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  • What is the procedure to submit an online application for Net banking services?

    Want to apply for online banking during this lockdown period? Know if there is any way to get net banking services without visiting the branch.

    In order to apply for Net banking, we submit a form at the bank's branch and get a password (PIN) in a sealed envelope. Since the lockdown is in place due to COVID-19, is it possible to submit an online application for Net banking services to a bank from home? How exactly does it work? Will they send an OTP to the mobile phone or some kind of secret PIN via email?
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  • Most of the banks have their applications called app in general. You can get online netbanking services without visiting your bank branch office. Here are a few points to make it clear:-
    1. You should be the single user for your bank account ( no other joint holders) to avail this facility.
    2. You should have an ATM card which is used and not stagnant over a period of time.
    3. Your mobile number should be registered in your branch to get one time password.
    4. Keep your bank passbook and other documents like ATM card, CIF number ready with you for immediate access.
    Check whether your bank has an app and download it. Complete the required fields for new user registration like registered mobile number, CIF number and wait to get an OTP. This will help you to create your password to login. Check step by step user friendly questions and answer correctly. Once this procedure is cleared, you could check your balances, debits and credits. This will help you to use internet banking facility. If any doubts and mis-clarifications, you may have to visit the branch itself.
    You can also refer to this link onsample letter format to get internet banking facilitywrite a letter and use postal services or email facility to send your letter to the branch office.
    These are only the few steps to be followed, it may differ from bank to bank. Money matters have to be dealt carefully. It is better, to speak to your bank branch manager and take necessary actions accordingly.

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  • You can register yourself for net banking facility online yourself on the website of several banks in the retail user or individual user section. Several banks like PNB, HDFC provide hassle-free registration direct from home and no need to visit the bank. You need an ATM card and registered mobile to receive generated OTP.

    But SBI needs a net banking registration form which is to be sent to hone branch only. After approval of net banking, you can generate password and use net banking.

    Some banks like IOB also provide the User ID and password online but for this, you will have to send the net banking request form to the home branch. Remember, net banking can be approved by the home branch only.

    As now lockdown is there, what you can do is just download registration form from banks website if possible, fill it and send it to the bank's home branch email ID. There may be a problem of printing for he request form, so you can simply write an application mentioning all the details like customer ID, account no., account holder name and branch name, registered mobile number etc. After approval, the bank will send you user ID and password in separate emails.

    It doesn't matter that it is a single user account or a joint account. I am using net banking in two different banks account and both are joint accounts. In case of a joint account, you need to send the details of all account holders in your application. And also remember, your account should be active and not dormant. Because you will not be able to operate any dormant account through the net banking.

  • Generally, all the banks required to fill the application form to get Online Banking (Netbanking) accounts at the time of opening of account i.e. Saving, Current, Cash Credit, etc.

    If you had not filled the same at the time of opening of the account. Then you need to visit the bank's home branch and fill the application form.

    Several private bankers provide the online registration facility for net banking. It depends on bankers with website.

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