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  • Is there any actual treatment for maintaining healthy hair?

    Want to know all about how to maintain healthy hair and resolve all hair related issues? Interested in also knowing how to avoid spending unnecessary on medicines for curing health related issues? Check out this Ask Expert page for resolving your queries.

    Now a days, many people suffering with health related issues and spents a lions share of their income for maintaining their health. However, most of them are not satisfied with the medicines that are prescribed to them. Some people says that hair losing is heriditary and no good treatment for this. I too have some hair problem. So, is there any actual medicine for this or how can we maintain healthy hair?
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  • Ther is answer in your question itself.
    "Maintaining". You have to maintain your hair hygienic and healthy.
    It comes from lifestyle . Medication should be temporary, but life style is to be permanent.
    One should consume a balanced diet as per time tested family tradition; as per geography and weather. One should cultivate a consistent habit of bathing and cleaning hair, taking adequate and regular sleep.

    One may avoid soaps and shampoos with strong chemicals. Insteadone can use gram flour, herbal shampoos like hibiscus leaves, shikakai etc. Suitable medicated hair oils are available in native medicine stores and Ayurvedicmedical stores. It is suggested to consult an experienced and qualified Ayurvedic dosctor before using self medication.
    Clean and hygienic cocnut oil is known to be good for hair growth and maintenance. Herbs like Mehandi, Curry leaves ,Bhringaraj ec can be added and home made hair oil prepared.
    The hair and scalp should be kept clean of dirt and dust, lices and other infestations.Avoid exposing to excess heat and cold weather. Avoid dandruff. In case there are some infections or ittitations on the scalp, cure it by visisting an experienced and qualified doctor. Then continue to maintain your scalp and hairclean and ygieinic and do the regular maintenance.

    More sugestions regarding growth and maintenance of healthy hair can be found by searching in Ask Experts section.

  • In order to maintain healthy hair, you will have to keep your scalp healthy and moisturized. Below are the tips that you can follow to keep your scalp healthy to grow and maintain smooth hair.

    1. Massage Your Scalp - A regular massage helps to improve the blood circulation in the scalp. Spread oil evenly on scalp and massage for 10-15 minutes.

    2. Balanced Diet - Diet should be balanced and healthy. The intake food should have all the vital nutrients that keep the scalp healthy. You can include - green leafy vegetables, beans, nuts, eggs, fish, and chicken.

    3. Avoid washing your hair too often - this will damage your hair and keep your scalp dry.

    4. Hair conditioning required whenever you wash your hair - this will help to prevent hair breakage.

    5. Avoid using hair color - Hair colors are ammonia-based which is a bleaching agent that can harm your scalp and hair. For women, hair coloring is too dangerous which may increase the risk of breast cancer.

    6. Supplementation - Consult a dermatologist to know what are the best supplements for your hair type. the supplement should be rich in vitamins and minerals.

    7. Protect hair with dusty or harsh weather, whenever you go out the sun and dust take away your hair's moisture. The scalp should always be moisture this helps to maintain the strength of hair roots.

    8. Always use/apply natural products in the hair.

    9. Avoid brushing wet hair. The reason is when hair is wet, the root is soft that can easily lose its grip. So, let your hair dry before you comb it.

  • Hair health depend on many factors such as balanced diet, hygiene, hereditary factors, nutrition etc. In today's lifestyle it's little difficult to maintain hair health but by following some tips one can maintain healthy hair.

    1. Balanced diet- Maintaining balanced diet with variety of healthy fruits and vegetables is not only important for hair health but for overall health of our body. One should consume diet rich in protein and minerals for proper health of hair and our body.

    2. Hygene- Proper hygene should be maintained by washing. Mild shampoo or herbal shampoo is best as it will not have harmful effect like chemical based shampoos.

    3. Avoiding Chemical dyes - Chemical hair colours must be avoided as it leads to more hair loss. Instead of that, herbal alternative can be used such as Heena, Ritha and Sikakai.

    4. Hair oil- Hair oil with add on strong fragrance are not good for hair health and leads to hair loss. Some good quality Ayurvedic oil can be tried instead. It will be a bit costly but good for hair health.

    In addition to these tips, drinking adequate amout of water, getting proper sleep and doing Yoga can be great for hair health nd overall health as well.

