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  • What are the various methods to kill bed bugs

    Looking for the ways to kill bedbugs? Know home remedies and medicinal remedies to kick out these tiny creatures.

    One of my friends ask me the medicine to kill the bed bugs but I do not know anything about it. When I was small my parent used kerosene to kill bedbugs.

    Do anyone of you know how to kill bedbugs at home? If you know any method to kill bedbugs, please let me know.
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  • The major bed bugs starts its first step from travel. It may be by bus, train through which the crowd of people travel. These modes of transports will not ne washed for several days using disinfectants. Whenever you return back from travel keep all the clothes which you had carried aside. Wash all the clothes and let it dry in sunlight. This will not allow the bed bugs to your house at the initial stages.
    Secondly if your house is affected by bed bugs place all the furniture and clothes in sunlight. Spray alcohol and leave it for two to four hours. Rewash the clothes in mild hot water, after drying place it in a different place. Have a check not to use the room for some days. You can also spray kerosene but the smell cannot be managed.
    If the bed bugs are in all the rooms of the house. You have to stay away from your house for sometime and ask the pest controllers to spray disinfectants. While shifting take only a few clothes which are washed and dried in sunlight.

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  • Bed bugs hide in cracks, crevices, and fissures in wooden furniture like old wooden cots, chairs, deewans, drawers, wall mounted furniture boxes and their drawers, wooden wall hangings, electrical switch boxes especially old wooden type, and other such items. They would come out in night and suck the blood of humans and then disappear back in those deep places. They are a big nuisance and do not get killed easily with just spraying of some home remedies as it does not reach them due to their deep hiding places. Kerosine would be partially effective.

    To tackle their menace sometimes it would be necessary to dismantle the old furniture and clean all the cracks where chances of having bed bug eggs are existing. Until these eggs are destroyed we cannot get the real rid of bed bugs totally. The professionals suggest to use vacuum cleaner to suck the dust and bed bug eggs from such deep places. Another thing is all the furniture is to be cleaned in this way as even if a few of them remain there they would soon multiply. A good vacuum cleaning job is a pre-requisite before an insecticide treatment as that would facilitate good insecticide penetration in the cracks and small joints where gaps are generally there in the furniture. The dust and garbage collected in the vacuum cleaner is to be disposed outside the house in the main garbage collection area. In old furniture the cushions and mattresses are to be checked for any torn out places or holes as that also becomes a place for hiding of these bed bugs. Sometimes the box spring loaded mattresses are torn out and that becomes a hiding place for these bugs. In such cases either the mattress is to be replaced or it is to be encased in a completely sealed cover which are available in the market.

    Bed bugs are small insects generally having sizes 6-8 mm and as they are flat in their shape that enables them to enter the cracks very swiftly and they disappear there in no time. Professional insect controllers use sometimes insecticide Aerosol such as CB-80 or PT 565 to flush the hiding bugs out of their hiding places just to find out the various areas of their hiding. This insecticide is used to displace them from their hiding places as they run out to save their life from this poison. It finally kills them on contact.

    Once the basic cleaning of the furniture and other suspected places is done then one has to get some bug killing Aerosol from the market and spray it in all the places especially the cracks and crevices where some of the bugs would be still hiding. Some of the commercial Aerosols available for this purpose are like Spectre 2 SC, CrossFire Bed Bug Insecticide Concentrate, Temprid FX, D-Fense NXT, Cimexa Dust, Crossfire Aerosol, Bedlam Plus Aerosol, and Phantom Aerosol. You have to go to an insecticide shop and ask him a specific bed bug killer as he might not be having exactly the same name Aerosol but would provide the equivalent one from his inventory.

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  • Eliminating bed-bug infestation is a laborious and irritating process.
    They spread fast and live without any indication for a long time too. Bed bugs are creatures that can live without food for more time.
    Bed-bugs live mostly in the narrow fissures and cracks in(mostly) wooden furniture. During my childhood, I have seen kerosene being used to kill and eliminate bed-bugs. They like darkness more. First, remove the beds and sheets from the cot and dry them under the hot sun. Spray kerosene or any common multi- insect spray on the fissures and cracks on the furniture where you experience bug bite. Keep them also under the sun. Taking precautions against the discomfort of the kerosene spray or anti-bug spray, use it properly. Do not use them for one or two days and repeat the process. Insert a thin needle or agarbathi stick inside the cracks or fissures and ensure there are no bugs.
    Then if there is no discomforting smell of the kerosene spray or anti-bug spray, you can start using the furniture again.

  • To remove bedbugs, There are many remedies. But they may kill the bedbugs once they come in contact. But in our house, these bedbugs will lay eggs and many of the materials used may not kill the eggs. But to have a permanent removal we should use some sprays made and see that that spray reach all the corners of the house. It is better if you make a general cleaning of the house and then use these remedies then you can remove the bedbugs permanently.

    Clean the furniture, beds and house very carefully. Apply the Vacuum cleaner and see that all the dust and other accumulated particles will be taken away by the vacuum system. Please do the cleaning very carefully so that all the eggs inside the furniture and in the nook and corner of the house will go away.

