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  • Which is best Self-reporting app for COVID-19

    Interested in knowing the best self reporting app for Covid-19? Wondering which one will provide the most accurate results? On this page our experts will provide you the link of the app so that you can get your answer to the question.

    heard about the Self Reporting app for Covid-19 that can test the Corona Virus, but the problem is how can we found that it is best to give accurate results, There is a lot of app best on the internet and how we can find a good app?
    Please provide link and name of the app
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  • is the web site in which you will find all the details about this Covid 19. You can check the details here.
    The Corona Kavach app has been developed by Niti Aayog. It is available for download. This app helps us to know whether we come nearer to a person who is tested positive at any time. This information will be useful for us to make a decision about self-quarantine.

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  • With the increase in coronavirus cases even after giving information and lockdown, the government and others have developed "COVID-19" tracking apps that will help people learn, understand and get every information about Corona Virus. Be careful to download the app from confirmed cases like google play store, etc. Some of the apps that are released are:

    1. Corona Kavach: The app is developed by the National e-Governance Division of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) to provide information and capture the breakout of coronavirus. The app uses
    geo-traces of the users to get their location and lets them know if they've come in contact with a coronavirus-infected person.

    2. COVID-19: An app by the iPhone maker in association with the Trump administration and federal agencies to release the app for Apple users that will guide people on the disease caused by the coronavirus with the help of the Centers for Disease Control(CCD).

    3. CoWin-20: This is also an app from Niti Aayog, the government's planning commission that is working another critical mobile application CoWin-20 that also uses mobile's GPS. The app will support English and all regional languages of India and help to stop the community spread of coronavirus.

    4. KAWACH: The app is developed by an Electronics Communication and Engineering B Tech student of Lovely Professional University (LPU) along with his professors which will encourage safe social distancing. It can vibrate and glow when someone comes closer than 1 meter (approx. 3.2 feet) distance and even has a handwash reminder, temperature sensor, etc.

    5. Quarantine app: The app is in the developing stage wherein it will have functions such as a self-reporting option, track the patients who are in-home quarantine and patients who are tested positive regularly and will also draw parallels with some of the apps like the Coronamap(developed by South Korea) that will give data of the confirmed cases i.e. the names of the patient and of the hospitals and the patients' travel map i.e. their places of visited before testing positive, etc.

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  • There are many Apps available in the play store today which can be used for self reporting of individual data in the App and then monitoring them. There are some Apps which give emotional support and mental stability in these times of distress. Most of these Apps are basically to record your symptoms in a chronological order and would suggest you if anything alarming is emerging out from that data. As every person cannot and need not visit the hospital or doctor for small-small things these Apps have a great role to play in self reporting and monitoring of one's condition in these pandemic times. They are now gaining popularity with the people especially those working from their home and also these Apps are a great source of help to the people confined to their houses. Some of these Apps are as follows -

    1. Covid-19 tracker -
    In this App the user has to enter his condition on daily basis and people in the group would find about him and his condition. For example if a person is tested positive and under treatment and recovering then all others know about him and would avoid him as well as his family members and acquaints. There are some colour codes also to inform people instantaneously the change in the status of the affected person. The App provides latest news on Covid-19 and has an online real time conversation facility with others.

    2. Corona Kavach -
    This is an App which is helpful to people in taking care from this infection based on their location as determined by the GPS system. It is created by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. It gives a lot of information and can alarm a person about his area and the intensity of the virus infection in it. With a lot of data available from the hospitals it can club many details and help people to avoid specific persons or households in the area.

    3. Covid symptom tracker -
    This is created by the doctors and researchers at King's College London, Guys and St Thomas' Hospitals and Zoe Global Limited (a health care company). In this App one has to report on daily basis ones symptoms and this data would go to the researchers who would be using it in many ways to find out the geographical progression of the disease and other such valuable information. So, it is beneficial to track the condition of an individual as well as helpful for the scientist community.

