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  • Confusion about my duplicate Certificates validity

    Confused about submission of duplicate certificates for NEET counselling? Looking out for advice here? No worries, on this page our experts will resolve your queries by giving you the correct advice.

    I am from Andhra pradesh. I lost my SSC and +2 certificates and applied for duplicate certificates. I got the certificates. Now I am going to write the NEET exam. If I submit my duplicate certificates for verification at the time of counselling, can they accept my certificates to get seat? Can you provide this information.
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  • There will not be any problem with this duplicate certificates. Many times people will be losing their certificates due to various reasons. That is why the government has made a procedure to take the duplicate copies. These duplicate copies will be treated as the original certificate only provided they are genuine and not fake certificates.
    I lost my SSC original. Those days we used to have a book. I lost that. Then I informed to police and taken a certificate from them and then applied for a duplicate through the school where I have studied and received the duplicate original. I am having that only and I have no problem and managed everywhere with that certificate. Hence you will not have any issue with those certificates.

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  • There are two types of certificates that can be used if you lost original. One is a certified copy of certificates and another one is a duplicate certificate. Certified copy of certificates is valid only for a short time but if you have duplicate certificates then it is valid forever/ lifetime.

    During the verification process in any field, you may be required to produce a complaint copy and a duplicate certificate. So when you lost original certificates or documents, you must lodge a complaint to the nearest police station. Once a complaint is filed you will get a complaint copy, keep this safe with you so if required you may produce this to validate duplicate certificates.

    You can refer to the below links where similar post queries posted, this may help you:

  • Duplicate copies of lost documents are fully valid. You can produce them any time during documents verification without fear. But remember, you should follow the complete procedure for obtaining the duplicate certificates. The following are the steps, you must follow:

    1. You must file an FIR of lost document in the nearest police station.
    2. You may also publish advertisement in local as well as national newspaper through "Press Note" stating that "I (Name of candidate) Son/daughter of (xxxxxxx) is resident of (Address). My xxxxxxx class original certificate no. xxxxxxx has been lost. For this purpose you may contact to any local newspaper.
    3. Prepare an affidavit and get it notarized in front of the magistrate.

    A signed duplicate certificate will be valid for lifetime and you will not face any problem. Also keep a copy of all the above documents with you during document verification. So, don't worry and prepare for your NEET exam.

  • You have to provide the details of where you lost and how to lost your marks card in detail and file a FIR ( first information report) to the nearest police station. This police station should be for your area, where you stay.

    Once you file a report, you can collect the duplicate copy of FIR and attach it to the letter requesting for duplicate marks card in the related school or college where you completed your course along with some fees. The fees depends on the year of your completion of course.

    You can get the same after a few months. Till then you can collect provisional or attested marks card signed by gazatted officers for any interview or higher course.

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