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  • Which would be the best place for higher studies in chemical engineering abroad

    Planning to pursue higher studies abroad after completing a Diploma in Chemical Engineering in India? Know the best options through the advice given in the answers below, along with guidance on the admission process, scholarships, etc.

    I have completed my diploma in chemical engineering and now I want to go abroad for further studies. So please suggest to me which country would be best, the approximate fees, scholarships available and living expenses in that country. I would also like guidance on the admission process.
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  • After doing diploma in Chemical Engineering one can try to do Engineering course in Chemical Engineering or graduate course and subsequently post graduate course in Chemical Engineering as different universities have different type of courses abroad. There are a large number of universities which are offering various courses including Chemical Engineering to the foreign students and there is an admission process involved everywhere where one has to visit the university site and apply for the admission. One has to provide all the educational credentials by scanning the documents and attaching with the application online. In addition one has to complete an English proficiency test like IELTS or TOEFL which assess the listening, reading, writing and speaking capabilities of the student as that is mandatory to get admission in the foreign universities. These tests can be undertaken online and proficiency certificates can be obtained from these agencies conducting these tests online. I would suggest you to go to some site like IELTS or TOEFL and find out the details there. Once you visit a particular university site then all the information would be available there right from applying to migration modalities. The fee structure also would be seen for a particular course available in the university. Anyway, these are some general points to be understood before proceeding in this direction. Some of the good universities where one can try to get admission are as follows -

    1. University of Hull, UK:
    This is one of the renowned university in UK. It is also known as a good place for conducting research for those who have interest in advanced academic pursuits. They have industry affiliation also and can provide jobs to some of the meritorious students. The fee is about Rs 14 lakhs per year.

    2. University of Sheffield, UK:
    This is another good one in UK. It has a history of providing education to many foreign students as many choose it due to it's friendly environment. Fee is about Rs 19 lakh per year.

    3. University of Delaware, USA:
    It is an old university and as per a survey in 2019 it is ranked as 38 among the top public universities. It's engineering courses are well reputed. The annual fee is of the order of Rs 26 lakhs.

    4. Virginia Commonwealth University, USA:
    This is one of the reputed institute and has an impressive students to faculty ratio of 18:1. It has good residential facilities for the students. Fee is about Rs 24 lakhs per year.

    5. Edith Cowan University, Australia:
    It is well known for it's faculty and industry oriented courses. It is one of the reputed academic place in Australia. Fee is about Rs 15 lakhs per year.

    6. University of Sydney, Australia:
    It is one of the top universities in Australia and is well known for its high degree of student employability after completing the job. It has a good campus facility and hostel facilities. Fee is about Rs 23 lakh per year.

    7. University of Groningen, Netherlands:
    This is known for its chemical engineering department well as it has a close connection with chemistry programme. During the first year the students of chemical engineering and chemistry attend the class together. This is a good university to join for chemical engineering program. Fee is Rs 10 lakhs per year.

    8. Ryerson University, Canada:
    This university is well known for its industry aligned programs. Many foreign students try to get admission here as study environment is very friendly. Fee is Rs 18 lakhs per year.

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  • There are several prominent universities in abroad providing you quality education in the field of Chemical Enginnering. At this moment, you have passed out the diploma - course in the Chemical Engineering stream and at least, you need to acquire the Bachelor- level of Engineering in the said branch.
    I am enclosing a few reputed universities which can provide you better quality education apart from the personnel guidance of the professors. Some of the topmost universities imparting quality education in the area of Chemical- Engineering are listed below-
    1) Massaschusetts Institute of Technology. United States
    2) University of California. United States
    3) Stanford University United States
    4) Oxford University. UK
    5) National University of Singapore. Singapore
    6) Imperial College of London. UK
    7) University of Tokyo Japan
    8) Kyoto University. Japan
    9) Technical University, Munich Germany
    10) Technical University, Berlin. Germany
    However, you need to have detailed informations relating to fee - structure, no of seats available for the candidates other than their nationals, course - content, scholarships etc.
    You may contact the Indian embassies located in the countries as mentioned above so as to get relevant inputs. Moreover, you may go to the University - sites of such universities for updating the latest inputs in such directions .
    Mark the date when you have to appear for either IELTS test or the TOEFL test. The test is conducted on line mode or otherwise to assess the profeciancy level of the candidates in the different sections set in the question- paper apart from sound familiarity in English.
    However, I would recommend you to go in for the courses of Chemical- Enginnering taught in Germany because of the following reasons -
    1) The tution- fee is quite affordable and cheaper than other countries.
    2) The professors are well qualified in the subjects being taught by them and are interested to wipe out your confusions arising out of day - today studies in the subjects.
    3) You will be provided the job oppurtunities in the Germany providing you decent emoluments as compared to our country.
    4) While studying in India in the branch of Chemical - Enginnering, to get a job of your satisfaction is nearly impossible in the present situation but in Germany, they do have lot of industries relating to Petrochemical, Rubber, Fertiliser- industries etc which will provide you job instantenously once you acquire your degree.
    The essential condition to be admitted in Germany needs the fulfilment of the following criteria-
    1) IELTS score
    2) Good grade in the qualifying examination
    3) Proficiency in the German Language.

