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  • Is it good to pour water for getting rid of foot numbness?

    Is it so that foot numbness can be got rid of by pouring water? Is it an effective solution and is there any scientific reason behind the same? Read on to know more about it.

    When a person may feel numbness in their legs and feet due to sitting a position that puts much pressure on the nerves that reduce the blood flow and the part becomes senseless and heavy. Only after blood flow is restored, the numbness goes away. I have been told that pouring water on the feet can get rid of foot numbness. Is it an effective solution? Is there any scientific background to such practices?
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  • Yes, it is good to pour little amout of water to refuce numbness in the legs or hands. I have experienced the feeling, it is better. If you are sitting for long hours in a similar position the numbness occurs.

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  • Actually one can get in to normal mode as the feet numbness would be for few seconds and as the blood circulation starts to operate the numbness would fade away. Just stand for few seconds and allow the blood to flow so that the activities would be started new. But water on the feet may not be the right way to stimulate the feet as the action requires from inside and not from outside. Therefore we should not pour water on the feet and create a new habit for the body as it must sustain and stimulate its own functions to activate the blood flow and ultimately the feet to come to normal terms.

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  • Feet or leg numbness generally happens with all of us. Normally, feet or legs go numb temporarily because of the posture. If numbness lasts for too long then you should consult the doctor for check-ups.

    Causes of this are:
    1. Sitting or kneeling for a long time
    2. Crossing the legs for too long
    3. Sitting on feet
    4. Wearing tight clothes, etc.

    Some other reasons are like - Injury, Diabetes, Lower back issues, Tarsal tunnel syndrome, Tumer growth, Alcohol use, Fibromyalgia, Strokes, etc. Numbness have many symptoms associated with temporary and chronic numbness.

    Home remedies are:
    1. Rest: Numbness improves with rest
    2. Ice: Ice pack can help to reduce any swelling.
    3. Heat: Helps loosen stiff or tensed muscles
    4. Massage: This helps improving blood flow and may reduce the symptoms

  • Numbness happens due to long application of pressure be it on any part of the human body.
    Let me stick to the thread, if numbness happens on legs it's mainly due to stress, strain and pressure.

    Methods to avoid numbness on legs-
    1. Take small breaks.
    During the break time, eat healthy snacks and drink ample amount of water. Do physical activities like stretching body parts and walking. Dance on the beats of your favourite music. Do any activity which gives you pleasure. It's your 'ME' time.

    2. Prevent
    Before numbness actually happens, there is a body signal. We must be alert and listen to the body signal. There is no good to be done if we don't listen to the body signal. Body signal is like the alarm for the break.

    3. Time management
    Avoid sitting to any anywork for long hours. Instead, plan your study and sort them out into several sessions. This will be productive and beneficial to the human health and negligible harm done to the body. This negligible harm can be always curable.

    4. Pomodro App
    This is the most popular app used for focus and productivity. This helps in the maintenance of work and life balance. I recommend to use 25 mins session and a 5 min small break. There is also a 15 min long break after completing a certain number of sessions. This app works like magic.

    5. Diversity
    Diversity gives more opportunities. Investment in a variety of things with respect to the main course adds more valour and yields more accomplishment.
    Plan your routine under several things especially atleast 3 realistic things.

