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  • Does Google Adsense only pays if website visitor click Ads irrespective of number of Page View?

    Having queries regarding google Adsense?Want to know all about page views, impressions, clocks, page RPM, active view viewable etc.? Look out for answers here from our ISC experts.

    Does Google Adsense change their Policy where without Ad clicks there will no earning.
    I can see number of Page Views, impressions in my approved Adsense account for my Blog but Estimated earning shows Zero.
    Can u help me to understand revised terms and condition for earning, if any?
    Also I want to understand exact calculation for estimated earning with formula and want to understand meaning of following terms.
    Page views
    Page RPM
    Impression RPM
    Active View Viewable
    Estimated earnings
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  • Google Adsense takes the charges or fee from the advertising companies for putting their advertisements in the content pages of various sites or various pages owned by the individual bloggers. Depending upon the advertising revenue share agreement with the publishers, the revenue would be released to the publishers (or the page owner) based on the page views as well as clicks on the advertisements. Now interesting thing is that the page views or clicks on the advertisement will fetch different revenue based on the advertisement as all the advertisements would be paying different fees to Google and Google would accordingly be sharing the amount with the publishers.

    There are so many publishers displaying Google Ads in their pages and Google has to pay to all of them who are able to generate traffic to their pages and page views and clicks on advertisements are established. If no one visits those sites, no revenue is generated on the affiliated Adsense account. As per the general information available Google keeps 32% of the advertising revenue (which is not fixed and can change depending on Google working expenses) to itself and 68% goes to the publishers including page owners. Now considering a large number of publishers and content pages displaying these ads the per page view and per click revenue amounts are very very small and range somewhere less than $0.01 to 0.02 only. The rate per page view is significantly lower than the rate per ad click. The exact calculation is a complex one and Google Adsense does it and present in a tabular form where the number of views and clicks along with the prevailing rate for that particular advertisement are displayed.

    A user can click on an ad multiple times may be to compare the prices of a commodity hence Google will take them like that only. So, these things would be seen in context to a particular session at the end of which the user leaves the page. If the user again comes back then a new session starts and views and clicks are again counted. Google keeps a track of number of users as well as number of clicks to avoid any confusion in the billing. It also eliminates invalid clicks.

    Let us try to understand some basic terms in this subject. When a user opens a page in a site one pageview (PV) is calculated. If there is an ad on that page then one ad impression is also calculated. If user goes to next page in the site the one more page view is calculated and if the same advertisement comes there also then one impression is also added but if that particular ad is not there then the total impressions for that ad remains as one only. Meanwhile if there is a new ad in the second page then one impression is calculated for this new ad. Like that the numbers go on building up based on which billing is done.

    Then there is the term Clicktrough rate (CTR) which is calculated from dividing the number of clicks on the ad by the impressions (number of times ad is shown). A high value of CTR is desirable and naturally one can earn slightly more amount from Adsense if that is established. However actual amount would again be depending on the shared advertising revenue by Google with the particular publisher or blog owner. As the number of Google Adsense account holders is going on increasing it is natural that Google Adsense income would go down in individual cases.

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  • Q: Does Google Adsense change their Policy where without Ad clicks there will no earning.

    A: No. Page impression will help on this to earn. Pageviews should be more than 1000 to start the revenue. Less than that won't give any money.

    Page Views: It is a number of times a particular page is viewed.

    Impressions: The number of times an ad on a web page is viewed.

    Clicks: How many original click/s from organic traffic and IP address. Immediate update of click/s may vary after few hours (if multiple clicks from the same page or IP etc.).

    RPM: Advertiser pays for every 1000 ad impressions (to AdSense and Publishers) - we get our share.

    Impression RPM: Amount calculated based on 1k ad impression. In this case, if you got 10k 'ad impression' with an 'impression RPM' of $1 approx then you could get $10 for that.

    Active View Viewable: All viewable ads (from the page impression) are measurable, approx.

    Estimated earnings: Earnings accrued for a month - it may vary once finalized by them with total valid click, minus invalid click, different click value for each page/s and RPM etc.

  • Hi Anonymous,
    As per your reply, page views can also generate revenue.
    Can u pls check attachment and guide me, why page view did not generate any income?
    I can see revenue only if clicks are there.

    Nilesh Patel

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  • I have already answered above about the pageviews. Do the attachment have more than 1k pageviews?

  • I do not think it is correct that you require 1000 page views on a daily basis to earn revenue from Google AdSense. I have not found any such official Google policy and, on inquiring, Webmasters also do not think this is the correct scenario. We can see from the screenshot that on one day $1.04 was earned with 30 page views. It would be good to know the source of the information about the requirement of 1000 page views to start earning. Furthermore, page views alone will not generate earnings is what I understand; surely clicks are required, which is what is being asked. I would like proper clarity on this.

    With regard to revenue through impressions, more details can be referred to at this Google support page about RPM.

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  • Even if you cross 1000 page views, why not 10000 pageviews, you may not get any revenue unless you get clicks. Page views can generate revenue if only advertisers set ad cost per volume of page views. But rarely advertisers go for page views type of ad campaign. Majority of advertisers go for cost per clicks only. This is the reason why your page views did not generate any revenue.


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