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  • Is an undergraduate course in distance learning valid for a government job

    Completed a BA (EPP) course in distance learning but unsure whether it will be accepted for a government job application? Quickly know from experts whether a BA (EPP) course in distance learning is considered valid to apply for a job in a government organization.

    I am a physically challenged individual with disability in the legs. I graduated from a recognized University of UGC after my 10th class with BA (EPP) course in distance learning. I would like to know if my degree is valid. Will I be eligible for Competitive Exams with that degree? My ambition is to get a government job.
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  • The undergraduate course completed through distance education mode is eligible to apply for a government-job provided the distance education is offered by any university recognized by UGC and the distance education department of that university should have the UGC recognition.
    For any government job, your degree should be from a recognized university. The University should give you the certificate under its seal.

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  • You have mentioned that you are a graduate. That degree is through the distance learning method. It does seem that this degree is after your tenth standard. Kindly note that only IGNOU is sort of universally accepted by even private-sector employers for purposes of recognition of any degree.

    As Rao Sir, a very experienced and highly educated professional Member of ISC has advised you, it is important for you to go over to the University Office and check if the particular degree has been accepted by the Distance Educational Council as a degree equivalent to the actual degree of any recognized University. Please do note that there are some further degrees that are normally recognized for Government jobs, particularly in teaching.

    For example, you can go in for the B.ED degree course from any recognized University like Annamalai University, the IGNOU, Bharadhidasan University and so on, after ascertaining the value of your degree. Once you pass the B.Ed degree course, you are eligible to register in any employment exchange and then await your chance to become a Government teacher. Please do note that most State Governments do conduct some entrance examinations to become teachers. Check the eligibility criteria in your native State.

    Please do note that getting a Government job is just the start of your learning process. Even after you get your Government job, please do not give up. Do the M.ED course, for example, if you choose to teach in schools. In the meanwhile, get a PG degree through distance education also. Write at least ten articles in refereed journals.

    Never ever give up acquiring qualifications and experience. And value-based knowledge. You also need to become IT savvy, even if you get into Government.

  • Respected professionals! thank you so much for your valuable suggestions. I've one more doubt that i want to know it personally. I am requesting you, can you please resolve it through my whatsapp number is 7013212094

  • If the university and its courses are approved under UGC and AICTE then there is no problem and it would be accepted as a degree course only. However you can get it confirmed from them as many students who have done these courses from that university must be doing some jobs elsewhere. You are desirous of applying for a Govt job. In fact for handicapped people there are many office related soft jobs reserved in various positions and categories and you can very well apply for that. Please note that even if your BA degree is not accepted your class 10 is sufficient to get you some small Govt jobs under the handicapped category. Vacancies would be advertised by the state Govt, quasi Govt bodies, Govt social departments, village level activities of Govt schemes and their supervision, semi Govt organisations, Govt aided institutions etc and if you look for the appropriate one for you there would be many opportunities.

    Regarding your request to contact you in WhatsApp, I would advise you to post your query under 'Anonymous' mode in a fresh post as ISC has a facility of asking personal questions in that way also. Do not link this question there and ask the personal question under anonymous mode and our experts would be happy to help you in any matter. Please note that this site is having a lot of information on jobs, education and career making and in your spare time please go through this site thoroughly and you would be immensely benefitted. There are thousands of questions answered here by the members and you would find many similar questions of your interest. I suggest you to take advantage of this knowledge scattered here.

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  • Thank you so much for your response

  • I graduated from 'acharya nagarjuna university' which is located in guntur, andhra pradesh. For some reason it took me 7 years to complete my degree. I have seen on some university websites, the maximum duration for completing the BA course is 6 years as specified in the course details. But on the university website I studied, the maximum duration is 7 years as specified in the course details & accordingly I was granted a degree.
    I believe that I can study hard and earn a job. But the fear of whether or not the degree I got is worth it. Please resolve my doubt.

  • Dear Rajesh,
    This is my response in relation to your doubt regarding the extension of tenure while completing your B.A course. By going through the different sites to ensure your duration of course will further compound your problem. In some sites, the maximum permissible duration was shown as six year where as you have taken to the extent of seven year and according to your university website, there is no violation of the duration.
    You should always be guided with your own university guidelines.
    Hope, this will resolve your doubt.

  • Thanks a lot sir!

  • You can get a job under the physically handicapped quota only depending on the age criteria. Check the age and location so that it could be helpful as you are looking for government jobs.

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  • Thank you Madam!

  • Once you apply for a government job, the employers would verify your degree in terms of UGC approval and would also look into the status of its recognition of the said course.

    Since you have verified these parameters from your end, your degree earned from the Acharya Nagarjuna University is not likely to create any problem in respect of perusal any higher degree from any recognised university or even for the jobs needing a graduation degree from a recognised university.
    Even if you are aspiring for UPSC examination so that you could succeed in IAS, your degree earned from the said university is not likely to hinder you from your further proceedings. Similarly, you can write Banking Competitive Examinations for both Nationlised or Private ones or any other state government jobs for which minimum qualification is a graduation degree.

  • Thank you so much to The Honorable Sheo Shankar Jha! I'm very satisfied & happy with your information. Thank you very much sir.

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