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  • Digital marketing part time job

    Are you planning to opt for a part time digital marketing job? Looking out for advice on how to proceed? On this page our ISC experts shall guide you with avenues to move ahead.

    I am a BIW welding fixture designer. I have 3 years of work experience on this field. I am getting around 20k salary per month. I think I am not getting well according to my output. So I need some extra income through digital marketing part time jobs. Kindly suggest some possibilities. I am new to this digital marketing.
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  • The following process you can try.
    Create your own website or blog. Make good articles and content and make it interesting to the people. Then place advertisements on that. You will get money for genuine clicks on this advertisement,
    How to get advertisements:
    1. Google Adsense: You can apply for approval of your blog for this. once they approve of this. You can have their advertisements and they will give you money for each click,
    2.Elevares Advertising Network: Go to the website and signup as a publisher. After Login, From the dashboard go to "Integration Tools" and select "web ad Code." Then you can generate ad code. Size, shape, and color can be selected by you. This code can be copied and pasted on your blog. Ads will get displayed on your blog.
    Now copy the generated ad code and paste it on your blog/website. Now Ads will automatically display there.
    3. Marketing And Advertising NetWork is another such agency where you can get the advertisements. is another alternative to the above sites to get advertisements.

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  • You are already in a job and want to make some part time earnings through digital marketing. I think what you mean by digital marketing is online selling of merchandise. Digital marketing is used in some other reference where one has to do a course in digital marketing and then use those skills in marketing of an existing business and its products pertaining to a company or organisation. That is actually a full time job and I believe that your intentions are not for going for that particular stream. So, assuming that you want to do some selling business through some online site in your part time to make some extra money, I would be giving my advice accordingly.

    There are many platforms where one can make one's own site for selling of merchandise and in that process earn money from the profit obtained in the selling transactions. The platform would also take some nominal commission from your sales as the rent for your online shop there. You have to do some home-work in advertising your products through social media or other advertising channels to attract people to buy from you in that platform. You can learn from the tutorials and other help functions available in these sites. You have to agree to the terms and conditions at the time of registration in these platforms and abide with them during your business activities. One thing which is important is that your items or products should be ready and are to be delivered immediately if there is a buy request for them executed in your area in the platform. So, you have to be in readiness for that and timely delivery is the essence of online business which makes the reputation of a seller in due course of time.

    Some of the reputed and popular online platforms where you can open up your online shop or affiliation are - Bonanza, Shopify, eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Ruby Lane, Chairish, Craigslist, Nextdoor etc.

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  • You are new to Digital marketing. And you are interested to earn from Digital marketing on part time. As long as you have internet, computer or mobile devices, personal or client provided social media account, little bit search engines workout then you can get it done.

    Try to search about what is Digital marketing and how it works in real? Also, try to get a client on this by accepting a small project to begin with. You will gradually become an expert on this.

    One of the main purpose of Digital marketing is to reach the vast audience for the particular business (or client requirement) and get some leads out of it. How can you reach on various channels on social media is depend on your research and talent.

    As a Digital marketer, you will be responsible for brand awareness in the digital world, client will assign you with a certain task, marketing or promote them online about a particular products to get leads.

    It will be helpful if you know a bit about the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising, SMM (Social Media Marketing), Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Influencer Marketing and Email Marketing etc.

    It will also be helpful if you contribute on this (ISC) site and personal blog about certain niche to enrich yourself on Digital marketing. You can then try for a freelance too.

  • Digital market is the exciting branch offering you a lot of part time jobs. In this case, self introspection is required, you need to identify your inherent potential towards this job.
    If you are having strong background in English, content writing could be your cool option. There is enormous demand for the good content writer from the digital firms offering you decent salary provided you match their expectations.
    You will have to handle social media pages of the firms and write posts generating decent traffic.
    Search Engine Optimisation consists both off line and on line and you should be in a position to execute the same rightly. Hence gaining knowledge on SEO and working on it as a part time can really augment your income.
    The other tool is the MS EXCEL where you should know the art of segregation of Google Keywords and master in this area so that you can fetch decent income after mastering this technique.

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