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  • How to use Lockdown days at home effectively for online contribution

    Wondering what to do in case of lockdown? Want some ideas to use the time effectively. Check out this page for suggestions from experts and decide how to make good use of the time.

    These days Lockdown are going in many countries across the globe due to COVID-19. Few might have taken the rest for a long and few might have got bored at home despite adhering the Government policy.

    How to use Lockdown days at home effectively for any online contribution (genuine one)? What are the best way to use our time at online sources?
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  • There are several ways in which you can use this lockdown period. Some of them are described as under:
    1. Use your time in writing: First of all, you can use this precious time to write down some useful things like articles, research paper ( if you are a researcher). You can also write stories that can be published online. You can also invest your time in writing at ISC and can also earn some money.
    2. Online course: Several companies have opens their courses free of cost in this very hard time so that people can get engaged. By joining these courses you can invest your time in learning.
    3. Online study: If you are a student then you can use your free time to study online. You can also attend youtube classes online. Besides several websites like "Back to school", " Let's learn", " Gradeup" etc. And many more also provide free videos to users.
    4. Do- It- Yourself: If you are interested to learn and make something creative. You can watch youtube videos and make yourself something new from waste material.
    5. Connect to people online: In this time you can also connect to your old friends via Facebook or other apps online. Some of your childhood friends may be out of touch due to your or their busy schedule. This is the best time you can contact them.
    6. Watch movies/ serials online: If you are fond of movies you can also utilize this time by watching movies and programmes.
    7. Online surveys: You can join some survey panels by this way you will use your time in earning.
    8. Write on blogs: if you like blogging you can start blogging and share your thoughts.
    9. Online World tour: As you can not go outside, in this period you can take a World tour on your laptop and explore the unexplored locations.

  • While remaining confined to our residence during the lockdown period, we can indulge in numerous household chores so as to pass the time meaningfully. A few tips noted below may be tried to use the time effectively-
    1) Your maid servant is either not reporting or you have categorically told her not to report unless the situation is normal. However, the jobs are to attended and in such a situation, help your partner by taking up some jobs to be discharged from your end in absence of the maid. This could be utensils cleaning, taking up cleaning the rooms or washing the clothes in the washing machine. Such taking up your jobs from your end would lessen the burden of your partner giving her a psycological satisfaction during these hours of crisis.
    2) Are you a better cook?
    If so, now is the time to show your potential in the area of cooking. Ask your partner to take temporary leave in the evening hours or even in the time when she remains engaged for cooking meals. Offer your services in the timing as agreed upon your partner. Let her know your inherent capabilities. If she likes your dishes, she may circulate the same within her friend circles and many husbands of your society may be envious to you because of this special quality.
    3) You can enjoy the telecasts released in the year 1984 and 1985 when we witnessed two popular serials namely Ramayan and Mahabharata and the same are being aired through DD.
    Engage your kids to enjoy these serials including you couples. At least the kids would be influenced with the roles of different actors/ actresses in such epics. They will be aware of our glorious history.
    4) Encourage your kids to keep their books and note books in tidy. Inculcate their habits to keep their possessions in order.
    5) May be you are serving your company by discharging you duty while remaining at home. In the leisure hours, listen to your children and you may even be surprised with their knowledges in the different areas. You may pass your time with them by involving them numerous constructive activities. Such activities could boost their confidence.

  • 1. Spend more time online and try to contribute to the sites where you will get good payouts. Improve your writing skills by spending more time on writing content. Practice makes a man perfect.
    2. Improve your qualifications in the area you are working on by doing some online certificate courses. They will help you in getting promotions and also you will have chances to go for a better job.
    3. Try to learn various new issues by going through various sites and youtube channels and acquire more knowledge base in various subjects. It will make you can allrounder and you will get enriched with various subjects.
    4. There are many online survey sites. Join in those sites. You will be invited to do some surveys and you will be paid as per the surveys you participated and answered
    5. You can make friends with people online. But be careful and chose the correct people only. That will help to improve your circle and give you good help when you are in need.
    6. You can also write your thoughts by creating your own blog. You can become a google guide and you can explore many new places and write about those places.

    always confident

  • This mandatory lockdown has opened immense opportunities for us to pursue some of our indoor hobbies which we were postponing for quite some time. Some of the major ones which I can suggest are -
    1. Most of us are interested in making craft items and internet is the best place to learn them. In our house, we have so many old things like cardboard boxes, old papers, old items etc and with that we can make some fancy items as per our imagination.
    2. Reading is a great hobby and it is said to be the door to wisdom. I think this is the best time to read all sort of books available in the house. Some online stores are also supplying them.
    3. Light exercises are very good for our health and earlier we were always busy outside and postponing them but now sitting in the house whole day it makes great sense to devote time for exercises, Yoga and Pranayam etc.
    4. Playing indoor games with the family members is one of the great pastime and I think this would be the first choice in such times.
    5. Another thing is one can learn cooking and kitchen work during this phase as ample time is available.
    6. Another good option is to keep one's things in order like wardrobes, personal papers etc. This is a great time to do that which we were ignoring for years.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Online internet world has generated immense opportunities for the people not only to pass their time but also to learn myriads of things as well as contribute in the online place in one's own capacity. I remember the pre internet times when the only pastime was reading and writing. Today we have a facility of reading as well as writing sometimes simultaneously which was unimaginable in earlier times. Today we are very lucky that we have all means of accessing the world knowledge on our laps. Let us take advantage of this and engage ourselves in online things. Some of the interesting and useful engagements are like -

    1. Surfing for knowledge -
    We were always intrigued about so many things as how they happen and what is the mechanism behind them. Today there is ample time to surf the net and go to some reputed and authentic sites to find out answers to all those unanswered questions which came in our minds time to time.

