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  • What are the health benefits of keeping aloe vera plant inside the bedroom?

    Wonder about advantages of having an aloe vera in the room? Know various benefits of keeping this medicinal plant in your house.

    I have heard Aloe vera has many health benefits. Its gel has some medicinal value. It is best for burns. Recently I kept an aloe vera plant inside my bedroom. I would like to know what are the benefits of keeping this plant inside the bedroom and how to care it.
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  • Alovera plant requires less water and should be kept in a area where the sunlight penetrates. It can be grown in pots, plastic bottles and requires very less space.
    Alovera has many health benefits:-
    1. The gel can be rubbed directly on the face, after washing and removing the sticky kumrasara. This gives a soft skin glow.
    2. You can grow this plant anywhere in the garden or inside your bedroom. Plants produce oxygen essential for our body similarly is the alovera, producing oxygen throughout the day hence purifying the air in the room and providing good sleep at night.
    3. During the mango season, a small insect moves around and hits the eyes. If alovera is placed in that room these insects stick on to the plant without disturbing us.
    4. It is rich in antioxidants, so the gel can be consumed early morning with empty stomach. It also reduces heat in the body. Stomach related pains and constipation in men and women.
    5. Whenever you have cuts and burns, this gel could be applied to heal it quickly.

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  • Installation of Aloe Vera Plant inside the room will provide you host of benifits and a few of such benifits are listed below -
    1) This plant would purity the air of the bed - room by releasing enough oxygen absorbing the carbon dioxide of the surrounding on a continuous basis. So while you are in the midst of sleep cycle, you can breathe with plenty of oxygen essential for the respiratory system.
    2) Use as First Aid - Whenever someone in the family gets burnt, Aloe Vera Gel may be applied as an antiseptic lotion due to its antibacterial , anti fungus and antiviral properties. Due to such properties, it may be applied on the skin with the minor cut.
    3) Ingestion of Aloe Vera Juice - Consumption of Aloe Vera Juice would provide you host of health benifits ranging from Arthritis to Gastrointestinal trouble to Kidney Stone prevention etc. It can arrest the surge of sugar level if consumed regularly in the morning up to one tea - spoon in the empty stomach with the recommendation of the Ayurvedic- doctor.
    It is the best tonic for the hair providing you lustrous hair on its regular ingestion. Moreover it will take care of hair - fall.
    It can keep liver- function healthy with regular intake of Aloe Vera Juice up to one table spoon of the juice mixed with equal amount of water just 20 minutes before breakfast.
    4) Natural Beauty Enhancer - Make a moisturiser by mixing half tea spoon of Aloe Vera Gel with one table spoon Extra Virgin Oil. This combination should be thoroughly mixed and the same is to be applied on the face externally during night. Clear your face in the early morning and its regular application can provide extra glow of the face. It will make the face even pimple free.

  • There are many plants which are supposed to provide a good atmosphere and health benefits to the individual and Aloe vera is one of them. All these plants benefits are based on the fact that they require less sunlight and can produce oxygen in spite of that and also that they have strangely a relation with the sleep mechanism of the individual. Probably the oxygen emitted in the night is the cause of that sound sleep that people claim to obtain from its vicinity in their bedrooms.

    Otherwise also the Aloe vera plant is known for many of its powerful uses like skin healing, digestion, antioxidant supplier, treating sunburns, strengthening immune system etc. In natural and Ayurvedic preparations it has a great contribution and modern science has also accepted it as an important element in holistic treatments which are the order of the day.

    One can keep the Aloe vera plant in one's bedroom and experiment oneself to see the quality of life it has added to the individuals life and then can take a decision to go ahead with it. Sometimes experimenting in these matters helps in getting faith and confidence in these natural measures which are long established in our ancient Indian medicine system.

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  • Aloe vera plant releases oxygen in the night also. It requires less water to grow. It is having a lot of medicinal values. The air will be rich in oxygen and carbon dioxide is less. The air will be pure if there is an aloe vera plant. It retains moisture within the leaves and hence very less water is required for this plant to grow.
    The aloe vera gel can be used to treat minor cuts and burns, insect bites and dry skin. Aloe Vera plant should be kept in a sunny place to ensure it stays healthy. So in the bedroom, you can keep them in the windows and daytime if you open the windows it will get the required oxygen.
    There are many advantages of aloe vera plant. It is used in many ways for many problems. It is useful for dental treatment. It will also be used for the treatment of acne.

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  • Aloe vera and some other such plants are known to emit oxygen in the night and that is why they are attributed to create healthy atmosphere in the room in night time. Though the amount of oxygen would be very little still it can be thought as one of the reasons for good sleep. In my view plants are living things and keeping a living thing near oneself is definitely a psychological support and feeling to the individual which could be a reason for that solace and subsequent good sleep in one's night time.

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  • Aloe Vera is a medicinal plant and it produces oxygen at night also. This plant also called succulent and the requirement of water is very less as the leaves of Aloe Vera keep moisture very much. Its gel from these leaves can be used to treat minor cuts and burns as it has good antiseptic properties.

    The proper sunny place is required for the growth of the Aloe Vera plant. It is also beneficial for insect bites and dry skin.

    The Aloe Vera juice is also available in the market. We can get the juice of Aloe Vera directly from leaves but the both sides of Aloe Vera leaves need to be cut horizontally and vertically before getting gel from leaves.

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