    Once you clean and see that the house is clean and free from grit and others, try the following as per your requirement.
    1. Rubbing alcohol is a solvent, This can be sprayed in all the areas and it will kill the bedbugs. Please see that all the containers having food, foodgrains and others are sealed properly.
    2. Diatomaceous earth is a powder made from pulverized rocks. It strips away the exoskeleton a bed bug which makes it dehydrate and die.
    3. Bleaching powder on contact kills the bed bugs. But this is not effective and can't kill the eggs.
    4. Tea tree oil will work as a pesticide. It Kills on contact. Bugs which are not coming contact may not die.
    5. There are very powerful insecticides in the market. They will be very effective in killing these bugs. Pyrethrin and pyrethroids are anti bed bugs. You can use the sprays which will contain can be used to kill and permanently remove these bedbugs.

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  • Bed bug doesn't come easily to home or residential area unless if it comes from the outside visits by any person. It attach with anyone's clothes or garment or luggage easily without knowledge. Bed bug comes in a different way to home.

    In general, it comes from crowded area, like, entertainment hall, gathering places or less or poor maintenance places visits. Also, Bed bug may come to home through different luggage where you just completed the travel in a different transport mode.

    One of the best way to eliminate the Bed bug is, most of the moveable (clothes, bed-sheet, pillows, covers, movable furniture, bed, luggages) and safe (not burning one) items keep them on hot sunshine area for few hours. Bed bug will die including its egg. If temperature is high at home then least chances of Bed bug arises. Few uses AC in hot places where the chances are high for its survival.

    Bed bug also dies when water is poured on it. So, washing home (with phenol + water) in every nook and corner of the home would help to remove it. Also, bed bug spray is available online / offline. They might help too.

  • Here we would like to take some natural approaches to tackle the bedbug issue because of the following reasons -
    1) We would undertake the some established methods to address the issue and these would not only be effective but it would even be economical.
    2) We don't need to have an appointment with the exterminator to address the issue.
    3) We avoid the routs of adding toxic chemicals used by the exterminators while dealing with the bedbugs.
    We have enlisted a few home remedies to curb this menace and the same may be employed because of its higher order of efficiency and at the same time this would prove to be cost effective.
    1) Lavender - The smell of the Lavender makes the bugs nauseous and ultimately their contact with the Lavender can cause their deaths. We can spray the diluted essential oils on the affected areas.
    2) Mint Leaves - Mint Leaves in the crushed form are placed around the entry points and such placing of leaves will dissuade them from coming inside the home because of repellent smell of the Mint Leaves.
    3) Lemongrass- Lemongrass is the effective agent to kill the bugs because of presence of high acidic level in it causing their effective killings. It will even kill the eggs of the bugs which sometimes cannot be eliminated in some other methods. Moreover, the smell emanating from the Lemongrass will act as repellent for these tiny creatures.
    4) Clove Oil - Put Clove Oil on such sources where there is concentration of the bugs such as mat tresses, bedsheets and pillows to ward off the bugs. This oil acts as a repellent for the bugs.
    5) Cayenne Pepper- Cayenne Pepper is mixed with Ginger and Oregano and a concoction is made to kill the bugs on their contact.
    First of all, mix one tea spoon each of Cayenne Pepper, ground Ginger and Organo Oil and mix them thoroughly and finally add 50 ml of water in the same mixture. Shake the mixture uniformly and allow it get it stained. The filtered portion is to be filled up in the spray bottle and the same is to be used for the spraying in such areas having the concentration of the bugs.

  • We had this problem when I was a student and had seen my parents doing it. Generally the wooden beds are infested with it. We used to take the wooden beds outside in the backyard and kept them in sun. During that the bugs came out due to the sun rays and then they were moving here and there. We put some kerosine oil and 'flit' anti insect chemical spray on them as well as in the bed joints. This was done for 2-3 days continuously and we got rid of the bugs. The mattresses were also shown whole day to sun and were cleaned thoroughly. Mattress covers were washed and then put on the mattresses back.

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  • This is a very common but serious problem, treatment is very important for this. Although various solutions and sprays are available for this in the market, many domestic methods prove to be very effective in this problem.

    1. Vacuuming - You can make bedsores. This will cause all the pests to run away. If you want, remove all of them separately and brush them well, and then spread them. By doing this every day, all the insects and pests will run away throughout the week.
    2. Neem leaf - Keeping a bunch of neem leaves under the bedsheet and on the place around the pillow can also give relief from insects in the bed. Use fresh leaves every day. A few days in a row, insects will be eradicated.
    3. kerosine oil - This is the best remedy. Although it is not easily available in normal form nowadays, if found, then spraying it will give a solution to the problem of insects.
    4. Show sunlight - Keep all the beds in which the insects or bedbugs have become, etc., in the sun. Spread the whole day after drying under hard sunlight, due to which the heat of the beds will kill all the pests or run away. Insects hidden in direct sunlight mattresses, sheets, taqiya, etc. also escape.
    5. Washing - If the thing used in your room can be washed, then put it in hot water and wash it like bedsheets, covers, etc. This will prevent pests and bedbugs and cleanliness will also occur. After this, spread it after drying it all thoroughly.
    6. Dryer - If you do not get small insects even after doing all this, then you can also use the dryer on all these beds. The strong warm air of the drawer will kill all insects, such hot air is quite effective.
    7. Natural insecticide - You can use any natural insecticide to kill these pests. Do not sprinkle DDT powder, etc., there is a risk of serious diseases like cancer by spraying it. Lavender oil is also famous for killing pests. You can spray it on insects by filling it in a bottle of spray, which will kill it.

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