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  • Numbness of the legs can be seen due to excess nerve pressure. This may be due to prolonged sitting disrupting the normal blood flow on the leg portion. The other health condition because of this disorder may be due to peripheral artery disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis etc.
    The following tips may help in overcoming the leg - numbness-
    1) Diabetes may give rise to the nerve damage known as Diabetic Neuropathy often causing numbness. tingling and pain in the area of the feet. To overcome this, the patient needs to take advice from the specialist so that the condition remains within control with the administration of suitable medications.
    2) If the patient is suffering from sciatica, it requires to be tackled. Taking Aswagandha Powder roughly one tea - spoon along with warm milk after half an hour of the dinner for at least one and half month would be of great help since this herb contains enormous amount of Calcium needed to alleviate this issue. This herb even would restore sleep cycle normal due to the sedative property of this herb. Healthy sleep restores the normal blood flow of the body as well.
    3) Tumours, Cysts, Abscesses and Bengin - growth are responsible for the restricted movement of the blood - flow. If there is such a condition, you need to see the Doctor.
    4) Strokes or mini Stoke may cause brain damage affecting the interpretation of the mind in relation to nerve signal. This may cause either long term or temporary numbness in some regions including leg portion. In such a case, approach the heart - specialist with your EKG report for the further evaluations.
    5) Home Remedies-
    Home Remedies in some of the cases are extremely useful. The following tips may be applied-
    a) Put your affected leg inside the warm water containing Epsom Salt as directed by your Doctor. This will improve blood circulation providing you substantial relief from the pain.
    b) Take enough sleep. This will alleviate this disorder.
    c) If habituated with Alcohol, this may be curtailed or even better stop it completely.
    d) Resort to Acupuncture - therapy with a reputed Acupuncturist.
    e) Vitamin B supplementation would be helpful sometimes. Get the same prescribed by your Physician.

  • When you sit on the floor by folding both your legs for a long time may cause numbness to feet. But it will not be last long. If you keep your feet spread and just move slowly within a short time it will go. Otherwise, you can just sprinkle water on the feet will give relief from numbness and you will become normal. This problem is mainly due to restricted blood flow due to the pressure on the nerves. But it will happen only if you are sitting for a long time.
    But if you are feeling this very frequently to some health problems like fibromyalgia, diabetes, injury, etc may be the reason. In such case consult a physician for proper diagnosis and treatment. Consuming too much alcohol will also cause this numbness.

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  • Pouring water is not a remedy for this condition as the condition can be there due to various reasons and also due to underlying ailments in the body.

    There could be many reasons for numbness in the legs. Mainly, it temporary happens because of a particular pressure while sitting cross-legged or pressing a leg with sides of the body. This is the common cause but there are many medical conditions which can create such numbness and it becomes necessary to consult a doctor in such conditions. Faulty methods of sitting or lying down can always create such numbness. Even tight clothes could create such situations.

    Other reason for this numbness in legs could be associated with back problem in which the vertebral discs and spinal nerves are slightly mis aligned and it can affect the sensation and feelings in the legs. A small compression on the nerves can bring a lot of numbness in legs. Generally in such cases doctors advise to go to physiotherapist which tell us necessary exercises to treat such minor nerve touchings in the spinal nerve region. However if it is of serious nature then the doctor might suggest for a surgery. Another reason is diabetic conditions in which some nerve damage takes place (technically known as diabetic neuropathy) and can create tingling and numbness and even pain in the legs.

    Other reasons which are not very common but can create numbness in legs are Tarsal tunnel syndrome, Peripheral artery disease, presence of tumours in the body pressing the nerves, excessive alcohol consumption, fibromyalgia condition, stokes, multiple sclerosis etc.

    Let us now see the main line of treatment of this condition. If the numbness is due to posture and is of temporary nature then it goes in no time and one can just try to move around and stand up two three times and it would vanish. It does not require any treatment for it. In other cases one might have to go for some medication as prescribed by the doctor especially for the long duration numbness in the legs. At the same time there are some home remedies also like taking rest, applying ice to the affected parts in the legs, applying hot water bottle can also give relief, massaging is generally helpful as it increases the blood flow and reduces the numbness, exercising also helps in increased blood circulation, Yoga and meditation are also said to be very useful in such conditions, a good sleep is always beneficial, bathing with epsom salt is advised in numbness conditions and healthy diet containing god nutrients and minerals is always a great supportive thing in such conditions.

