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  • How to check and log out of websites permanently.

    Searaching for method to log out of various sites like paytm, phonepe, etc.? This page will tell you complete steps to log out from these sites.

    Everyday we browse through the net to collect some information or read news. Eventually we come across several sites where we log in and work for sometime but feel uncomfortable or forget it in the busy schedules over a period of time.

    How to check these sites in which we have provided our personal data?
    How can we log out permanently from such sites?
    Let me give a few examples- phonepe, paytm, travelsurvey, toulana some websites to name.
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  • When you login in a site then the browser asks you whether to save your credentials (user name and password) for the next login or not. If you say yes which most of us do for our convenience, then next time it would login you automatically. Now, in many of the sites in the homepage itself there would be a logout button from where we can logout. Unfortunately in some of the sites this logout button is not so clearly placed and one has to open the side menu or main menu which is shown with mostly three small horizontal dashes. It is generally situated in extreme left or right on the top of screen. If you click it, you might see a logout option at the end of the vertical scrollable menu. If you do not get this button then you have another option of clearing the cookies from the browser and run some device cleaning program which may clean all the cookies and stored items in the browser cache. After that one has to close the browser and again open it. If it does not work then restarting the device after a thorough cleaning of cache memory and cookies in the browser might help.

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  • When we open our account on a website we will decide the password. When you want to log in the site will ask you to fill the Password column. Unless otherwise, we will not fill the password, the website will not allow your page to get open. But these days we open our accounts on many sites and we will forget the password. So the browser will ask you whether you allow it to remember the password. We will say OK for that.
    Another point we generally follow is we will not log out from the site and we will switch over to another website. In such case some sites open next time it will open your web page automatically. So you have to take these two following things

    1. Don't allow the browser to remember the password.
    2. Once you open a site after completing the work please properly log out by clicking on the logout provided on your web page.
    Once you log out properly, once you restart the Laptop and open the site which you have used earlier. If the site is not opening your webpage automatically you are sure that you have come out of that website.

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  • It is all depend on your browser history either from Desktop / Laptop or Smartphone. For example you would have visited a website and signed up with laptop browser, in case if you have accepted the option of 'save user id / password' then the browser could have saved it.

    If not, you could have remember it or written it or the general one which you always remember (standard user id / password). Thus, you can go to the website listed one or wherever you signed up and then try to login to delete the account.

    In Google Chrome (Desktop or Laptop), type URL as chrome://settings/passwords and enter it. You will find the list, website name, user name and password etc. You can view the password even if it is dot password by clicking 'eye' logo / image.

    In Safari (Desktop or Laptop), try to click Safari then Preferences. Click the Passwords tab and enter your Mac's password, click on an item to view the password. You can double click on user name to view it.

    If you are using Android (Smartphone), select the browser, for example, chrome or opera, you can select 'setting' option at the top right of the chrome browser, you can then click on 'Passwords' to view the list of signed up and password you have done it.

    If you are using iPhone (iOS), you can find it in the setting itself. Again, almost same procedure as long as you remember iPhone user ID and Password. Or else, you have to select the 'forget password' option to get things done.

    Update: Once you logged in at the old websites where you signed up earlier and would not like to continue with them, you can then go to setting for 'deleting your account permanently'. That's it. You're done.

  • Thank you. All the members have given the logout procedures for which websites we continue to work on it after a few days or few months. My question is, when we login to a site we provide the basic data like name, phone number, e-mail id and some other information. I donot want to continue with that site but forgot about it over a period of time. How do i come out from the clutches of that site ?

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  • Please note that; most of the website has the options i.e. Delete the account permanently.

    If any website does not have this option then you can write under the Contact Us.

    The best way is you can change the user password and login again with the new password (do not select remember password option) then logout. Delete all cookies and all history permanently.

    Most of the websites; in-active automatically to the unused accounts for a long period.

  • We may come across some websites providing you user Log In function but the Log Out button cannot be located. If the same situation crops up while using your personnel computer, the risks are not too high but in case of shared computers, Log Out formality has to be completed for your own safety.
    You need to follow the following tips so that you can be ultimately successful in the Log Out operation -
    1) Close the Browser and Reopen it -
    Closing the Browser is not the guaranteed way that you have been logged out. It does not work always but the rate of success depends upon the site you are accessing into. Log In operation holds good for most of the sites and it may remain in stored condition for a couple of months.
    However in some cases, when you close the browser and open it again, it will show the status of your logging out from the site.
    2) Locate honestly to trace out the Log Out button-
    Most sites put their Log In / Log Out button in the top right corner in the form of menu, which will indicate settings, profiles etc . If the same is not visible directly , browse the menu.
    3) Look into the Cookies -
    Most sites store Log In dates in a Cookie and if Cookie is not visible, it gives a signal that you have been logged out but to delete out Cookies, you have to try in a different mode since deleting Cookies always differ from browser to browser.
    4) Log Out from the different browser-
    If you observe the Log Out problem with a particular browser, you need to stop glueing that particular browser for this site. You may take up the recourse of contacting the site administrator, probably he may come to your rescue.
    The other way would be to change the mode of operation such as instead of using Linux, you may try Linux Browser.
    5) Log Out with SSO -
    If you logged in with Single Sign On, you can log out with this mode. If you have logged in a site with the usage of Face - book, go to the site of the Face - book to be logged out.

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