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    Working as Assistant Material planning manager

    Are you planning to change your job in the field of mechanical engineering? Searching for detailed information regarding how to proceed? No worries, our ISC experts shall provide you with ample advice to launch your career.

    I am working from 2010 in same company and now it is time to move my career as soon as possible. I tried so many jobs and I got selected, but they did not give any offer letter. The major problem is salary, because in the span of my career I got good increment percentage given by organization,(Ex. if increment is 15% i almost got 13% every time). But as management changed for 3 years we did not got any increment. In those period I searched for jobs but I don't know why I am not getting the job. Although all rounds are cleared and they called and said you are selected for the job.These types of situations I am facing now and I need your help to move my career.
    I am a Mechanical engineer. As of now my salary package is 4.65L/annum


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  • I have seen the CV attached. You can give a more focussed activity than writing in a more generalized way. Your CV should show the reviewer your specialized skills. That will make the CV more attractive.
    Pennar Industries is a good company. The pay structures are good. I also worked in that group for 3 years and the work culture is good. When you are doing good there. don't be in a hurry to shift. Go to an industry that is a better place than your Pennar.
    In your CV you can give a little introduction to your company also in your CV.
    If you have any specialized certificates you can also mention the same.
    The present conditions in the market are very bad and many companies are planning to downsize the manpower. So you should not be in a haste. You should wait for some time Never try to get into the fire from the pan.
    Your CV should say that your presence in a company will be useful for both parties. It should reflect that taking you will be a win-win situation.
    Change the CV in that way. Then upload the same in and other job portals which are having good traffic. You can search for the jobs there and your CV will be seen by other organizations also. That will increase chances for you to get a job.
    I wish you all the best.

    always confident

  • Since you are not lacking in terms of your performance in the interviews being attended by you, you are not finally selected. Instead of feeling frustrated, you can try the following points so that your employability status looks bright in the time ahead-
    1) The best way is to update your CV with the inclusion of all the positive parameters during the course of study such as best performance in your stream in the final year, your positive contributions in the company where you are engaged, any suggestion offered by you has resulted in higher production levels. These achievements must be supported by appraisal letters of the company. You may include your special tributes such as best cricket or football player in your school days. Even you can update your CV with some skilled consultant and send the same in or any other similar organisation.
    2) Approach your colleagues working in other organisations to update your resume in their company portal so that the employers could see your resume for the consideration of the job. Recommendations of your colleagues will help in landing you a job of your satisfaction.
    3) This may be tiring time for you since most of the industries are under the severe recession presently due to weak demand of the products generated from their end is not being sold thus adding up the cost of inventory. Once this phase is over, you are sure to remain in limelight.
    4) You may request your boss to allot you different sections so that your experience multiplies with time. Such allocations of the jobs would surely boost your confidence and help you in the elevation of job prospects.

  • You are working as a material planning manager. This is one of the important assignment in any organisation. If you have a good experience in this line then you can definitely think to move to greener pastures. CV presentation is one particular aspect but more than that one has to have a good performance in the interview. Anyway, the job market in our country is going through a very difficult phase and there is a tough scenario even for the meritorious candidates. One thing which we must try to understand in this tough situation is that what we are seeing vacancies in many other organisations are actually a small number of positions for which a large number of experienced candidates apply. Most of the rejected candidates feel that injustice is done to them but fact is that positions are very less as compared to the candidates. The population explosion of the qualified candidates is the main reason behind this. Still one should not be discouraged and try to apply for positions and make an honest and specific resume (CV) as desired by the advertising company.

    Another aspect to your aspirations is slightly different in its explanation but might be helpful to you in the present perspective. When you work in a company for a longer time you get some increments but depending upon the market conditions and the business prospects it so happens that the company may not sustain more increments and one has to continue in the same salary. If this is a widespread phenomenon then one would get the same treatment everywhere and changing the company might not be helpful. If it is company specific and only your company is making losses while others in the same business are flourishing then only you have to consider to move to other companies. So one has to consider these practical aspects before swapping the workplace for a brighter career.

    Knowledge is power.

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