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  • Zoom Vs Skype - which is the best online service for tele-conferencing?

    Confused whether Zoom is better than Skype or not? Know experts' opinion about these two apps and which one is able to provide better services.

    There are two popular online services for chats and conference calls, namely Zoom and Skype. I would like to know whether one is more beneficial than the other in terms of specific features and in what fields one would be ideal to use instead of the other. Certain scenarios to consider - an idle chat with friends, an online e-learning session, a conference call with a boss, etc.

    I would also like to know a few aspects of both-
    1. Are both Zoom and Skype entirely free or is that they can be used without paying for them only for a limited duration?
    2. Can more than one person share the same Zoom or Skype account?
    3. Whichever is used, is it possible to have only an audio call/chat without video? Let's say I want to talk urgently with a company's technician to fix a home appliance and my landline is not working and the mobile phone lacks audio clarity so I wish to use Zoom or Skype but, at the same time, I don't want the other person to see me.
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  • 1. Skype-to-Skype communications like video conferencing, chat, and voice calls over the internet are free. If you want to call a landline or mobile you have to pay for it.
    you have to pay $5 for using the facility up to 165 minutes. Monthly subscription will give you unlimited time. A World plan is $14 a month. The cost differs from countries.
    Zoom offers a free Basic plan. It provides videoconferencing and collaboration. a100 participants are allowed. There is a limit of 40 minutes duration but it can be continued by clicking on the same link. There are business and entrepreneur plans are there which will cost around $15 to $20 per host.

    You can use voice calls also without video on both skype and Zoom.
    Zoom and skype are end-to-end encryption to secure communications. But there are some doubts about the privacy of zoom. But many organisations are using the same where one wanted to have more number of participants.
    Skype can support up to 50 participants on a single video conference and voice calls. Zoom can accommodate up to 1,000 video participants and 49 on-screen videos. Both allow non-members to join by using a link sent by the host.
    Both support screen sharing, sharing of documents and sharing of files.

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  • What I feel that Skype has been offering services of free video calling and chatting since many years and trusted by the people across. But the Zoom app has come recently to India and the main advantage of Zoom is to have multiple video calling and conference can be made with ease. But many of friends who are using this app has the big complaint that they are loosing their resources stored in the data elsewhere in the computer and thus there seems to be loosing of our important data while using Zoom. This app is not trusted by the government department for obvious reasons and better to have one to one contacts on Skype.

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  • There are many similarities between these two apps but there are some distinguishable features that we would cover in the subsequent discussions.

    Skype was initially designed for long distance telephone calls being made through internet. It became very popular and still that is the core activity of Skype. It then diversified in other functionalities like video conferencing etc but is limited to certain number of participants (50 only). It allows the non account holders also to join a meeting through a code or link sent to him. It supports screen sharing, document sharing, white-boarding etc. Skype integrates well with some other apps also and its extended operations are also feasible with them. From safety and privacy point of view it uses end-to-end encryption to secure the data moving between two places and is having good reputation in this regard. Skype to Skype communication is free of charge if one is using it over internet using PC but if it is used from mobile phone or landline then charges would apply.

    Zoom on the other hand is a cloud based application designed to keep the interests of large organisations and it can cater to a large number of participants (1000) in a video conferencing. It has more functionality than Skype in terms of reports and analytics and to that extent it is a preferred app for the large organisations. It also allows the non account holders to participate in group discussions or meetings like Skype. As regards the interaction with third party it is much more versatile than Skype and can connect to many platforms as required by the conference requirements. Zoom has also got the end to end encryption but there are some concerns about its privacy as instances have come up where the privacy has been compromised and in some places especially some foreign schools its use is banned. It offers free plans up to the 100 participants and charges fees after that which are actually premium business plans.

    So there are many similarities and some differences but both are user friendly apps and big organisations are more inclined towards Zoom in spite of its intermittent bad reputation. For individuals or small enterprises Skype is preferred.

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  • I support the Skype video calls most of my friends and relatives who are using have no problems related to cost or clarity. This app can be used for household purposes.

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  • Zoom though the better compare to other similar feature video calls software but we got some news around that Zoom has privacy leaking issues. You would find its article. So, Skype video is call is better but still one can't assure about the privacy.

    Few advised that WhatsApp video call is far better compare to all others as it also allows max six to eight people as group video chats. If more people needed on video calls like corporate level, you can then try another platform or Skype etc.

  • I would suggest Skype over Zoom. Recently I have read in the news that zoom has found leak customer information like email address, photos, etc., For the example which you have given above, why don't you use Whatsapp audio call feature? Most people have WhatsApp than skype or zoom. And the recent WhatsApp update has extended video call feature to have around 8 people.
    If it is for professional services or if you want to use it as a part of your work, then I would suggest using Microsoft Teams which is very reliable and good.


  • After a very careful comparison and evaluation, I came to the conclusion that Skype could be the best choice. Skype can offer you excellent systems such as Face - time, Facebook messenger, Google Handouts etc. Skype has the provision for the massive investment by the major companies, World - wide Server - support apps and the availability of senior video phones making it incredibly simple so that user can call with the touch of a single button and at the same time, it is safe for strangers.
    Skype will provide you Skype Numbers, its excellent functionality to regular landline telephone number, high quality group calling, text messaging, location sharing and more.
    While talking out Zoom at present it has been created by an American Company equipped with a Chinese - server, which could create problems in course of operation.
    Also the latest guidelines from the Government states that this app is not to be used because of the high risk of the datas being stolen from the app.

  • Both Zoom and Skype are free but having limitations:

    Zoom is the best as it allows us to make a teleconference for up to 100 users at a time but not more than 40 minutes of teleconference each time. Then the user can restart again for another 40 minutes.

    Skype free account has a limitation of 100 hours per month with 10 hours per day with a limited of 4 hours per video call (Individual) and once the limit consumed then the video call switch off and converted to an audio call.

    So, Zoom is the best option for video conferencing.

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