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  • Career aspects for a Healthcare Professional.

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    I have done B.Tech in Biotechnology and I hold 6 years of experience in medical coding with 7LPA package. I have done PG diploma in Business Analytics and SAS course as well. I was wondering that is it better to switch my sector after these many years of experience. I was also worried about the struggle I need to do if I switch my job in the sectors like IT or SAS. In medical coding jobs there is a saturation in salary growth and it is very difficult after reaching a package of 9LPA to switch and get jobs. In IT sector I may have to struggle initially but future growth prospects look good. Experts advise is most welcome.
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  • There are chances for you in many ways. Now it is up to you to think and make a decision as deemed fit.

    1. You have a B.Tech in Biotechnology. You have 6 years of experience in medical coding. In this field also you are many chances to go to the next level. For that, you may have to do your MBA in distance mode while you are working. By the time you complete an MBA, you will have 9 years' experience. With that, you have every chance to get jobs in higher scales and top positions. Salary may go more than 12 lakhs per annum also. It all depends on your post and the company you work in.
    2. Business Analytics is also a field with many job chances. The pay structures are very good. But the experience you put in so far may not be useful. So getting a job in a good company will be difficult. You have to join in any company and put up some service. Then you will get a good job. But in this line, you have to make hard work. Otherwise, it will be very difficult these days to settle in a new job and prosper.
    3. Even in the IT sector also the salary will not go up overnight. Initially, you have to work hard and the payment will be less only. I know IT employees drawing 10 to 12 LPA after putting up 8 years of service. But your experience will not be considered. SO again you have to start with a low salary.

    The best course of action will be to continue in the same line, improve your qualification and then shift the job to a big company into a higher position.

    always confident

  • You can have a better career span if you consider these points and implement them in the most opportune time. The following points may please be considered-
    1) You are a B.Tech in Biotechnology and have acquired six year experience in medical coding. You may feel frustrated with present recession gripping most of the industries including the one where you are rendering your service. However, there are many factors affecting the growth of an industry and slowly the present situation will slowly take a new turn offering you better projects in the Biotechnology area. Hence perseverance at this juncture will pay you lot in the times ahead. While doing the present assignment, you may enrol yourself for MBA in the field of Biotechnology through the distance mode from some recognised university. Clearing the papers part wise for each semester with the guidance of some professional institute will open up your prospects in the current job assignment and in a span of three to four year, your emoluments will be highly satisfying touching even 15 lacks per year. Hence you need to think of ways how smartly you can tackle the present situation adding number of years as experience apart from additional professional qualification helping you to attain the next promotional channel swiftly.
    2) Though you have done a diploma in Business Analytics but so far you lack the relevant experience in this field. Hence even if you try your best to have a job in the said field, it will be a time consuming affair to land into the job. Even the specific time for getting an assignment of your satisfaction cannot be predicted making you tensed in choosing such a career.
    3) In the IT sector, everything is not the rosy especially when you will make a new entry in this field after your hectic preparation for the interview. The Interview- board may examine your resume and your experience being put in this field. They may not offer you a handsome start in the initial phase. The emoluments may be even less what you are drawing this time. To reach a stage of getting of 9 lacks per month in the IT sector starting afresh will take at least six years. Even your salary in the fresh joining may not be more than 3 lacks. So all in the cases, there will be a colossal loss in terms of your earnings.

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