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  • Which is the best book on gold investment?

    Planning to invest in gold? Know which is the best book that can help you to make the right strategic path to investing in gold.

    There are plenty of options available for us to invest in the growth of our money. These options can be stock market, real estate, corporate bonds, banking schemes, mutual funds and investment in a commodity. Gold investment is one of the safe and better options available for those who want to invest for a longer period of time. I am interested in investing in gold and want to know more about it. Can you suggest me the best book on gold investment and its strategies?
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  • 1. Guide To Investing in Gold & Silver: Protect Your Financial Future. Michael Maloney is the author of this book. Michael Maloney is well recognized as a leading expert on monetary history, economic cycles investing, and precious metals. He is the CEO of
    2. Currency Wars – Jim Rickards. The author is a very well known author with a lot of insights about gold bullion and money.
    3. Paper Money Collapse – Detlev Schlicter. This book deals with the failure of paper money and gives you a good understanding of the gold market and the ways and means to invest in this market. The book is published in 2011.
    4. Silver: The Restless Metal – Roy Jastram: The late author gives very good insights about investing money in gold and silver, the precious metals.
    5.The Golden Constant: This is also a book from the above author and it is a classic book deal with Gold investments. Very useful for the people who are interested in this way of saving.

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  • Investment in gold has been a matter of great interest since olden times and the craze for this yellow matter is still intact with the same intensity. The sustained growth in the prices of gold has forced the investor to think about this safe heaven of investment. People have been benefited immensely by investing in the gold time to time. Let us go through some good books on gold investing.

    # The ABCs of Gold Investing: How to Protect and Build Your Wealth with Gold By Michael J. Kosares:
    This book is basically for the beginners and has everything that a beginner must know about investing in gold. The book has nicely explained the various aspects about gold and its historical importance in the lives of people.

    # The Goldwatcher: Demystifying Gold Investing By John Katz and Frank Holmes:
    This book is very helpful in understanding how the price of gold is determined and what are all the factors and how it is connected to the other economic aspects in a country. It also explains as how the gold funds work.

    # Precious Metals Investing For Dummies By Paul Mladjenovic:
    This is another good book for the beginners and illustrates all the risks and benefits of investing in gold and other precious metals. It has many tips and techniques for investing in gold. It illustrates the investment strategy in gold in avery lucid and informative ways. The subject is well explained with the help of charts and graphs.

    # Guide To Investing in Gold & Silver: Protect Your Financial Future by Michael Maloney:
    This is a very good book for understanding the subtleties in gold investment. It has explained many facts and financial calculations related to investing in gold. The book is packed with much information on this subject.

    # Stack Silver Get Gold: How To Buy Gold And Silver Bullion Without Getting Ripped Off! by Hunter Riley III:
    The author of this book had been himself a gold investor. This book is very professional in its approach and covers many aspects like type and quality of gold to be purchased, how to create a wealth out of this investment, what are exchange traded funds related to gold prices etc. It is a very useful book for people interested in investing in gold.

    # How to Invest in Gold and Silver: A Complete Guide with a Focus on Mining Stocks by Don Durrett:
    This is a good book and helps the investor for making intelligent decisions for investing in gold. The risk perceptions and other such cautionary issues are dealt in details. The book covers details about many other metals also.

    # All About Investing in Gold by John Jagerson:
    This is one of the highly recommended books by the readers and reviewers and contains clear and concise ways of investing in gold. The different methods of investing in gold are well illustrated in this book.

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  • Since the ancient time, Gold has been the favourite passions for most of the investors and they tried their best to acquire its behaviour in the different timings and how best they can rake profit with the holding of this yellow metals.
    There are couple of books in the market providing you valuable inputs such as the opportune time when the stock is to raised or the period when the holdings is to be offloaded.
    I am providing you the details of the two books written by the eminent authors which will be helpful in knowing the different phases when acquisition of this material can be profitable. You may go through the following books -
    1) Gold is the Better Way - Written by Adam Baratta -
    This book might provide you insight regarding the best time to purchase Gold. Buy the same when the market crashes and sell high when the significant gain is noticeable. By going through this text, you could identify the opportune timing when to have this precious metal and in the pages ahead, you would be knowing the timing to offload this metal from the possession.
    Simply follow the advice of the author and you should be able to understand the basics of investments of Gold. The book has been written in a lucid way so as to have clarity of the fundamentals of this yellow metal.
    2) Gold and Silver - By Michael Maloney
    This book would provide you the history and cycles of ups and downs during the different stages.
    The author has explained in detail the reasons for the continuous erosion of the US dollars accomplished by inching up of the price of the precious metal during the corresponding period.
    The book was published way back 1933 and based on the results of previous years, he made remarks on the prospects of Gold.
    Not necessarily you should have a basic concept of Finance and Economics but the presentation of the materials by the author would raise your interest further while proceeding to pages one after another.

  • 1. All About Investing in Gold - Written by John Jagerson and S Wade Hansen approximate cost INR 1200 to 1400

    2, Guide to Investing In Gold & Silver - Written by Michael Maloney - INR 800 - 1000

  • While investing in gold, you should keep safety, liquidity, and returns in mind just like your other investments. Gold prices fluctuate depending on global and domestic economic factors. If you are buying gold, then you have to make arrangements to keep it safe and also take care of its purity.

    It is generally suggested that your gold investment should be up to 5% of your portfolio, or up to 10% if you have more risk appetite for it. But it is important to keep in mind one thing, do not go out of your capacity and invest in it or do not compromise with your other goals to invest in gold.

    Physical Goldie Gold Goods, Gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Sovereign Gold Bonds, and Digital Gold. Buying gold goods is easy, but ensuring its purity and arranging safe storage is not less of a challenge that will cost you a little money. It can be purchased as jewelry, coins, or biscuits. There is no limit in the matter of purchasing gold articles. But, for tax, preserve its receipt and tax invoice.

    There are two other forms of gold investment that are safe and easy to purchase. You can invest in Gold ETF for a minimum amount of 1 gram and you can also resort to a lump sum or a systematic investment plan (SIP) to invest in it. Unlike gold goods, gold ETFs do not worry about the purity of the gold as they are bought in Demat form.

    Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGB), on the other hand, are government securities issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). An SGB can be purchased in one gram of gold multiple. In the case of SGB, the purity of gold is not much of a concern compared to the gold goods as the bond price is linked to the price of 999 purity gold published by the Indian Bullion and Jewelers Association (IBJA). SGB earns interest at a rate of 2.5% per year. In an Emergency, SGB can be taken as a loan against collateral.

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