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  • Which is better option after Class 12th with PCB

    Confused what should you do after clearing your Class 12th with PCB? Know what career options are available for you other than doctor.

    I'm a PCB student and I have just answered my 12th std exams. I can't understand what I should do further either B.Sc. in Biotechnology or B.Pharm. I'm not interested in becoming a doctor. I want to do something which has a good scope in Goa because I'm from Goa and I don't want to outside for studying. Please guide me
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  • After class 12th with PCB, there are many options for further studies, Generally. PCB students go for MBBS. But you informed that you are not interested in medicine. So I am not suggesting you Veterinary course also which is also a course related to animal helath and treatment.
    You can do B.Sc with Agriculture. This course is good and you will become an expert in that field. That will give you jobs in the Agriculture Department and related industries. After B.Sc, if you are interested, you can do PG in the field also. There are many laboratories doing research in this field. There are many scientist posts in those laboratories.

    You do B.SC BZC or Biochemistry or Biosciences. After completing graduation you can go for B.Ed course. Once you complete that course you will be eligible to get a teacher post in government schools in any state. You can do a PG course and then you can attend for NET examination and you can become a lecturer in any university or college. Even you can do your PhD with a fellowship and then become a scientist in ant R &D labs. You can go to related industries in the private sector or the public sector.

    After completing graduation you can attend to competitive examinations and get a job in banks or other organisations.
    You can select based on your interest in the fields mentioned above.

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  • After completing class XII with PCB, there are many options and alternatives and we will be discussing them one by one. Making a career should be decided on one's interest in a particular line. It is said that a person can become very successful in his career if he chooses what he likes to do. For example if a person is interested in singing he can excel in that and make a career as professional singer. So the point is that you have to identify your interest and go ahead accordingly. That is of primary importance. Further, you are putting a condition of not going outside from Goa also and that would make the decision making much more complex. Anyway let us see the various opportunities for you -

    1. Teaching option - Teaching positions are available everywhere and Goa is no exception. For that you would have to first complete the graduation in any stream of your choice and then go for B.Ed. and that would open up many possibilities to get a teaching job. Another thing is do graduation and then post graduation and then qualify in NET and then apply for lecturer position in the colleges and universities. If you have interest in research go for PhD after post graduation and then you need not to qualify in NET and can directly apply for lecturer position in colleges.

    2. Business/ Self employment option - If you want to be in Goa then this option is worth considering. After some minimal education say graduation you can think of opening up some business unit in the area of tourism, consumer products, wholesale commodity business, general shop establishment, small scale industry, consulting and advising, coaching centre etc for which nowadays Mudra loans are also easily available. If you establish yourself in a self employed mode, you need not to leave Goa. Is there anyone in business line in your family or relations? If yes then you can get some basic ideas from them as to venture in which business unit at the present juncture. You would have to undertake a market survey also before going in this direction.

    3. Going for B.Pharm. degree - This is a good option and being in medical sector has a good scope for jobs. After acquiring this qualification one has opportunity to apply for Pharmacist, Drug Inspector, Govt jobs through entrance exams where one would be treated at par with other stream graduates, Medical representative, Production/ Manufacturing of drugs sector, Medical devices quality control, Drug regulation in private companies, Medical underwriting, Drug wholesaler, Drug store etc.

    4. Medical line - You do not want to be a doctor. What about Veterinary doctor line, Ayurvedic doctor line, Dental surgery profession etc. They can be considered though they are broadly covered in the medical group only and you may not have a liking for them.

    5. Microbiology - This is a fast evolving field and there is a lot of work in this area and after completing a degree in this particular subject one can try to make a carer in clinical research, lab technician, Research assistant, Research scientist, various positions in pharma companies, quality control, health sector, Industries dealing with agriculture/ food/ breweries/ distilleries etc.

    6. Biochemistry - It is an amalgamation of biology and chemistry and is devoted to the study of chemical processes which occur within living organisms including plants and trees. It is a fast growing field and presents opportunities in fields/ positions like toxicology, crop protection, clinical laboratory work, lab technician, professor, medical coder, healthcare, pharma sales, forensic science, biomedical scientist etc.

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  • I am a PCMB passed student. I am pursuing B.Sc Botany (honours) course.

    I recommend to apply in a variety of courses under the category of B.Sc. This will open a wider scope. There's no need to keep yourself restricted only because of desire. Since, you are undecided what to pursue, it's better to keep 80% focus on a single course and rest 20% on other course while applying. The 20% will act as an alternative when if by chance, you don't get your name on the 80% applications selection list.

