up viruses. When contaminated, the hands can transmit the virus to your eyes, nose, or mouth. From there, the virus will enter your body and make you sick.

    Make sure you and the people around you are in good breathing hygiene. This means covering the mouth and nose with a curved elbow or tissue when coughing or sneezing. Immediately remove the used tissue.
    The droplets spread the virus. Maintaining good breathing hygiene protects the people around you from colds, flu, and COVID-19.

    If you feel ill, stay home. If you have a fever, cough or difficulty breathing, seek medical attention and call ahead. Follow the instructions of your local health authority.
    National and local authorities will have the latest information on the situation in your area. Calling ahead will allow your health care provider to lead you to the right health care faster. This will protect you and prevent the spread of viruses and other infections.

    Be aware of the latest developments on COVID-19. Follow the advice given by your health care provider, your national and local public health authority, or your employer on how to protect yourself and others from COVID-19.
    National and local authorities will have the latest information on whether COVID-19 is spreading in your area. They are best for advising people in your area what to do to protect themselves.

    If you begin to feel sick even with mild symptoms like headache and runny nose until you are well, stay home.
    Avoiding contact with others and visits to medical facilities will allow these facilities to operate more efficiently and protect you and others from possible COVID-19 and other viruses.

    If you have fever, cough, or shortness of breath, seek medical attention immediately, as this can lead to respiratory infections or other serious conditions. Call ahead and tell your provider about your recent trip or contact the traveler.
    Calling ahead will allow your health care provider to lead you to the right health care faster. It also helps prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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  • Some of the myths that are going around through Whatsapp, Facebook, Youtube, etc are these:
    a) Do I always have to wear a face mask?
    A: No. Trusted sources like the World Health Organisation(WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) do not recommend the use of any type of face mask for common or normal healthy people. The facemask should be worn only by people infected or tested positive to avoid the spreading of the virus.

    b) Can the use of gau-mutra (cow urine) or gobar(cow dung) help to get will rid of the coronavirus?
    A: No. Many people are promoting and spreading videos about this remedy but there is still no medical proof that shows that it works.

    c) The virus does not survive in a hot climate or with summer around, there will be a decline in the spread of the virus?
    A: No. The coronavirus is from the virus called SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19, it is said that the virus survives better in the cold or winter but with the widespread of the virus even in the GCC, we cannot assume that it will not survive in hot or summer or it will decline in a hot climate or summer.

    d) Mostly old people are affected by coronavirus?
    A: No. It is believed that people with a poor immune system or people having liver, kidney, diabetes, heart conditions alignments. As many old or senior citizens have these conditions, they are more prone to diseases but even children and young people can be infected but may show symptoms slowly.

    e) Eating garlic will help prevent coronavirus?
    A: No. Eating garlic will help to improve your immune system but it will not help to prevent the virus.

    f) The virus can be transmitted through mosquito bites?
    A: No. The virus or corona is transmitted through contact from infected people by droplets when they cough or sneeze and discharge from the nose. So no need to worry about any mosquito bites but frequently wash hands thoroughly to prevent the spread of the virus.

    g) Can eating meat spread or cause coronavirus to the people?
    A: No. As mentioned above, the virus is spread when we come in contact with infected people and the droplets from their cough, sneeze and discharge from the nose and not through eating meat like chicken, mutton or fish, etc.

    h) Drinking miracle mineral solution or gargling with bleach can help to prevent coronavirus?
    A: No. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Miracle mineral solution contains about 28% sodium chloride when mixed with an acidic solution like lemon juice or citric acid becomes chlorine dioxide, which is a type of bleach and any bleach is corrosive. Now, drinking or gargling with bleach can kill healthy tissue, severely impact your health and could even be life-threatening like cause severe damage to the airways and suffocation. Thus there is no scientific evidence to prove about drinking or gargling with bleach that helps in preventing the virus.

    i) Drinking any other alcohol helps to prevent coronavirus?
    A: No. One should understand that consuming alcohol actually weakens the ability of your immune system to fight against viral infections and even increases your risk of getting respiratory infections and this is why most alcoholics are prone to viral infections. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) only recommend the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers i.e when you don't have soap and clean water to wash your hand, you can use hand sanitizers to prevent coronavirus.

    j) Can Ayurveda or Homeopathy medicines cure or prevent coronavirus?
    A: No. Many messages went around about homeopathic medicine named "Arsenic Album 30" from the Ayush Ministry of India that helps to prevent/avoid the virus but still, there is no scientific evidence or study that supports the effectiveness of the medicine against coronaviruses.

