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  • Higher Study Purpose: Agricultural Economics

    Planning to study agricultural economics? Looking out for the best country to study and which also incurs reasonable living expenses? Here, on this page our ISC experts shall provide you advice to resolve this issue.

    Which country is suitable for getting a 100% scholarship in Agricultural Economics? Can one get the scholarship easily? How much money is needed to complete M.Sc. in Agricultural Economics in that country? What will be living expenses in that country?
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  • You can see the following and select.
    1.Massey University. New Zealand The following are the campuses.
    The Auckland campus
    The Manawatu campus in Palmerston North
    The Wellington campus.
    Scholarships are available and the total expenses excluding travel will be around 7 lakhs rupees.

    2. Queen's University Belfast, UK. : One of the best universities and expenditure will be around Rs.7/-

    3. Oklahoma State University - Stillwater, USA: It is one of the top public schools in the USA and many scholarships are available. The expenses per year will be around 15 lakh rupees.

    4. University of Reading, UK: There are three campuses. Whiteknights campus, London Road campus and Greenlands campus. Scholarships will be available and the total expenses will be about 6.5 lakhs per annum.

    5. The University of Kentucky, USA: A very good university and campus placements will be good and scholarships are available. Expenses per annum will be around Rs. 12,00,000.

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  • You can try to get admission in many universities in outside countries but I am afraid there is no guarantee of the scholarship there. However many of these universities have sufficient allocations for scholarship and based on the merit and other considerations some scholarships are given to the international needy students. That aspect has to be found out in details from the detailed prospectus of the university.

    Now for doing Post graduation in Agricultural Economics there are many foreign universities where this course is running and some of them which have a potential also for scholarships are shortlisted here. Please note that for applying in a particular university you have to go to its site and apply as per the procedure where generally an elaborate form is to be filled up and scanned copy of all the relevant documents right from passport to highest qualification obtained are to be sent to them as digital attachment to the online application form. It is also to be noted that one has to qualify in the English language proficiency test like IELTS or TOEFL. Different universities have different admissible scores required in the English proficiency test and that has to be taken care while applying there. A good score in English language proficiency test would always be helpful in getting admission.

    1. University of Adelaide, Australia:
    It is one of the renowned institute in the Southern Australia where students from many countries go for higher education. Limited scholarship support is there to select students. The student to teacher ratio is quite impressive at 21:1 so we can expect good attention to the individual students by the teachers. The Postgraduate course tuition fee per year is about Rs 18 lakhs and cost of living is about Rs 11 lakhs per year.

    2. University of Western Australia:
    It is one of the oldest and reputed university in Australia. It is having various Postgraduate courses as well as projects and research works. The avenues for the jobs are also very good after completing courses from here. Tuition fee is about Rs 20 lakhs per year and cost of living about Rs 12 lakhs.

    3. University of Arizona, USA:
    It is a leading university of USA and has featured in the top 1% institutions in the world as per Center for World University Rankings. They have good infrastructure and they claim a good post course employment opportunity for their students as per the historic data. They have some internal scholarships also. In addition to the normal teaching staff they have some distinguished faculty members under their entrepreneurial faculty partnership program. Tuition fee is about Rs 19 lakhs per year. Living expenses are Rs 6 lakhs per year.

    4. University of Wyoming, USA:
    This is a premier institution having good infrastructure facilities. They have a wide range of scholarships available for international students. Tuition fee is Rs 11 lakhs per year while living expenses are only Rs 4 lakhs per year.

    5. University of Kent, UK:
    This is one of the reputed universities of UK and they have a quite impressive scholarships program. Most of their students generally get absorbed in the industries within six months of completion of the course due to their good networking with the industries. The tuition fee is about Rs 16 lakhs. Living expenses are about Rs 8 lakhs per year.

    6. University of Reading, UK:
    This is one of the high raking university in UK and offers many Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses. Students from more than 100 countries are studying various courses there. Their campus is one of the best in UK. Few scholarships are available to meritorious students. Tuition fee is about Rs 18 lakhs per year and living expenses are about Rs 7 lakh per year.

    7. Queen's University Belfast, UK:
    This is also a good institution in Northern Ireland, UK and many students go there for higher studies. They have a good campus facility and they have scholarships to the tune of GBP 1.5 million for international students. Most of their students are able to find a job with the help of the university. Tuition fee is about Rs 16 lakhs and living expenses are only Rs 4 lakhs as Belfast is cheaper than other places in UK.

    8. University of Guelph, Canada:
    It is Canada's one of the top ranking institutions. This University offers various Postgraduate programs and on international surveys it scores well in respect of international outlook and industry income. Tuition fee is only Rs 5 lakhs per year while living expenditures are Rs 6 lakh per year.

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  • Agricultural Economics is a branch of Applied Economics providing tools in the field of microeconomics and macroeconomics and these tools are used to solve the problems in the specific areas. There are several universities in the foreign conducting the courses of Agriculture Economics and in order to know the detailed procedure for admission and the related documents required to secure admission in this course.
    Normally the following parameters are essential to have your admission.-
    1) Good GRE Score - GRE Score plays a very critical role and higher the score, the better the chances for securing scholarship while perusing the course.
    2) Good GPA - You need to have a good score in your academic curricula making your profile impressive and stand out from the remaining applicants.
    3) TOEFL Score - Make it a point to clear this test with the impressive score so as to secure admission for your course.
    4) Brilliant Standardised Scores - You should have a great score in GRE/ GMAT if going for the mater's course and for the undergraduate course, you should mention the scores of SAT/ ACT.
    These scores will improve your overhaul profile helping you in the admission procedure.
    A few universities located in foreign are mentioned below-
    1) University of Hohenheim, Germany - This university is equipped with excellent research and teaching provisions and was founded way back to 1818 and has established its rapport in terms of quality education.
    Hohenheim Career Centre would help students with the professional orientation, profile building and conducting seminars for achieving key skills of the students.
    Duration of the Course - 2 years, Tuition Fee - 3000 Euro per year.
    Starting of the Session- October 2020.
    2) Swedish University of Agricultural Science.
    3) University of Maribor, Slovenia.
    4) Humboldt University of Berlin.
    5) SOAS University of London etc

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