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  • How to correct mistake in identification mark?

    Are you facing any problem with regard to the mention of a wrong identification mark in your certificate? Are you worried about its implications? Get an answer to such queries in the responses to this thread.

    A mole on my body has been wrongly mentioned as an identification mark in my Secondary School Certificate. It is not accurate and there is a change in position. My doubt is whether it will create problems for me during verification for a government job. In that case what steps should I take to get the same rectified? Please guide me in this connection.
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  • It is never a serious problem. In my case also in my SSC certificate, two moles were mentioned. But one mole is not there at all. Only one mole is visible. But so far in my life, nobody checked the same and never asked me to show these moles. When the certificates were verified also nobody checked these moles.
    These days many advanced ways of identification checking are there. Fingerprinting, eye checking, and many other methods are introduced and nobody is going by moles. So you need not worry about this.

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  • Ok sir

  • As you have indicated that the position of the mole as indicated in your SSC certificate is non existent and its presence in other part of the body is worrying you during the process of physical verification in respect of the government job.
    Existence of mole in any part of the body is not the authentic identification since in the system of homeopathy, there are effective means of removal of moles irrespective of its location and if diagnosed by a competent homeopath, it may altogether disappear.
    Similarly in the system of Aurveda, there are herbs which on applied externally on the part of moles for a couple of days can yield result to your satisfaction.
    Latest physical checking includes anything such as finger printing, cut - marks appearing on any part of the body etc.
    Hence you need not worry unnecessarily.

  • A mole is an identification mark to identify you as the same person whose photo and details mentioned in the form.
    There are so many ways to identify you as the same person:-
    1. Photo ( latest)
    2. Aadhar card
    3. Marks card with signature
    4. Pass port or visa
    5. Driving license
    6. Voter identity proof
    So mole is also one such ways to identify a person. Do not worry, it will not create a problem.

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  • In earlier times, the identification mark on the body was considered as a valid and important proof of the identity of a person and was being checked at the verification instances during interviews or job applying. With time this became more of a ritual than the mandatory support proof for identification purpose. The inception of identity card at work places, attested photograph, Ration card, Voter card, Aadhar card, PAN card etc have made the process of identification easier and the authorities would check those documents only. It is only in some criminal or forensic investigations or identification of the dead bodies that such identifications marks are considered by the investigating agencies. Those are rare matters and dealt in separate ways.

    So, at the present juncture you need not to be worried about this aspect as you have many other more recognisable identity proofs with you.

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  • Nowadays it is not a big problem, as we have many other media like PAN card, Aaadhaar card and in both, we have linked it to the bank account and our Biometric options are recorded to it. These days technologies have been advanced and it will not be a problem for you. Voter's card and Passport are also another medium for identifying a person.

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  • While getting certificates from the institutions need more attention and concentration. In olden days on the day of collecting mark sheets and certificates parents are accompanying with the candidates. Now the parents letting the children to collect on their own in the views that a)they are matured and should know everything b)no time to parents to accompany. Since this lapse the alert in them to verify the certificates also lapse. Students do not aware the importance of wrong entry at the time of collecting the same. Entries made in the institutions also done with some carelessness. In one transfer certificate of a girl the institution marks her initial with her father's initial and the same is noted only when she join in a company and that too the HR Manager noted the difference.
    It is better to get corrected the same immediately on noticing by approaching the institution directly and never through postal letters. As the staff or chief of the institution would have changed in the gap period explanation in person will have value to get corrected easily and quickly.

  • In many job application forms, they ask about 'visible identification marks'. In this particular field, an applicant has to fill any identification mark on the body that is clearly visible and by which he/ she can be identified. Any visible identification mark may be permanent tattoos, birthmarks, moles, or even some scars etc.

    The main purpose of asking these identification marks is that if anybody goes missing or in case of an accident or any other mishappening these identification marks with description may help in the identification of a person.

    Nowadays visible identification marks are not asked in most of the applications due to the use of Aadhar verification which is more accurate because of biometric data like iris, facial photograph and fingerprints authentication.

    But still in many job application forms employer asked about one or two visible identification marks. In which you can mention any mole, scar or any birthmark.

    If the location of the mole is wrongly mentioned in your secondary school certificate, I think it would not be any big issue because nowadays there are many advanced techniques available to remove the moles. So it may not create any problem.

  • Thq u all for answering my query

  • The mistake is visible identification marks are not a serious issue. Some time people lost the visible mark due to an accident or they do plastic surgery. No need to get corrected the documents. Now, UIDAI (Aadhaar) made this very simple as they got bio-matrix using all fingers and eyes scanned thoroughly. You can not apply for a change in the identification mark in Secondary School Certificate as there is not a specific application format to do this with school boards and it may be very hectic for this correction. But you can give an explanation at the time of verification of documents for the Government job (if asked). These days all departments do Aadhar identification only.

  • Asking about mole or scar mark on any parts of body as identification mark has been old method for identifying correct person. Now-a-days it is not a serious issue. Visible identification mark is not asked in any job or school/college admission. Due to advanced technologies, there are number of ways available by which person can be identified such as PAN card, voter card, finger print, biometric system. Beside this, recently available aadhar card that is big proof for identifying any person. These days in most of the cases aadhar card is demanded as a identification proof. So, there is no need to be worried about it.

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