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  • The Corona virus can be transmitted in all the parts where there is hot and humid weather. The best area is to protect from the virus is by cleaning our hands. By this way, we can eliminate the virus which can happen on your hands and thus we can avoid infection by nose, mouth or through eyes. Different Myths are circulated all over the world about the virus and how it affects the people. It is mentioned as follows.

    1.Cold Weather, Snow:
    Normal body temperature is around 37 degree and some of them believe that cold weather and snow can kill the corona virus. It is not correct.

    2.Hot bath:
    Some believe that taking a hot bath will prevent new COVID-19 virus and it is not correct. Our body temperature is at 37 degrees and taking a hot bath is not preventing you from any disease. We must be careful when taking an extremely hot bath as it can burn your skin.

    3.Mosquito bites:
    We have not found any information regarding whether the new virus can be transmitted through mosquitoes. The virus is a respiratory one which spreads through droplets from the infected person when he or she coughs or sneezes and it can happen either through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose.

    4.Hand dryers:
    Many of them believe that hand dryers are effective in killing COVID 19. It is not correct, as hand dryers are not useful in preventing the virus. We should clean our hands through an alcohol-based rub solution and we can wash with soap and water.

    5.Ultraviolet disinfection lamp:
    Some of them believe that UV lamps can kill the corona virus. It is not correct as UV lamps cannot be used to sterilize our hands or any part of the skin as it can cause UV radiation and irritation to our skin.

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  • Whenever any such pandemic spreads in the world, many myths start propagating in the media and people start getting confused with them. So the best strategy is to rely and refer the news and precautions as mentioned in the reputed sites or some Govt agencies. The present virus is deadly but mortality rate is not as high as had been in earlier similar cases as documented in the pandemic disease history of the world. The good thing with this virus is that it is not airborne and does not spread on its own. It is only when a person coughs or sneezes that the small droplets could travel in the air for a distance of a few feet and anyone within that range can get that infection. Another important thing is that this virus dies when kept in isolation for some hours clinging to clothes, metal bodies etc. This is a good characteristics and if we isolate from such things and such persons who are carrying these microbes, we can decrease the risk of getting this infection and that is the thing which is being insisted by the medical persons and Govt agencies everywhere in the world. Isolation and avoiding crowds and gatherings are the only ways to contain it in minimum time.

    Another thing about this virus is depending upon the individual immune system and body resistance, one can get the damage by this virus. A healthy person and a good immune system may get well soon and take it as another flu of the season. But the problem is once he is a career then he is a threat to others who come in close contact with him and that is where we have to be extra careful. If a person gets this ailment and is cured then there is a danger of its relapse in him and one should not take it lightly after getting well. So utmost care is required in avoiding this virus. If we follow the precautions then there are very less chances of getting it. Today, Govt has taken so many initiatives and especially in airports and Railway stations there is a need of thorough checking of the passengers moving from one place to other. Even one career among them is sufficient to create an avalanche in another place. I think from that perspective it is the duty of each and every citizen to cooperate with the medical persons.

    A question is being asked by many people as why to wash hands so many times. The reason is if the virus is present in any item that you have bought from the market or delivered to us in our door step then it would travel to us easily and if we do not wash our hands then it would unintentionally reach our mouth, nose, eyes etc when we habitually touch these body parts. So, washing hands frequently is the only way to get rid of it. After few hours the virus would die there itself and then that item would be free from it. It is very difficult to manage such a strict and frequent hand washing schedule but it is actually very much required if we want to remain safe.

    There are many household items like ginger, black pepper, lemon, cinnamon, garlic, orange, basil, clove, turmeric etc which are known for their medicinal values and their constituents are helping in increasing the immune system of the body. There is no problem in taking that and many people might not be getting many ailments like cough and common cold just due to that only. But we should not confuse it as the treatment for this virus. None of these household items are scientifically tested and declared as a curative potion for this type of viruses. They are only of preventive nature to some extent for the common cold and other common ailments and not for this particular one. We should not believe in these claims and declarations made by the alternative medical practitioners. We should remember that a good immune system in the body is the main thing which can control this virus and a person returns to normalcy in the stipulated time of 10-15 days. But unfortunately, we do not have any way to measure our immune system and that is why the best course of action is keeping the social distancing and avoiding mixing with other people.

