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  • How to become a News Anchor or News Reporter?

    Are you aspiring to become a news anchor or a news reporter? Want to know how one becomes eligible and can proceed to join this profession? You can check out the advice and detailed information provided here from our experts.

    We all get information about local, state, country and international from a news channel. We know that there are many channels that provide 24x7 news from around the world. There are many people working behind it but we know only a few and they are News Anchor or News Reporter. Some reporters have good knowledge and present themselves well. I am fascinated to know more about News Anchor or News Reporter profile like:
    1) What is the minimum education requirements to become a News Anchor or News Reporter?
    2) Is there any special course, exams or requirements?
    3) What are their working hours, job profile and salary range?
    4) What are some of the qualities or skills required to be a News Anchor or News Reporter?
    5) Are there any language barriers to be a News Anchor or News Reporter?
    6) Which are some of the best news channels to approach to make a good start as a News Anchor or News Reporter?
    7) Who are some of the famous News Anchor or News Reporter from various channels to look for?
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  • Please go through the following answers.

    1. There is no minimum qualification required to become an Anchor or news reporter. I know some anchors and journalists who are not even SSC passed. A certificate course or diploma or a degree in acting may be preferred for an anchor. A diploma in journalism or a degree in the same subject is preferred for a journalist. A law degree may also be helpful.

    2. Anchors will be paid based on the duration of the episode and per episode. A journalist may be paid a monthly salary and that varies from place to place. Some channels will pay a decent salary but some channels may pay very fewer salaries.

    3..Anchors will work as per the rules and regulations of the site.

    4. You can be an anchor in the language channels in which you are very familiar. In the same way, you can be a journalist in the language in which you are fluent.

    5. Maa Star, Etv, GeminiTV, TV 9, and ABN are the best to try for a journalist post in the Telugu language.

    6. There are many channels and based on your language preference you can apply for a post in any of the channels.

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  • A news anchor also is known as a news presenter. It is a person who presents news during a news program on television, on the radio or on the Internet. They may also be a journalist, assisting in the collection of news material and may, in addition, provide commentary during the program.
    A bachelor's degree in journalism, communications or a related field is generally the first step in becoming a news anchor.
    According to the bureau of labor statistics, entry-level News Anchor with less than 1-year experience can expect to earn an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of 357,527 based on 40 salaries. An early career News Anchor with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation of 345,789 based on 41 salaries. A mid-career News Anchor with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of 500,505 based on 17 salaries. pay difference also may be varied from place to place.

    We don't have any language barriers to be a news anchor but few of the regional news channels encourage their state official language. for example, Kannada channels encouraged might be Kannada people, Telugu, Tamil and others as well.
    I don't know how to judge whether it is a good news channel or not? but I Heard DDNews is the most efficient one in the country to start a career as a news anchor.
    Arnab Goswami, ShareOwner of Republic TV, Ex Editor-In-Chief of Times Now the winner of the Ramnath Goenka Award for Excellence in Journalism for the year 2010 in the category of TV journalism.

  • The area of journalism is very vast and has many activities which a media savvy person might like to learn for getting entry in this particular field. The detailed information sought is as under -

    1) Earlier even simple High School pass person with some communication skills could try for such a job but nowadays the channels would prefer a graduate in Mass Communication or equivalent which is the minimum eligibility desired. There are many institutions from where one can attain this degree.

    2) One has to be 10+2 pass for applying for the degree in Mass Communication. The individual institute would conduct their own screening for the selection of candidates for the course. In place of degree one can go for a one year certificate course also. Nowadays many specialisations are also being done in the area of journalism like press law or sports coverage or news analysis etc.

    3) News anchors or news reporters have a variety of functions to perform and have to learn the art of assimilating and presenting the news in a consolidated and interesting manner. They have to work in complete unison with their team of field reporters, correspondents, script writers, news analysts and editors. From that angle they have versatile functions to perform. As a trainee a news reporter would get hardly around Rs 8000 to 10000 per month and as a regular reporter or anchor the salary would be Rs 25000 to 35000 per month. An experienced and impressive reporter can earn much more then that depending upon his indispensability in the channel.

    4) A person aspiring to be a news reporter should have a liking for this job and he should have good skills required for this career line. For example he should be good in the language in which he is going to present the information. He should know how to gather data and then present it in a precise manner which would impress the viewers much and they would come back to the channel time and again. He also has to choose his words cautiously and should not insult or demean any personality in the country. He should avoid delivering fake and misleading data. The job of a journalist requires a lot of patience while talking and getting data from the public as well as leaders on various issues.

    5) A news reporter can have opportunity for communicating in English or Hindi or regional language and accordingly he has to be very good in that particular language. A good control and fluency in that language is always an asset for the news anchor or news reporter. Nowadays there are so many channels in different languages that there is ample scope for working in one's preferred language.

    6) Some of the reputed and good channels are Zee News, Star News, DD News, Aaj Tak, ABP News, DNA News etc.

    7) Some of the top anchors or reporters are Vikram Chandra, Abhigyan Prakash, Gaurav Kalra, Arnab Goswami, Sweta Singh, Shereen Bhan and Rajeev Masand.

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  • The essential qualification needed to be a News Anchor is a Bachelor degree especially in Broadcast Journalism. Some of the channels may look for the aspirants having a degree in Mass - communication or in English - literature. With the aquistion of such degrees, the candidates may be fit for the subsequent interview.
    The function of the News Anchor is to represent the world happenings in the most lucid manner so that the interviewer could watch the potential of the candidate. Hence the familiarity with the latest happenings in the world as well as the country where is living is essential.
    Proficiency in the speaking is the greatest stronghold and key to success while working as a News Anchor. Hence the command in the language is essential. Moreover, the anchor should be well aware of the mood of the listeners so that he can produce favourable impact before the audience. He has to make sure that his voice is audible and has the uniform pitch apart from the skill of clear pronouncements of the words.
    The other part is that a TV Anchor should have the pleasing personality maintaining the impression that he is honest enough in the representation of the events and has the potential to work endlessly during certain calamity. He has the untiring stamina to work even in the adverse circumstances. He should have a camera friendly face to work in front of the camera continiously.
    Some noted TV Anchors in Indian Channels are mentioned below -
    1) Ravish Kumar
    2) Nidhi Kulpati
    3) Arnab Goswami
    4) Sweta Singh
    5) Gaurav Kalra
    6) Sheereen Bhan

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