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  • Is there any other advertiser platform to website along with Adsense Ads?

    Interested to know if there is any other platform just like Google Adsense? See what our experts guide you.

    As we know that through blog or website monetization, we can earn some money. As per my knowledge and experience, generally people uses Google Adsense Ad platform for their blog or website monetization. Is there any other Ad platform which can be used to our Blog or website along with Adsense Ads?
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  • There are plenty of ad networks which can be used along with adsense ads. But none of them are near to adsense earnings. If you are adsense publisher, then I would recommend you to stick with adsense only as it pays more than any other network and also payment is 100% guaranteed. You can able to earn only if your blog is getting traffic irrespective any ad network you use. You can go for adsense alternative networks only if you are banned from Google adsense or not yet approved by Google.


  • There are many like Bidvertiser, Chitika, Infolink and Kontera etc. but they are far behind compare to Google's AdSense revenue sharing pattern.

    If you have approved AdSense then it is better to use it for your blog / website without adding other ad channel. If you don't have AdSense then you can time being used one of them by sign up and getting code.

    In fact, if you have Google AdSense then don't use it other channel / ad program that ad (very low cost compare to AdSense) might divert the organic visitors to a different targeting ads. You will end up with very poor revenue.

    It is better to focus on AdSense revenue that gives you back (guaranteed) once you crossed threshold of $100 - the amount will reach you within 30 days max as they settle every month after 21st date. Other revenue pattern is tough though their threshold might be of $50 or $10 but to reach it you have to work hard.

  • Google Adsense is a plateform run by Google Inc allowing publishers in the Google Network to serve automatic text, image, video and the established media advertiser to lure the side content displayed by them. Here the revenue is earned on the basis of per click basis but because of the stringent guideline of the Google, it would be difficult to predict how long the Adsense Account will remain operational.
    You may come across several alternatives offering you handsome returns with the constant usage of the same. The following are the alternative platforms -
    1) Infolink - In the platform, you are paid on the basis of pay per click of the advertisements and not on the basis of the impression. It may take a couple of months to see that some revenue has been added in your account. There is also threshold limit for the payment which could make this option unattractive to the users.
    2) Komoona - This platform is based on header bidding adaptor containing Java Script tags. You would be connected to Word Press Site to world's widest programmatic market place. Here you would earn decent income if you remain tuned for a specific time.
    3) Ezoic - This platform may prove to be a popular alternative in the absence of enjoying Adsense- programme. The results are awesome if one is connected to this site.
    4) Chitika Ads - This platform may prove to be the best option because of the following features-
    1) Free Account.
    2) A low payment threshold.
    3) Yahoo and other top quality advertiser.
    4) Usage of smart technology and RTB platform.
    5) Adversal - This is being driven by native advertising supporting video and Display Ads.
    Revenue generation is handsome if one stays for sometime with this site. Sometimes one may feel slowness in loading advertisements but such occasions are rare.

  • The best option is Google Adsense and there are other options available for the current year:

    2. Monumetric
    3. Buysellads
    4. Revcontent
    5. Taboola
    6. Adrecover
    7. Adversal
    8. Popcash
    9. Soven (Vigilink)
    10. Amazon Associates
    11. PropellerAds
    12. Yllix
    13. Skimlinks
    14. Infolinks

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