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  • How to check the wordcount from android phone

    Interested in counting words on an android phone? Searching for detailed information on how to proceed and how the words will be calculated? Here, on this Ask Expert page find responses to your query.

    Word count is necessary to participate in ISC contests, in various sections like forum, articles. I am using an android phone, but do not know how to check the word count option here. Will it consider the punctuations also. How many characters are considered as a word?
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  • You have to use the word count.
    Initially, you have to open the Google Docs app.
    Then you have to open the document for which you want to count the words.
    Then tap on More :
    Then Tap on Word count to see the number of:
    Characters excluding spaces

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  • There are many word counting Apps for android available in the Google Play store and one of them which I found useful is 'Word Counter' and it can count the words in your document while you are typing it. I would recommend you to install this App in your phone and it would help in that matter. In fact it counts characters, words, lines and paragraphs. Another thing is while counting words it does not count comma, full stop and question marks etc which of course do not comprise and are not exactly the part of a word.

    What you have to do is after installing it in your phone you have to run it and then you start writing your matter inside it. It would display the number of characters, words, lines and paragraphs on the top row. Below that there are four menu items in second row. The first would give you detailed statistics of your write up. Second is to subscribe for premium version of this App. Third (+ sign) is to save this as a note and give it a title or name. Fourth (x sign) is to delete this present write up. It is very easy to use and you can copy and paste your document from here to anywhere you want to paste it. Your text document would be saved inside it as a note with the title that you have given to it. To experiment more with this App there is a setting icon also in the bottom of the screen.

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  • It is very simple. You can find word count option in Microsoft word of your Android phone. What you will have to do is
    Just open any word document in Microsoft word in which you want to count words. Now go to the main menu option by clicking up and down arrow button. You will see six options I.e. Home, Insert, Draw, Layout, Review and View Options. Now you will have to click on the review option and you will see "word Count" option. Click on it and you will all details of the documents like No. Of pages, word count, character counts etc.

    There is another method, you can see the word count in MS Word document by clicking on the down arrow button on onscreen keyboard present at the right-hand side at the lower end. Then you will see a bulb. Click on this bulb and you will find "Tell me what you want". Now type word count in this box and you will find the complete details of the document including word count.

    Further, you can also check word count in online websites like "", "", "", "" and "" etc.
    For using these sites, you need not install any app for word counting on your phone. Just copy the text you want to count the words and paste in any of the mobile sites and you will find the total word count.

    There are several mobile apps are also available at Google play store for this purpose like word counter, novel word counter, text counter, character & word counter, word count camera, word count tool and so on. You can download any of the apps from google play store free of cost and install in your mobile phone and then you can copy and paste the text in the app or just write directly in the app and you will find the total word count.

    I hope this will help you.

  • With the application of word count option available in the Microsoft Word in our android mobile, we can count the words in a given text. We will have to identify the search - document and the same is to be installed.
    Locate the main menu option by clicking up and down arrow button. There we can find options such as Home, Insert, Draw, Layout, Review and View options. Click on the review options and there we can locate word count option.By clicking on this option, we can have details of the documents such as Word Count, Character, No of pages etc.
    Alternatively, we can compute the word count by going through the MS Word Documents by clicking on the down arrow button on the screen keyboard existing at the right hand side at the lower end. We may come across a bulb.We need to click the button indicating our specific purpose such as Word Count in that box and there we may have the details of the documents including the Word Count.
    There are several mobile apps available in the Google Play Store for the purpose of Word Counter, Text Counter, Word Count Tool etc. Such apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store involving no additional cost and the same may be downloaded in the mobile phone.

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