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    How to get selected in Assam Ranji cricket team

    Is cricket your passion? Want to join Ranji cricket team? Know the ways to play cricket on state level.

    I am 18 years old from Bihar. Currently I am student at NIT Silchar, Assam.
    I have played club cricket earlier and has an experience of professional cricket.
    How can I get selected in Assam Ranji cricket team? What is the process for a student who studies in Assam and resident of Bihar to get selected in the Ranji cricket team of Assam?
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  • Generally for inducting in cricket team they would prefer the local students as you can get a chance in your home state Bihar also. At the same time state to state these things differ and if a player is very good the cricket clubs would co-opt him in their team. One can also have a job in another state and settle down there and then can enroll in some local cricket club to make a career in it.

    The way to enter in Ranji cricket team is not very straight forward as it would require endorsement from a local cricket club as well as good performance in local matches. It is imperative that a lot of hard work is required for this aim. First and foremost thing is joining a local sports club where cricket is the main activity. Next is getting chance in playing in as many matches as possible. The next most important thing is the performance and sustainability of that good performance because selection for inter district matches would solely depend on that.

    So, with constant good performance one can reach the higher level matches and it is there that the managers of some bigger cricket clubs would identify a player due to his extraordinary performance and may offer him a position in their team. Please note that we are in a professional arena and every club will try to induct good players in their team to win and earn money for the club as well as the players. There is much money in the game of cricket and that is the reason why such a cut throat competition is there between the players. It is a career making exercise and is equally tough as that of geting selected in some tough entrance examination.

    Only after succeeding to this level one can hope to be inducted to participate in Ranji trophy. We have to understand that there is no substitute for hard work and whether it is sports or academics or film industry everywhere same formula applies. It is also to be noted that sports require a good health and one has to do regular exercises and undergo fitness measures to keep the health in a good shape. It is necessary to consume nutritious and healthy food. One has to refrain from smoking, drinking and other such vices in one's life.

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  • You are a student in Assam. But originally, you are from Bihar. Earlier you played club cricket. You have experience. All depends on your expertise and experience.
    Is your college having cricket teams? Are you a member in any of the teams? Are you playing cricket continuously?
    If you have a college team and be a member of the team. Start continuously playing in the college team. Then try for a good club around there join in that club and start playing outside matches. Once you play continuously and showing your competency, you have a chance to get selected to the Ranji team. So as the first step start playing for your college team and also participate a club team. Once you start playing well and seeing that you have a major role in the winning team, the selectors will look at you and you may be included in the list of most probable players in Ranji team.
    Unless otherwise, you have the talent you can't get a chance. You should be careful and should use the time properly and work hard practice day and night. Get the required skills. See videos of good players and try to understand the way they handle the ball. Talk to senior players and get the suggestions. That will help you to improve your game. Concentrate on the game. I wish you all the best.

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  • Cricket is a very popular game in our country and if you are aspiring for participating in Ranji cricket team then it is definitely a good career option in the area of sports. The cricket is a fascinating area and many students dream to make a career in that. At the same time to convert those dreams to reality a lot of hard work is required. If you have a real passion for this game then I think you can achieve your objectives of making a career in it. The first and foremost thing in this matter is getting registration in a local cricket club. There are many of them but it would be better if one joins a reputed one so that chances of progress are better. You may have to pay some fee /charges also for that and you have to check your financial capabilities also to able to meet that. Joining a sports club would give you access to the cricket accessories and ample time to practice. Please remember that practice makes a man perfect and more you practice more you would be learning about the subtleties of this game. You have to take help of a coach also who would always be telling your weaknesses and deficiencies so that you would take care to improve on those premises. Just simply playing daily would not suffice as improvement in the game is essential and daily you have to try to learn some new things. Once you have good practice then you have to request your manager to give you chance in some local matches and depending upon your performance in them, you would be invited to participate in the other higher level matches accordingly. If your play performance is good they would start requesting you as they have also some motive to keep outstanding players in the team. Ultimately their main worry is to win the matches especially the sponsored ones and earn money for their club as well as team. Playing cricket for pleasure is one thing but with an aim of participating in Ranji it becomes a tough and challenging project.

    One can improve one's game with rigorous and sustained efforts on daily basis and it is imperative that a good health and physique is a pre-requisite for such an endeavour. If someone has a real passion for the game he would definitely rise in this areas following the above basic guidelines.

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  • You are basically from Bihar but currently studying in Silchar, Assam. You have to follow a few steps so as to be included in the Assam Ranjee Cricket Team. Following are the steps to be observed prior to your selection in the Cricket Team-
    1) First of all, you need to get yourself enrolled in a local club where you would start learning the different tricks employed in this trade. If you could satisfy the authority as a fit player, they may include you as a player after assessing your performance at various levels. Your consistent performance would form the basis of your inclusion for the next level.
    2) A division includes various districts where selection trials are held at district level but in the majority of cases, teams are formed on the basis of the performance in the local tournament. Then inter district tournament is to follow but it is a less developed cricket infrastructure.
    3) After the inter district tournament selectors would review the performance of the individual player where they could consider the cases of some one from other district having played marvellously, such players may be picked up. These tournaments are played at various levels and to get into a Ranjee side, senior Divisional Tournaments pave the way.
    However there exists some exception, those players having performed exceptionally well at the junior level may also get selected in the Ranjee Trophy teams.
    4) After the inter divisional tournaments, the players are picked up by the selectors. They would be selected on the basis of trials, but they invariably would mark the performance of the player to be chosen finally.
    5) If the player performs well in such tournaments, there is chances of his selection and the selectors would announce Ranjee Trophy in his favour.

  • Good, you have a good professional experience of cricket. You studied in NIT Silchar, Assam and it seems you had already joined a local cricket association of club and played in association-sponsored tournaments, district level, inter-district level. Must be get selected by a state team i.e. Assam. Then you can participate in the Assam Ranji Trophy.

    All the best!

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