  • Chemical Engineering Diploma holders can go for a degree course. There are many universities in India where you will find a very good Chemical Engineering Department.

    1. Department of Chemical Engineering, Mumbai University, Mumbai is an excellent Department for a chemical engineering study, This is regarded as the number one school for chemical engineering in India.
    2. IIT, Mumbai
    3. IISc, Bangalore
    4. BITS Pilani
    5. Andhra University, Visakhapatnam.

    I suggest that these days it is wise to study in the above institutions instead of going abroad. This is my opinion. However, you can try the following institutions abroad.
    1.Bachelor in Chemical Technology and Engineering, Kaunas University of Technology.
    Maximum 3 years after high school graduation is eligible.
    Minimum average grade (CGPA) > 60 % in each entry subject.
    Language requirements
    Proficiency in English
    IELTS =5.5, TOEFL =75, CEFR =B1, or equivalent.
    2.Aalto Bachelor's Program in Science and Technology - Chemical Engineering, Aalto University
    3. BSc Chemical Engineering, University of Groningen. You should have finished your Pre-University degree with math, chemistry, and physics. you should be proficient in English- Proven with a test
    4. Chemical Engineering (Environment and Energy), Klaipeda University
    5. Bachelor in Chemical Engineering, University of Groningen

    The further details regarding the admission process and fee details you can send your inquiry online through their websites.

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  • If you are not anything to eat from your house it is good to seek hotel. When you get everything from your house and you are trying in hotel, this seems to be ridiculous. In Karaikudi,Tamiladu,super college-Central electro chemical engineering research institute - is there. Besides this many universities, IITs offering admissions. Please try there.

  • Alberta University(Edmonton, Canada)
    This university offers MSc in Chemical Engineering. It is a 2 year's Master Program in Chemical Engineering. It is a full-time research-based program where one must complete their thesis at the end of the semester. This program is best suited for those who are in Process control and as well as in materials engineering. The TOEFL scored needed is 92 and for IELTS it is 7 and for PTE it is 62. The total fees for the first-year course are 15 lakhs. It is a public university and scholarships are available. Accommodation is also provided.

    University of Sydney, Australia:
    The university provides a Master program in Professional Engineering both in Chemical and Biomolecular. It is a three-year master's program which will enhance to become an Australian Engineer. This course helps the students to build good communication and Management and use them to solve more complex problems in the selected specialisation area. Total fees for the first year is 35 lakhs. TOEFL score for eligibility is 96 and for IELTS is 7.

    University College, London, UK:
    The University offers MSc in Biochemical Engineering. It is a 1-year duration Master's Program. The program focus on building biochemical engineering principles which help to advance in life sciences and build real products. The program gives three ways to become a graduate scientist. First in Engineering stream, Second is for Science stream for graduate engineers. Biochemical Engineering is for graduate biochemical engineers. The Total Fees for the first year is 35 lakhs. Scholarships and Accommodation are provided. The IELTS score needed is 7 and for PTE it is 69.

    New York University, USA:
    The University offers MS in Chemical Engineering and it is 2 years Masters program. This course helps to design good methods which help them to the research process. The graduates will get in different fields like energy production, chemical manufacturing and as well as in Healthcare. The total fees for the first year are 40 lakhs. Scholarships and Accommodation are provided. The TOEFL score needed is 90 and for IELTS it is 7.

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  • Germany is the best country and it also has the biggest chemical industry. France, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland.

    I personally recommend Switzerland; but the cost of living is very high in Switzerland.

    Colleges in Switzerland for Chemical Engineering:

    1. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland
    2. Aalborg University
    3. AGH Univesity of Science and Technology
    4. Yale University
    5. University of British Colombia

    Colleges in Germany for Chemical Engineering:

    1. Universitat Stuttgart
    2. TU Dortmund University
    3. RWTH Anchen University
    4. Karlsruhe Insitute of Technology
    5. Technical Univesity of Munich

    Colleges in the Netherlands for Chemical Engineering:

    1. University of Groningen
    2. University of Twente
    3. Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), Netherlands

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