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  • The temporary numbness will go away and movement will be back to normal once you change the static posture and move the legs and toes. This is similar to numbness in hands also. Hands become when we lie down or sleep keeping our head on our hands. The remedy to remove numbness is to change the posture, rub the numb portion, and make blood flow smooth by rubbing and moving the hand freely.
    When the weather is cold also numbness can happen. Then we have to warm the part with friction by rubbing or applying warm water over the portion, or keeping the hand or leg inside a vessel with warm water.
    To prevent numbness in the legs due to sitting for a long time, one should give movement to the legs even with the sitting, raise the thighs and seat portion slightly to reduce the pressure on those parts, or even raising one leg for a few seconds in the sitting posture and doing it so with the other leg too. Raising the leg or thighs should enable a small gap between the thighs and the chair seat and will reduce the pressure on the thighs or sitting portion.
    If the work needs sitting long hours, it is better to stand for a few seconds periodically or move to the sides to reduce the constant pressure on the sitting posture.
    If the numbness is too frequent and occurs even after sitting for a few minutes, then one has to check body weight and if needed reduce it to more acceptable levels.

  • I would suggest you not to pour water on physical numbness if it is for few seconds to a minute. This is natural and normal and it shall go likewise. Don't stand at that time (if it is in leg) as you may not feeling as stand with physical power that let you fell down. Don't walk too.

    Try to slowly move your physical from the same position (like sitting) for a while and wait for few seconds or minutes to get back to normal. It is always safe to just move little with the same position from one place to nearby place without putting pressure on it as there will be no activation on that particular area and you would end with some trouble on standing or fell etc.

    If the same numbness continues for a while or more than few minutes, you can then try to pour mild-hot water to feel better. If it continues (it won't be but hardly) then you can prescribe with the medical expert.

  • Yes. My mother did so so many decades back. It was having good effect. As we cannot seek any alternative if we felt in nights. Moreover it is harmless to health as some medicines if we took may turn differently. Some home remedial measures should be learned by everybody from our elders.

  • The numbness in the legs increases when sitting uneasily for a long time. It is common to feel numb when holding heavy baggage for too long and sitting in the wrong way for too long. This problem is so common that everyone grapples with it. But, many times this common problem becomes a cause of great trouble for anyone. The tingling in the feet becomes more severe when you sit anywhere and your feet become numb. Then for a few minutes, there is a tingling feeling in the foot.
    Cyprus oil - Cyprus oil is very effective for relieving foot tingling. Massage daily with this oil repairs damaged nerves. With this oil, you give massage once a day. Massage this oil with olive or coconut oil.
    Lavender Oil - To get relief from tingling in hands and feet, mix coconut oil in lavender oil. Apply this oil in a place that is always numb. Allow the oil to last all day, all night. Massaging this oil cures neurological disease, because lavender oil is an effective essential oil. Lavender oil is rich in anti-inflammatory properties, which repairs nerves and eliminates the problem of tingling.
    Massage Therapy - Massage therapy removes the problem of tingling to a great extent. Massage therapy repairs damaged nerves. Blood circulation is normal from massage therapy.
    Apple vinegar - Apple vinegar contains acetic acid. It acts as an anti-inflammatory. You can use it to repair the veins. People who always have to tingle in the feet. Apple vinegar is very beneficial for them. Many important nutrients are found in apple vinegar, which works to increase energy in the body.
    Worm Compress - With the help of a warm compress, blood circulation in the veins can be corrected. Tingling occurs when blood is not circulated in the veins. It corrects the blockage of nerves. If you feel more tingling in the feet. Then you can do a warm compress two or three times a day.
    Use cinnamon
    The use of cinnamon can also relieve the tingling in your hands and feet because its intake helps to reduce the deficiency of magnesium, and potassium elements in your body and also helps in correcting your blood circulation. To avoid this, you should boil the cinnamon powder in a glass and consume it till it is lukewarm.
    Do exercise
    If you have pain and tingling problems in your feet as well, then you need to include exercise in your routine, because by exercising, not only will your blood circulation run smoothly, but your cells also work better. Helps to do.

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