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  • How to apply for CBSE duplicate mark sheet

    Have you misplaced your CBSE mark sheet? Know various ways to get duplicate mark sheet from CBSE.

    I have lost my 10th mark sheet. How to reapply for a duplicate one? I tried online on CBSE board for the details but I am not sure which region I have to apply for the duplicate. I completed 10th from Kendriya vidyalaya in Pune in the year 2006. I have a scanned copy of my 10th mark sheet but I don't know how to reapply for a duplicate copy of the same. Please help me with it.
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  • You go to the school in which you did your X class. You can enquire the procedure there.

    The procedure you have to follow is

    1. You have to give a police complaint that you have lost your X class marks sheet.
    2. You have to get a certificate from the police saying that they enquired the case but unable to trace the certificate.
    3. You have to make an application addressed to the Head Master or Principal of the school where you have studied. If you have a Photocopy of the mark list you can attach the same to your application and a copy of the police certificate can be attached. You have to attach a Pass Port size photograph.
    4. You have to pay the required fees as informed by the school administration.
    5. The school administration will send it to the board with their proof of records.
    6. CBSE will check the details and make a duplicate copy of your marks list and send it to the school authorities and they will give you the duplicate original marks list.
    First, you go to the school you studied and get the details and then proceed.

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  • 10th Mark sheet which proves that we have passed 10th with this percentage, it is very important to have this, it is a type of document that replaces the birth certificate and also uses 10th mark sheet for birth date verification. By the way, every document that belongs to your academy has to be maintained, but losing the 10th mark sheet also shows a negligence. Now let's talk about how to get duplicate 10th mark sheet To get the 10th mark sheet, below are some steps that we have to follow.

    1.First of all, give information about losing your original mark sheet to your nearest police station And register an FIR

    2.Fill in the application form that you will find on the ICBSE website.

    3.Now fill the application form carefully so that there is no error in the application form

    4.Attach a non judicial stamp of 10 rupees along with the application form

    5.You also have to attach a demand draft, the amount depends on how many years you have passed the exam.If you have passed the exam for five years, then you have to make a demand draft of 250 rupees.
    If your exam passing period is between five and 10 years, then 500 rupees is between 10 years and 20 years, then 1000 rupees and if you are more than 20 years, then you will have to pay 2000 rupees.

    6.Attach an Identification Certificate attested by the Principal or gazetted officer

    7.And send it to the CBSE regional office

    By following the steps given above, you can get a duplicate mark sheet of your 10th easily

  • Loosing any certificate makes the process a bit difficult but since this being an important document, you cannot ignore the same. The following points would be helpful in your case-
    1) First of all, you need to approach the nearest police station and apprise them of misplacement of your class ten certificate issued by CBSE. It appears that it is lost. Such a FIR in the police - station should be your starting point.
    2) Approach the police personnel on the date fixed by the concerned official and procure a written statement from his end that the same could not be traced out.
    3) Meet the Principal of your school with an application addressed to the secretary of CBSE requesting to release a duplicate certificate because the original certificate is lost. This application is to be forwarded by your Principal from where you have passed out class ten. Enclose the demand - draft of the requisite amount to be paid in the event of loosing a certificate. You should attach the photocopy of FIR report as well to apprise of the secretary regarding your initiative taken in such a situation.
    4) Post the contents through the Registered Post with an Acknowledgment Receipt attached to the envelope. This would be despatched to you ultimately after getting the signature of the appropriate authority.
    5) You would get the duplicate certificate within a fortnight. Sometimes, it may take some additional time because of various constraints such as staff - shortage or the next examination is due for which the staff are busy.

  • I think the first thing in this matter is to visit the school from where you have completed your 10th class studies. They would definitely help you in this matter. Generally an application is sufficient for request for a duplicate mark sheet. Once the original is lost then only a duplicate is issued and there would be a seal on it very clearly mentioning that it is a duplicate document. As that is signed by the principal of the college or any other authorised signatory, it is taken as an authentic document for your 10th qualification credential. If the school authorities insist for police report then you would have to go to your area police station and lodge a complaint that you have lost the 10th mark sheet. They will give you a copy of that or some printed performa where the details of complaint are mentioned. They would also sign and seal it and then you can produce it in your school along with application for the duplicate mark sheet.

    It is good that you are having a scanned copy of the mark sheet as they would ask some details about your roll number or registration number and the year in which you gave the exam etc and that all information would be available in your mark sheet scanned copy. Other than that to avoid any fraudulent activity the school authorities would like to confirm your identification before issuing you the duplicate mark sheet and you must take with you your identification like Aadhaar card or driving license or proof of residence etc. Please note that when you go for such an important job you must remember to take all the necessary documents as the office people are always searching for deficiencies in the document and make execuses to refuse to do the job. This is an important aspect and we have to take care in this matter.

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  • Please note that now CBSE also sends us the Mark Sheet online digitally signed. We can get the same online at any time.

    Anyway, I am giving hereunder the details to get the duplicate mark sheet:

    Firstly, release a newspaper declaration for lost of mark sheet (documents)

    You need to fill an application form (can be obtained easily from the website of CBSE) for duplicate mark sheet and attach the prescribed fee starting from INR 250 to INR 2000 (depending on the year of passing);

    Up to 5 years from the year of passing INR 250
    More than 5 years and 10 years from the year of passing INR 500
    More than 10 years and up to 20 years of passing INR 1000
    More than 20 years from the year of passing: 2000

    All fees to be paid through crossed Indian Posted Order or Bank Demand Draft favoring "The Secretary, Central Board of Secondary Education" payable at the Regional Office.

    Also, attach an identification certificate issued by the principal or gazetted officer, and some time they ask for the newspaper (press release).

    The Regional Office of Delhi
    Central Board of Secondary Education,
    PS-1-2, Institutional Area, I. P. Extn.
    Delhi 110092

    There are other regional offices available at Chennai, Guwahati, Ajmer, Panchkula, Allahabad, Patna, Bhubaneswar.

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