    4. KAWACH -
    This App claims to give an alert when an individual comes in a zone where some person is suspected to have it or had it earlier and now is cured. It gives an alarm for washing hands and other such activities after any vicinity or encounter. It is claimed to give a signal in form of vibration if it comes near the danger zone. This is developed by a team of students and a professor of Lovely Professional University (LPU).

    5. TraceTogether -
    This is based on the bluetooth connections and is a very useful App to alert you if a person is in your area who is having symptoms of this disease. People have to upload their condition in it and the App would also be able to alert the local authorities if they found some suspect in that area. The users would also be continuously getting the online advices from the App.

    6. CoWin-20 -
    This is an App promoted by Govt and released by Niti Aayog. It uses the GPS facility and its main thrust it on check on the spread of the disease by giving timely data to the users. It is available in the regional languages also.

    7. CDC -
    This is a US based App and mainly created to monitor the situation in the various states in US by monitoring the individual data. Those who are having relatives or children there can take advantage of this App for finding the latest status there.

    8. Moodpath -
    This is basically an App to help people in their emotional life and help them to come out of the fear of this disease and tell them with data that one should not worry as most of the people are getting treated and coming back to normalcy. It would help people to come out of their depressive feelings and other menial lows in this situation.

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  • First of all be confident that you will not get such virus as you would be following social distancing. Confidence is one of the best priliminary medicine which is within you free of cost. Stay away from fear.
    Arogya setu is an application suggested by the Government to take care of your health problems.

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  • COVID-19 is a new strain of coronavirus, a disease, that is spreading like a chain to humans. In the beginning stage, this started with mild symptoms like runny nose, sore throat, cough, fever, and then it will cause other respiratory illnesses. It can be more severe for some persons can lead to pneumonia or breathing difficulties. Aged people with pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease patients appear to be more vulnerable if they affected by this virus. It spreads primarily through contact with infected persons through respiratory droplets for example coughs or sneezes, or discharge of saliva from the nose.

    If a person has these symptoms, he has to contact immediately through the app that the government provided. There are many apps available, but one of the best self-reporting apps that government-provided is the "Aarogya setu app". Through this app, the public can ask a number of questions and the user will answer. In case, some of the answers suggest COVID symptoms the data will be immediately sent to the government servers. This information helps the government to take timely steps and to initiate the isolation procedure if necessary. But all have to done after we installed the Aarogya setu app on our mobile phone. This app detects other nearby smartphones that also has the app installed. If some of the contacts are tested positive then it figures out the risk of infection based on sophisticated parameters.

    How does it work:
    The app uses Bluetooth and location data to pinpoint movements. When two people who have installed the app come in close proximity, the app shares the data between the apps in the two phones with each other. If anyone of the app user at risk, it will immediately prompt the other user. Thus it creating awareness among the surrounding people. This calculation is done using Bluetooth, algorithms, and artificial intelligence.

    It also contains recommendations on how to stay safe in-home and also gives a timely update of all COVID-19 cases statewise.
    It let's donate to the PM CARES FUND using UPI.


  • Arogya setu app - The purpose of the app is that it will provide information about whether or not you have inadvertently come in contact with a coronavirus (COVID-19) infected person. The app detects the movement of the user with the help of a phone location and Bluetooth sensor. It tracks the user and notifies if they come in contact with infected people.
    All information related to covid-19 is available on the Sanjeevan app. This app has been launched by the Health Department and the State Health Committee for the convenience of the common people. After downloading this app on your mobile, you can get all the information related to covid-19. With this, one can register for the investigation of covid-19 and also get the result of the investigation. Along with this, information about the nearest isolation center, covid care center, and test center can be obtained and self-declaration can be made for home isolation.
    To overcome the corona epidemic, the Health Department has prepared its new life app. This app, made on the lines of the central government's health bridge, will make the path of treatment for corona infected easy. This app will tell the infected what to do to protect the corona infected, where to do the investigation, how to treat, as well as the hospitals in which the corona patients are being treated.

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