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  • Regarding Isotonic Nasal Spray Solspre

    Do you have a query regarding use of a nasal spray? Want to know the detailed procedure of usage and the dosage online? Find answers from experts on this page and decide how to proceed.

    For my throat problem I was prescribed Isotonic Nasal Spray of Abbott India Limited. It was prescribed for 15 days. But how I can use it, i.e.,the procedure of its usage, is not very clear to me. Another thing, it is written, 2 pnft TDS x 2 weeks; this line is also not very clear to me.

    As I have consulted in a hospital's outdoor instead of any private consultation, contacting immediately the doctor concerned, is also not possible.

    If any good-hearted fellow ISCIan can clearly explain on the above issue, I will be immensely benefited.
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  • The saline concentration in this nasal spray Solspre will be equal to the saline concentration in your body. That is why it is called isotonic.

    1. Keeping your head upright.
    2. Place the spray tip into the open nostril.
    3. Spray the medication into the open nostril as you breathe in through your nose.
    4. Never spray the medicine into your eyes or onto the middle of the inside of your nose
    5. Rinse the spray tip with hot water

    You can use it 2 or 3 times a day. the dosage will be as prescribed by the doctor only. You better consult the doctor.

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  • Solspre Nasal Spray is an isotonic solution by Abbott India Limited. This is a sterile solution and used to treat low sodium levels and electrolytes loss. This medicine helps to maintain the concentration of sodium and chloride ions in the body. It can also be used in case of dehydration to maintain fluid balance in body.

    It should be used only after the consultation with doctors. If you have any allergy to sodium chloride , you should not used it.

    Now coming to the procedure:
    It can be used in two ways.
    1. Like a nasal drop: if you want to use it as a nasal drop. You will have to follow the procedure as explained in the above post. Keep head upright and squeeze in each nostril 2-3 drops.

    2. Like a nasal spray: to use it as a Nasal spray you should keep yourself straight and then press the nasal spray bottle and spray in each nostril.

    You should use this spray 2-3 times a day or as recommended by doctor.

  • Solspre is a sodium chloride based nasal spray and generally recommended for nasal allergies and upper airway cough syndrome in throats. The basic idea of this spray is to irrigate the nasal cavity and hydrate the area so that the dryness and other congestions are reduced and finally removed.

    This is generally prescribed for two weeks period after which the doctor would recommend it further depending upon the improvement in the patient. The normal doses of this nasal spray is 1 to 2 sprays per nostril once a day for children and twice a day for adults. In your case the 2pnft could mean that it is to be put 2 sprays per nostril. Generally doctors would write q.d. for once a day, b.i.d. for twice a day, t.i.d. for thrice a day and q.i.d. for four times a day. In your prescription nothing of that sort is mentioned so it is better to confirm the frequency of the nasal spray to be applied. TDS is not a standard nomenclature but it could very well mean to be delivered in spray.

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  • This product is ideal in case of dryness persistent in the nostrils. It would moisturise inside the nose and soften the mucus facilitating easier removal of the crust.
    This product contains purified gentle salt solution having a low concentration of sodium chloride containing around 0.65 % ( weight/ volume). This corresponds to 0.65 GM of sodium chloride per 100 ml of distilled water.
    This should be applied in each nostril in the form of drops or with the direct spray inside the nostrils. This should not be overdone and the instruction of the Doctor is to be followed seriously.
    In case of confusion, you may ask either Pharmacist or the Doctor having prescribed this medication.
    1) Care has to taken during the process of spray that tips of the tube should not touch the walls of the nostrils so as to avoid any infection because of contamination of the tip.
    2) If the condition of the patients gets deteriorated due to its application, seek immediate advice of the Doctor.
    3) In case of allergic reaction such as rash, itching, swelling etc, this must be discontinued and should approach the Doctor for other alternatives.

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