    2. Learning new things -
    We were cherishing for long to learn a craft or to learn a foreign language and this is the time to pursue that as there are many sites where good information is available along with the videos on the particular topic or subject.

    3. Making some extra money online -
    Online has immense opportunities to make some extra money in one's spare time. There are sites where one can take up some paid surveys, submit quality articles, participate in contests, take up some small job of editing or proof writing etc and with some continuous and sustained hard work one can definitely indulge in that to earn some part time money.

    4. To pursue long pending hobbies -
    People always think that if they get sufficient time they would pursue some long pending hobbies like learning cooking and try the recipes of their liking but that was not possible in the normal times due to lack of time in one's hectic life. Today there is plenty of time and everything is available in the internet ranging from the ordinary routine recipes to the advanced chef's choice ones. So why to delay? Let us take up that great hobby now.

    5. Writing content -
    I think this is the activity that many of us would like to take up on the first opportunity and many of us are already doing it. With more spare time in hand it can be accelerated further. Those who are beginners in the field of writing can first join some forum sections or chat sections where contemporary matters are discussed and then they can definitely learn and improve their writing and once that is achieved there is then time to write articles or reports or review of books and movies and many things like that. Content writing is a very big field and for those who can churn out good quality contents there are immense opportunities.

    6. Joining groups in social media -
    Social media has emerged as the biggest place for online activities and people have formed different groups for a particular activity and depending upon one's interest and choice one can join them. One can even make his own group and invite people to attend it. Many platforms offer these facilities. 'Page' in Facebook is one example.

    7. Joining an educational course online -
    This is an opportunity not only for the students who are today restricted to the periphery of their houses but also for those who are interested to increase their knowledge in a particular field. These educational courses are available in many sites and some of them are free also. It makes sense to enhance one's academic level with this great facility online.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Lockdown days are boredom to many but utilized effectively by some people also. We have been provided with our office work as work from home but the people of workaholic like me have no rest at all. If we go to office we can have some gap hours for restroom,coffee,lunch and we can come out after the office hours is over. But in house I am postponing the gap hours by presuming that we can finish with this etc.,
    But to some people it is wisely managed by engaging themselves in:
    a.washing bedsheets and pending cloths the cob-web in the house. the garden
    d.reading the unread books in the house. different items with house ladies or to them

  • The lockdown period is certainly a blessing day for many as they can do extra hours contribution even in our articles section. Previously the ISC members were not having the time and therefore submitting articles sparingly, now anybody can join India Study Channel, and create an earning spree for them by contributing in various sections and also win awards and rewards by participating in various topics and discussions. Alternatively, there is a famous newspaper site that allots points for every activity and that can be redeemed as rewards to claim gift vouchers or phone recharge. So there are even money given for the surveys undertaken online and the authenticity of which has to be ascertained before venturing to those sites.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • There are various ways in which the Lockdown can be used in effective manner. Depending on the needs of a person he/she can opt for study or online learning options.

    1. One can learn from various portals such as Datacamp, Udemy, Upgrad etc. These portals provide certifications also.
    2. One can learn new skills such as Share trading, Blogging, Web designing. Indiastudychannel has number of good articles about learning share market and trading.
    3. Blogging can be started and it will help to learn new skill and can help to earn money also in the long run. Indiastudychannel has many articles to learn blogging.
    4. Apart from these fruitful activities, learning yoga may be essential for physical as well as mental health. Yoga can be learnt online.

    In addition to the above suggestions there may be various other good options which can be opted depending on the interest and need of the individual.

  • Lockdown is for the benefit of people's safety and security. This initiative was implemented into action when the Corona cases in India was around 550. Lockdown is extended due to the rapid increase of the cases at the rate of 1000 cases per day.
    Boredom, frustration, tiredness and many other complaints and fuss are shared all over the social media. To look on a brighter side, there are productive ways to make the best out of this quarantine. Following goals to spend quality time without any complaints-

    1. STUDY
    Get hold of your favourite subject. Research, write, make notes, teach, share it with your family members or with virtual friends via social media. Learn something new. Revise what you already know.

    2. Family Time
    This is the best opportunity to spend time with your family without any disturbance. It's strange that we don't spend a lot of time with the people we live under the same roof for so many years. We spoke to them when we need something but rarely did we spoke without cause. It's high time to make a big change.

    3. Creativity
    You never know what you can do if you don't attempt to do it. Do those things which you have always wanted to do but never attempted because of embarassment in front of peers and other people.

    4. Books
    Nowadays, each and everyone of us is addicted to mobile phones, internet, gadgets and other electronic devices. Those were the days when we used to fall asleep reading a book. The habit of reading is long lost. Reading improves vocabulary, grammar and inbuilts confidence. Rich people read books while the mediocre rarely reads. Thief's steal money but not books. It's wise to make a goal of reading.

    5. Podcast
    We keep complaining rather than accepting. This is not going to be fruitful in the long term. It's time to make a quality change in the personal life. Make the habit of listening more and speaking less. Make sure to speak articulatly. Listen to effective podcast to understand more the problem because the better the understanding leads to a better life.

    These 5 goals are not much and it won't take a lot of time. You may add more goals but remember the less you set, the more you know. Follow the 80/20 rule.

    If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

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