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  • Adding lyrics to the song downloaded on one's computer or mobile

    Do you love singing and listening songs but don't know the method to add lyrics to them? Know the method of adding lyrics to the downloaded note.

    Many of us like some song and would like to know the lyrics. The lyrics help us to understand and even sing along with the song or music. Many songs do not have lyrics and we need to write is ourselves. I would like our experts to provide more information about:
    i) How to add lyrics to the song playing on our mobile or PC?
    ii) Do we require any software for it, if yes, what software?
    iii) Is there any APP that can make it easier to add lyrics to the song?
    iv) What software does smule or Starmaker use to provide lyrics as per the song or tune of the song?
    v) Is there any software to extract lyrics from the song being played on our system or mobile?
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  • I assume that what you are referring is to add the lyrics to the screen of the video song that you are listening in your mobile or PC. For that certain software application tools are available and even online mode tools are also available. These tools would be able to install themselves in accordance with the video player you are using and would also mix the lyric text as provided by us to them and the user would see the lyrics either scrolling on the screen or timed to the song as done in the Karaoke. Lyrics are already available in various sites and the text can be copied from there to paste in these application whenever the app asks for it. The details are as below -

    i) For this, one has to download the relevant application from the net to the mobile or PC. While installing it would ask with which video player it is to be linked and we have to select it accordingly on the interactive display provided by this application. The app would guide us further.

    ii) There are many applications available, some free, some premium version to do this task and one has to choose among the available as per one's need. Some of the popular apps are LightMV, Film Maker, Wave, Animaker, MiniLyrics etc. Each of them have some special functionalities and have interactive interface to guide the user. One can try the free version of them and learn the process. For professional use one may go for the premium version.

    iii) All the apps are almost similar and require that a process is to be followed. In that one has to first amalgamate the app with the player one is using and then add the lyrics through text button which would be shown during the process. This is the minimum process and there is no short cut to that. These are not difficult to learn. One has to download and install them and follow as the app guides further.

    iv) Smule and Star are professional Karaoke sites and they have their own copyrighted lyric displaying Karaoke applications. I have no details of them to offer.

    v) It is not a straightforward process to extract the lyric from the song but some apps like Audacity claim to do it and a process is there which can be seen in details by running the song in that app and doing desired extraction. If the song is already being played in the Karaoke or moving lyrics mode then it could be easier to extract lyrics using such apps.

    Knowledge is power.

  • All your question has one simple answer and for that, you need not be an expert. As it seems you are asking for the lyrics to come on the display of the video songs you are listening if I am right. Nowadays, most songs come and are available with lyrics in YouTube videos. However, if you get the only videos with no lyrics, you can manage to insert lyrics by yourself with an App called Kinemaster. I myself have edited a few videos according to what I needed and saw there you can type and write on the video screen.

    You just need to download the App and after opening the App, you go to the screen. There it will ask you to download the video. After downloading you just listen to the video. Step by step you can stop the video and can type the lyrics accordingly. It is not very difficult but yes you have to be patience because these kind of works are time consuming.

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