    Biotechnology has a wider scope than pharmacy.
    I recommend you to pursue biotechnology if you have optimal aptitude, knowledge and percentage. Except Goa, Biotechnology in KIIT is pursued by majority of biology students.

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  • After passing twelve with the combination of PCB, there are definitely a lot of exciting courses which if persuaded sincerely can uplift your career amazingly. The following options may please be examined -
    1) Biochemistry- A graduate in Biochemistry is much in demand in both public and private sector companies like Medical Instrument Companies, Food and Drink Industries, Research Laboratories, Chemical Manufacturing Companies etc
    A post graduate degree in the same stream would multiply your chances of absorption in the different companies as suggested above. However, you must ensure that your degree must be earned by a reputed university like Banaras Hindu University, Lovely Professional University, VIT University etc so that you possess an extra edge in terms of your knowledge.
    2) Microbiology- Your pursuance in the field of Microbiology can open up host of job opening in the field of Research, Teaching, Pharmaceutical companies etc.
    A Microbiologist examines the charecterstiics of microscopic organism such as Bacteria, Virus, Fungi etc . Research in Bacteriology, Virology, Mycology etc are some of the special fields in Microbilogy and with the exposure in such areas, there will be lot of demands of such graduates and post graduates in the field of Research, Teaching, Pharmaceutical Industries.
    In the pharmaceutical sectors such aspirants are responsible for developing Vitamins, Hormones, Engymes etc. Here you will be compensated with lucrative emoluments.
    3) Agriculture- A B.Sc degree in Agriculture comprises eight sessions dealing with Land Survey, Soil Science, Water Resources Management, Animal and Poultry Management, Entomology, Agricultural Economics, Plant Genetics and Horticulture etc.
    A post graduate degree in this field can further enhance your job prospects in the area of teaching, research, banks and pharmaceutical sectors. These sectors absorb a lot of aspirants every year.
    4) Teaching - This could suit you most with a post graduate degree in any of the fields as mentioned above and then go through the NET test conducted by CBSE. With your commendable performance in the NET followed by your minimum 55 percent in the post graduate level will make you entitled for the post of Lectureship in a government college. You must show your outstanding performance during the process of interview so as to get a better rank in the list of selected candidates.
    5) Biotechnology- Biotechnology is the branch of science relating to study of plants,animals and environment and there is the scope of detailed studies relating to genetic make up of life.
    This course will allow the aspirant to know how the human body responds to genetic change. Exposure on this field could provide them the tools to tackle the genetic disease such as stem - cell disorder.
    There are two streams relating to study of the course, the most popular course is a B.Sc in Biotechnology the duration of which is six semester( each semester is of six month duration) and the other one is B.Tech in Biotechnology comprising a degree of four year duration.
    The former course is a research oriented course where as the later one provides strong background to study molecular biology with the mathematical model. Hence to have admission in this course, the aspirants should have strong backgrounds in Physics and Mathematics.
    Undoubtedly the job prospects for aspirants having B.Tech in Biotechnology is better than those aspirants having selected B.Sc course in Biotechnology. Following are the fields where they can get gainful employment-
    1) Drug and Pharmaceutical Research
    2) Waste Management
    3) Energy sector
    4) Food Processing Industry
    5) Bio Processing Industry
    6) Software Industry ( exclusively for the aspirants having secured at least first class marks in B. Tech in Biotechnology.)
    Though the list would be endless where they can opt for better job prospects after having passed twelve with PCB combination such as B.Pharm, X - Ray technician, Diploma in Optometry, Diploma in Pathology etc. Such courses can be pursued provided the aspirants have inclinations for such courses.These courses, too, offer gainful employment provided courses are taken up from the recognised Institutions.

  • For PCB students, many courses are available. As you have mentioned that you don't want to be a doctor (MBBS, BAMS, BHMS, BUMS) you can do many other courses as per your interest. I am providing the list of courses which you can do after 12:
    You may do B.Sc. Nursing, B. Pharma, B.Sc. Microbiology, B.Sc. Biotech, Lab technician, D.Pharma, X-ray technician, B.Sc.and after that M.Sc.

    You may find more courses as per your interest but after all, you have to decide what you want to be? What is your goal? First, decide your goal and then select a course accordingly. In the above courses the B.Sc. nursing, B. Pharma and D. Pharama are job oriented courses.

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  • Dear, Wishing for your success in PCB!

    After, 12th class with PCB generally the option is MBBS, BAMS, etc. but you are not interested to be a medical doctor then you can go for the following career options:

    Horticulturist, Molecular Biology, Forensic Scientist, Environmental Science, Food Technology, Zoology, Home Science, Cosmology, Agriculture, Chemistry.

    Best of Luck!

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