  • Maintaining healthy hair is not that much difficult provided we pay little attention to some of the basic points ensuring the best health for both scalps and hair as a whole. The following tips may be tried-
    1) Perodical trimming of hair - This is an important for the growth of hair. The ideal time for the next trimming is after the elapse of 45 days from the previous one. This cycle is to be maintained for the healthy growth of hair.
    2) Choose the right brand of Shampoo - Cleaning both your hair and scalp is essential so that texture of hair is shining and the scalp is devoid of any infection apart from free from dust and foreign particles. Instead of resorting to chemical shampoos available in the market, you may apply home made concoction such taking two table spoons of Besan and the same is mixed with some equal amount of curd, mix the same thoroughly and apply this concoction thoroughly on the scalp. Leave the same for half an hour and then finally rinse your hair. Crysophenic acid found in the Besan would provide nourishment to both the scalp and the hairs.
    3) Regular use of Gooseberry- powder - You may use half tea spoon of Goosebery- powder manufactured by any reputed Pharmaccetual which is to be taken along with slight amount of hot water in the morning. This will provide all the essential nutrients such as iron, magnesium etc to hair apart from other health benifits such as strengthening your vision, liver and glow of your face.
    4) Include Protien rich diets coupled with iron supplementing foods - Include fish, eggs, chickens in your diet so as to strengthen your hair. Taking walnuts, almonds, pistachios , apples, pomegranate would help in enhancing the level of Homoglonobile in your blood. Such efforts would make your hair healthy.
    5) Apply Amla or Bhrinraj oils on the roots of the hairs and on the entire surface area of the scalp. Massaging with such brand of oils for at least ten minutes prior to retirement of the bed will provide extra lustre to the hair.
    6) Keep yourself hydrated with regular consumption of at least 2.5 litre of water. This will alleviate constipation essential for the health of hair.

  • Hair is the important part of our body as they protect us from sun or rains as well as have cosmetic value. Unfortunately, with abundant use of chemical shampoos and soaps people have simply spoiled their hair. After shampooing they look better and can attract the onlookers or a group in the scheduled parties but harm is already done to the scalp and hair roots. We are living in era of fashion and show biz and many people ignore the harmful effects of various chemical material that we apply to our hair mindlessly. Individual hair would depend on many factors like heredity, good health, proper maintenance etc and keeping them intact and healthy requires a lot of self control and discipline. Let us go through some of the basic measures that one has to follow to keep ones hair in good condition -

    1. Oil your hair regularly. It is a very good way to keep the hair healthy. Do not use artificial flavoured oils but use simple coconut or mustard or sesame oil. A good oil massage of hair lowers the temperature of head significantly. It is so soothing also. Do not put oil immediately after head wash wait till the hair dry up.

    2. Do not wash your head frequently. People wash the head with shampoo even two times in a day. It is very wrong to do that. You would be breaking the stem of the hair by allowing water to swell them unnecessarily. Frankly speaking head wash is required only once in a 2-3 days time. It might look strange but it is a fact that many people in old times exercised. Only light soap and shampoos are to be used and that also those which are based on some natural or Ayurvedic ingredients.

    3. If you have a dandruff problem then treat it separately and then wash your head. Remember washing more number of times is not going to get rid from dandruff and once dandruff remains there the hair would get weaker and weaker.

    4. Nowadays some pre-wash primers are available in the market so it makes sense to use them before thorough shampooing as the primer helps in protecting the hair root and stem from the shampoo.

    5. Getting the regular hair cuts and trimming also helps in maintaining the health of the hair as there is no wastage of body nutrients for nourishing the unwanted hair lengths.

    6. Maintaining a healthy diet is also a very important step for keeping the hair healthy. A healthy diet would provide the body with all types of nutrients and proteins required for the good health of hair.

    7. Do not treat your hair with heat either from some hair curling machine or having very hot water head bath. Avoid heat as it brittles the hair.

    8. Wearing a hat is something which may look funny in the modern context but it helps a great deal in protecting the hair from dust and sun. In olden times hat was invariably used by people to protect from dust and sun.

    9. Many people have a habit of caressing their hair all the time and touching them often. We have to avoid it as many bacteria or organisms can transfer to hair unnecessarily giving chance for their colonisation there.