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  • With the spread of COVID 19 at an alarming rate there are a few myths regarding this virus and these need to be sorted out so as to wipe out the prevailing confusions relating to this virus. Here are a few interesting myths relating to COVID 19-
    1) A vaccine has been developed for the cure of COVID 19.
    Answer - No vaccine has been developed so far though efforts are being made in this direction by the scientists. Exploration is underway of the revealations made by USA researchers regarding their new formulation of the vaccine. It may take even one and half year to prove the efficacy of such a vaccine through the human trial.
    2) You can protect yourself from COVID 19 by means of gargling with hot water added with common salt, ethanol, acetic acid or other substances.
    Answer - None of the above recommendations can protect from COVID 19. However, the following points will be helpful-
    1) Wash your hand once in every hour or whenever you touch any suspected object with the detergent applying the same thoroughly in hands and keep the same for 20 secs and finally rinse your hands with hot water.
    2) Maintain the distance of at least a meter from the patients sneezing, coughing or having fever accompanying cough and cold symptoms.
    3) Corona Virus was created deliberately or released by the people.
    Answer - No, the outbreak can occur with the touch of animals such as pigs, birds etc with the transmission of the disease from their end to human beings.
    4) Ordering or buying a product from China would be a risky affair in terms of health.
    Answer - No, the Corona virus cannot survive for a long duration and hence there is no chance of infection if the transition period exceeds at least 14 days.
    5) Face mask will protect you from COVID 19.
    Answer - No, the patients having respiratory illness can use this mask in order to minimise the chances of infection to others.
    6) Taking Tulasi Leaves regularly in the morning or taking Guduchi tablets will protect us from COVID 19.
    Answer - No, these herbs cannot protect you from this dangerous virus though taking these herbs may strengthen your immune system so as to protect you from common cough and cold, respiratory ailments, high blood pressure and insomnia etc.

  • The first case of Covid-19 in India diagnosed in January 2020, since we all are looking for tips to preventing from COVID 19. At the same time, many myths spread more than cases of COVID 19 in the world
    There are some myths -

    Having hot water and vapors will save us from COVID 19. - The reality is that No hot water can prevent the virus.

    Hot water kills the virus in the throat - This virus is not easy to kill by medicine then how only hot water will works.

    Having more alcohol kills the virus - Alcohol never protects us from viruses apart from that the people have more alcohol have a weak immune system.

    You will never be infected by COVID 19 if you had an immunization of BCG - BCG is prevented from TB and some other lung deceased but it does not mean if one has BCG injection will never be infected by covid19

    Temperature affects the virus- This is wrong that the virus will not be in high-temperature places, we have 2 top countries having more case are USA and Brazeal and both have completely different temperature and weather.
    It spreads from nonveg. food - Any food can be spread virus if it is not properly sensitized or containing a virus, it not all about only nonvegetarian food.

    The virus infected only children's and old age - There are many cases we found where youth infected by the virus, one thing is that 60 plus humans having more risk in fighting with the virus due to their age and other old age diseases but is don't mean that virus will not affect youth.

    These are some of the myths which many people take seriously and follow them, nut this s the time to be alert ads virus is already spread in every part of all continents so instead of following these myths people should follow tips given by WHO and governments.

    Keep social distancing.
    Wash your hand as many times as you can.
    Don't remove the mask when you are outside.
    Work on your immune system through yoga and exercise.

    Be alert to be safe.

  • Anything the government isn't telling you is myth. Rather than being scared and wondering about myths, you should do some excercises and eat good food and build your immune. Because it isn't stopping for another year. And even though precautionary measures can be taken to avoid risk, you will never know what the carrier of virus was, if you get affected.


    -Forget what neighbourhood aunties said.

    -Stop reading about what's app forwarded tips.

    -Stop looking about it on youtube.

    -ignore posts on Instagram and Facebook regarding it.

  • From when covid 19 started to spread since then, there have been many myths regarding coronavirus as follows:-
    1. This virus would be less effective in hot temperature compare to cold temperature. But it is not true.
    2.There would be very less chance of infection to the alcoholic person. It is completely wrong. As alcohol makes our immune system weak. So, infection chances would increase rather than decrease.
    3. Some people assume as having hot bath two times prevent from the corona. It is not correct
    4. Oftentimes, people suggest for home remedies such as garlic, tulsi juice, ginger etc to prevent infection.But, it is not medically approved that whether this will help in preventing virus or not.
    5. Age-related myth is as there are more chances of infection to children and old age people. But in reality, many cases coming where young people have infected. So, it is wrong to say that only a small age group and old age group people are sensitive towards this virus.
    As per WHO, there are many guidelines to prevent infection from this virus as follows:-
    1. Always keep social distance
    2. Frequently wash your hand with detergent.
    3. Wear a face mask when you go outside.
    4.when you feel any symptom like coughing, fever then tries to stay at home.
    5. Regular practice yoga and exercise at home. Moreover, eat healthy food.
    6. Stay home and stay safe.

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