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  • How to get rid of hens in the garden

    Trying to get rid of hens in your surroundings? Know the ways to keep this little creature away.

    I had cleaned up my garden weedfree, kept the soil moist and ready for planting seeds. After two days I sowed lady's finger, radish and snake guard seeds. I started watering morning and evenings but was surprised that the seeds did not sprout. Finally after research understood that the hens are digging my soil and making a good meal for themselves.

    We have a fence made of wood hence it can easily walking into my garden. I try to send them back home early morning by 6 am, by then it would have already spoil my garden. Suggest some feasible remedies to overcome this issues.
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  • 1. The easy way to keep them away from the garden is to have fencing around the garden which can't allow the hens into the garden. You have to select a mesh through which a hen can't enter inside. You should see that there is no place anywhere for the hens to come inside.
    2. Most of the hens will never like the pungent smell of strong spices. So spray cinnamon, garlic, curry powder, black pepper, or a spice blend in between the plants are around the plants. When the hens come here their feet bottom will get coated with the above spicy powder. Afterwards, this will give burning sensation and hens can't withstand this and never go to that place again.
    3. Hens can never withstand and like the smell of citrus fruits. So spreading lemon leaves and used lemon fruit skins and peels around the area so that they will never come near the garden.

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  • Thank you for your immediate response. I cannot do any changes with my fence but can try second and third option. I will try your options.

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  • On the one side the hens are manure feeders to the garden but other side they will spoil the plants by running here and there. For this you can put wire mesh baskets or cover the area with wire mesh to the level of plants grow well. On the other hand you can inform the hen growers to keep them inside their campus.

  • Since you have taken up fencing and such an exercise appears to be futile, you may apply the following tips to deter the hens away from your garden - surrounding.
    1) There are certain herbs being hated by the hens include
    1) Lavenders
    2) Chives
    3) Catnip
    4) Spear Mint
    5) Marigolds
    The flavours emanating out of such plantations would discourage them from reappearing in your garden due to the smell not liked by them. Moreover, installations of such plants would offer an attractive look to your garden - area.
    2) Hens don't like the smell of Citrus- fruits such as Lemons, Oranges etc. You may take advantage of this situation. Take one litre of water and add lime - juice after cutting one lemon and add this into water and this mixture is to be applied on the fencing area of the garden. The smell emanating out from such a mixture would deter them from reappearing. By boiling fifteen leaves of Lemon in 1.5 litre of water till the volume recedes to half of its volume and then cooling it slightly, you may apply this mixture on the fence area so as to expel the hens.
    3) Make a paste using around 50 ml of water and add around 5 gm of powdered cinamom, 5 gm of cayenne pepper, some amount of paste garlic and around 5 gm of hot chilli powder and by adding all these herbs, the paste is to be made having the uniform consistency with the use of water. Now the entire paste is to be transferred in 1.5 litre of water. Use this mixture to expel the hens from your garden. This should be used initially regularly for at least five days and later depending upon the situation.

  • As a foolproof system, one has to put a hen proof net around the garden so that hen cannot enter the garden. Even in that case some of them might jump over it with flying but that could be deterred by throwing sticks and stones on them and once they know they are trapped within the net next time they would not dare to come near. Another way, in which the problem would be to replenish the material, is to put some garlic pieces and red chillies in the garden and the hens would be repelled with their smell. This is a cumbersome process as every time one has to put these things in the garden.

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  • The best way to remove hens from the garden is to use water sprinklers to water the plants. It will give two benefits that the water sprinkler uses less water for gardening and the hens will out from the garden. In Rajasthan people prefer to use the sprinkling method for gardening to fight with low water availability.

    Another way, plan to plant some plants that hens do not like. Sprinkle garlic, cinnamon, black pepper, salt power as most of the hens do not like the smell of spices.

    Orange or lemon peels can help to get rid of hens.

    Hens prefer open ground do plan to plant dense plants.

    Fence over the plants - but it can be costly.

  • I see you already have wooden fence but have you tried mesh fence? You do not have to tear down your wooden fence to put up the mesh fence. You can put the mesh over and along the wooden fence. You can either buy a ready-made mesh or make one on your own if you can find the mesh wires. Ready-made mesh fences as well as the wires are available at reasonable prices. There is also something call chicken wire. It is pretty similar to mesh fence. Mesh/ chicken wire is widely used in poultry and are effective in both keeping the birds in their places and out of other places. You can also search using terms like anti-bird net or bird protection net. Check out on amazon. Good luck!

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