    10. Protecting the hair from nature's wrath like cold winds, heat waves, heavy rains, storms, dust storms etc is a must to do and due care is to be taken in that. Wrapping the hair from all sides help in such conditions.

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  • Hair gives beauty to the person. The way you dress your hair gives you an identification. Many people give a lot of importance to hair and take a lot of care in maintaining good hair.
    1. Keep your own comb and use that only always. Don't use other's comb for dressing your hair. There are chances for the spreading of problems like dandruff.
    2. Many Shampoos are very concentrated and using them is not very good. Always better to use naturally available soapnuts for washing your hair. If you want to use a shampoo, continue using the same shampoo. Don't change frequently. Dilute the shampoo in water and then only use that diluted liquid to wash your hair. Applying shampoo once or twice in a week is good. We need not use shampoo daily.
    3. Apply coconut oil to the hair regularly. That keeps the hair cool and you will have a cool brain.
    4. It is better to have the hair in a particular position. Making it grow for long may not be good. Keep cutting and trimming the hair regularly. Allowing it to grow to much will allow hair to accommodate many bacteria. Don't touch your hair regularly. That will cause the spreading of bacteria in our body through hands
    5. Don't use synthetic items for treating your air. Be away from synthetic creams and colors.
    6. Use hat when you go out in the hot sun and when it is raining. Wet hair will cause health problems.

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  • Hair growth is an important aspect which changes the looks of the personality. You may be liked by people if you have good chunks of hair. According to my personal experience, i would like to suggest some common dos and don'ts:-
    1. Never use tap water to wash your head as it contains chlorine added in killing germs in water.
    2. Use lukewarm or mild heat water for head bath and not very hot water, this could damage your scalp.
    3. Massage your head with luke warm oil and take rest for atleast an hour. Later you can take head bath. This will keep your hair healthy.
    4. Do not take head bath on the day you apply oil that is the regular days.
    5. Take head bath once in two or three days regularly according to your preference.
    6. You can use any coconut oil but if you could add a few fenugreek and curry leaves to the oil, you can expect a black hair over a period of time on regular usage.
    7. Do not use wet hair or gels on your hair, this will spoil your hair.
    8. Cover your hair when you are moving in dusty areas.
    Note: All the above suggestions depends on your practising habits.

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  • Maintainance of hair involves efforts, time, patience and correct method.

    Hair is a protrusion of dead cell which is made up of keratin.

    1. Nutrition
    Proper diet plan must be followed depending upon the requirement of calories per individual. Don't compromise with health.
    Suppose doctor has advised to have minimum salt or sugar in your diet, then do follow it.

    2. Oil
    Use prescribed oil, in case, suffering from hair problems.
    Homemade oil can be used consulting a doctor for common hair problems such as dandruff, hair fall, dry white flakes, etc.
    If the problem is too severe, do consult a doctor.
    Put oil in your scalp and hair atleast thrice a week. Oil is the food of the hair which nourishes and enriches and makes it soft.

    3. Shampoo
    People are too fond of using shampoo on a daily basis. Use shampoo only if it's necessary.

    4. Conditioner
    Conditioner ought to be used after shampoo.
    Avoid applying conditioner on the scalp. Take a small portion and gently apply with mild water on the hair. Wash it thoroughly after application.

    5. Dry your hair
    Avoid using air dryer to dry your hair. It's harmful for the sensitive scalp to take in the heat and damages the hair to a extent.
    Comb your hair slowly. Never tie your hair if it's wet. Dry your hair under a fan or in daylight or breeze.

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  • Hair maintenance is a very important aspect of today's life as it has got a cosmetic value. Men or women all are concerned for the good health of their hair. Market is flooded with hundreds of solutions for keeping good hair but in absence of basic awareness some people simply waste money on them without any significant benefit.

    Keeping good hair requires that we must keep them away from the severe heat and water. Nowadays many girls cover their heads while going out on bikes and that is a very good thing to do as it protects the hair from wind and dust.

    Due to the fashion reasons many people go for daily washing of their hair with strong shampoos but though it might give a temporary enhanced get up but in longer run these chemical based shampoos would harm the hair as well as skull.

    I remember my grandparents were using crushed cover of soapnuts which gives foam like soap only and cleans the hair nicely. I would recommend to use natural cleaners like soapnuts, shikakai etc for hair washing.

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