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  • Which plant is good for office desk?

    Want to add some life in your room or office? Know which plants can survive indoors without sunlight.

    I'm planning to add some living things like a plant at the office desk but I'm confused about which one to choose? As in my office, no sunlight is coming and AC inside for cooling. So which plant survives in no sunlight and will be easy to manage. Kindly suggest some plants.
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  • The following plants can be tried.
    1. Tillandsia: These plants will survive in AC rooms also. Twice a week you can get these plants watered. They can be submerged in water once a week for 3 or 4 hours.

    2. Peace Lily: These plants can survive low light and temperature. This plant will have good flowers also. It will be an added attraction to your office.

    3. Snake Plant: You need not worry about watering them if you are keeping them in a low light area. Temperature is not a factor for its growth. It will grow in difficult atmospheric conditions also.

    4. ZZ plant: It will grow even in a low light atmosphere. Watering is to be done only when the clay is completely dry. Regular watering is not required.

    5.Parlor Palm: They grow very slowly and never grow more than three feet. Low light is required for growth. Need not do watering daily.

    6. Victoria Lady Fern: A beautiful plant which adds value to your room. Watering is required daily but very little water only required.

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  • Plants have greater roles to play in the office - environment having AC installations. Some of the plants can produce tranquility in the moods of human beings with the proper choice of the plants. Here a few plants have been listed which may stimulate our office - environment to a great extent.
    1) Devil's Ivy - It is a ever green vine having larger leaves forming heart - shaped structure. The variants stretch from wide variety of light and dark colours. Larger specimens trained around a cane look attractive in big pots installed in the office floor.
    2) Aglaonema - Sometimes known as aglos are immensely popular because of the coloration of the leaves. The leaves will have different colours such as green or the combination of silver or red apart from its green texture. It has wide popularity in China where it is symbolised as a plant with the ever green outlook.
    3) Bromeliads- This plantation would require a bit more maintenance so as to facilitate them in the process of blooming apart from occasional watering. Special attraction with the plant is that you don't need much fertiliser. Only occasional watering is sufficient for its maintenance.
    4) Peace Lily - Peace Lily are popular because they don't need enough beam of light in addition to regular water - maintenance. Peace Lily is believed to purity the air of the surrounding thus creating a cleaner environment in the office.
    5) Snake Plant - This plant can render a positive outlook in the office environment because of the texture of the leaves of irregular shape giving a devilish look around the office. Its special charecterstiics is its property of its survival even if irregularities are maintained in respect of water - maintenance. It can last even up to a month without water in the low light environment.

  • For keeping inside any room or office room generally indoor plants are preferred as they can thrive in the less light and stuffy conditions. These plants are used for dual purposes. First is that they provide a cosmetic value and a person would feel happy to view them feeling as if sitting in partial natural surroundings. Second is that they purify the inside air and remove some of the pollutants from indoors. Some of the common indoor plants which one can consider for keeping in are -

    1. Pothos (Money plant) - This is the most common one and is considered an auspicious one in many cultures. It is very easy to nurture and requires minimal maintenance. Sometimes it grows very fast also and is to be trimmed time to time. This plant is known to absorb some harmful pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene.

    2. Dracaena Marginata (Dragon plant) - This is an excellent choice for indoors as it has good presentation of sharp long leaves clustered in an upward assemblage and gives a good view. They also absorb the harmful pollutants like Pothos.

    3. Snake plant - This is having long flat leaves and the leaves are having bands of green and less green colour over it and its leaves stand upright in a vertical position. It is a very low maintenance plant and can survive in extreme conditions. It also filters the harm compounds like pollutants in the air from the inside of the rooms.

    4. Zamioculcas zamiifolia (zz plant) - This is a very thickly leaved plant and gives a stunning sight. It looks like full fledged garden plant and it is very easy to maintain and requires very less maintenance. It is very efficient in removing the pollutants from the air.

    5. Spider plant - This is a very good plant for indoors and has a good sight. Its light pointed leaves fall back and from a distance they look like the spiders legs. A bunch of leaves coming out of soil and then falling back create a good view for the eyes. It is more or less an ornamental plant. It requires practically no maintenance and grows easily.

    6. Peace lily - It is a very sober and good looking plant and grows at most to 2-3 feet in height. The leaves are not very thick but cover the surroundings partially giving it a good look. This is actually an ideal plant to gift to the plant lovers. It is an exotic flowering plant and one can feel its presence in the room. It requires some maintenance and regular watering. It also absorbs pollutants from the air.

    7. Philodendron Green - It has bigger size leaves and grows easily. It is an evergreen plant and very decorative. It absorbs a few pollutants but not the all. It requires trimming as it grows fast like money plant.

    8. Rubber plant - These are slightly bigger in sizes but they have a very good cosmetic appeal. They require some sunlight also so one has to put them in the window side. They require care in that respect and if not given nutrition their leaves would start falling. That is the sign when one has to become alert.

    9. Aloe vera - It is also getting a lot of acceptance in households and is considered a good indoor plant now. It absorbs pollutant from the room. It requires some care in terms of sunlight and watering. It requires more sunlight so what some people do is keep 3-4 pots of it in the garden and rotate them inside by turn. It also absorbs the pollutants from the air.

    10. Asplenium nidus (Bird's nest ferns) - This is a fern which has beautiful conical leaves having saw toothed sides and a bunch of the ferns leaves give good ambience and beauty when placed in a flower pot. They are mostly grown in hanging pots for the show. They require some water or humid climate to survive. They are not only kept in the rooms but even can be kept in washrooms as they are good absorbers of the harmful pollutants in the air.

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  • Name of the plants mentioned hereunder to be kept in the office:

    Money Plant
    Dragon Plant
    Aloe Plant
    Rubber Plant (Ficus Tree)
    Some Cactus
    Nagphani (Snake Plant)
    Rahjhans Lilly (Anthurium Andraenum)
    Bamboo Palm
    Peace Lilly

    Also, the above plant keeps the air-purified in the office.

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