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    What is the source of income of youtubers

    Wondering about the source of income of youtubers? Read this experts' opinion page to know how do youtubers earn and what is their monthly/ annual income.

    I have observed that YouTube has videos on almost all the topics. Further, they are free of cost. The only thing that YouTubers demand is only to like and share there videos. I am curious to know that from where they earn money exactly and what may be their monthly income. I have also tried to search for the same on YouTube but different people gives different explanations,like, some says that income from any video depends on how much 'likes' it obtains and other says that YouTubers get a fixed annual or monthly income depending on their number of subscribers. I am totally confused about the exact mechanism. Please provide me exactly from where do YouTubers earn and how much they earn?
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  • YouTubers get money from the youtube website. Youtube website will get money from the advertisers who advertise in the videos. When somebody opens and sees the video and click on the subscribe button, they will get a count of the viewer. The youtube channel will count these clicks and in proportion the YouTuber. That is why many people will ask us to view their videos and click on that so that they will get the viewer count. There is no fixed income for these YouTubers. The income is purely dependent on the views.

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  • The main source of income for a YouTube channel comes from the Google Adsense affiliation. Just like we are linking our page in ISC to Google Adsense in same way a YouTuber links his channel to Adsense using his account number. The source of the money is the amount being paid by the companies to show their advertisements in YouTube videos. In the initial times of the YouTube introduction, there were limited people showcasing their content videos in YouTube and that time the earning was good. With mushrooming of the channels in each niche area the income is also distributed to so many people and the individual channel income has significantly reduced. Google Adsense gives a good part of it's advertising revenue to the YouTubers as well as the hosting site but the key to the income for a particular channel lies in the traffic to it. Traffic is the most important thing that build up a sustained income. Now, there are thousands of channels on one particular subject and people would be attracted to the best ones in terms of content and video quality. It so happens that some channels starve for traffic and so their income is nil. The income is calculated through a formula based on the number of views, number of advertisement clicks and the advertising rate for that particular advertisement. So every thing finally depends on how many people have seen your video and impressed by the contents and come back to your channel when you upload a new video. Earning from YouTube channel has become very much competitive now and most of the mediocre and repetitive channels are earning almost a negligible amount. At the same time if a YouTube channel becomes famous then there are some additional ways of earning through sponsorships and merchandise deals etc.

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  • YouTube income is purely based on how much ads are shown and how those ads viewed by visitors. Ads are given by advertisers and Google keeps 45% and offers 55% of those income to the publishers who uploaded the videos. No money is paid for subscribers count. Also high views does not always mean high revenue. But views are high, chances are high for ads showing and thus high revenue. At the end of each month, Google will send the payment to the publishers. For example, this month earning will be released on next month from 21st to 26th. Hope you understand how it works in YouTube!


  • There are many ways by which youtubers are earning by their videos on YouTube. YouTube is keep on adding many features which are beneficial for not only the viewers but also the content producers indirectly.

    A youtuber can not earn anything from likes or subscribe. They ask to like, subscribe and press bell icon just to gain targeted audience and retain them for long. The more likes and other comments a video gets, the more chances of getting it viral.

    Below are some of the ways that are used to earn money in YouTube.
    1. AdSense
    After the channel gets total 1000 subscribers and 4000 hrs of watch time within 365 days it will be allowed to start monetization option. After enabling the option one can apply for an AdSense account and start adding add-points in their videos. Advertisements will be shown to viewers and the earnings are shared with the content producer by the YouTube.
    2. Affiliate marketing
    You can earn huge in affiliate marketing by suggesting products and converting the viewer into a buyer. In description you place an affiliate link, on clicking which viewer redirect to the product page. If he buys the product then you will earn commission. There are many companies which have affiliate options like Amazon, Flipkart, Commission junction etc.
    3. Sponsored videos
    Many companies contact and pay youtubers to show their product and review them. In this case the rate can be discussed and finalized by discussion.
    Some youtubers also charge for collaborations with other youtubers and website owners. Here also the rate is flexible and finalized by discussion. Youtubers pay to gain subscribers and fame. Website owners pay to gain targeted traffic and buyers.
    5. Own marketing
    Many youtubers have their own product to sell and own many websites which indirectly lead more cash in bank.
    They post related blogs and articles in their websites and bring traffic from YouTube.


  • The more views the more chances of earning from YouTube due to ad clicks or ad views beside. The more subscribers, the more chances of getting shield (platinum or gold) from YouTube. This platform overtaken by Google. So, it is running AdSense on YouTube platform. There are different types of YouTube ads.

    Few just image type ads and few like video type. Few ads for few seconds that has to be viewed compulsory till gets 'Skip Ads' option and few for more than thirty seconds without 'Skip Ads' option. Few image ad just for few second and then either main video will show or second ads would appear to reach the video.

    These days YouTuber needs to have high number of views and subscribers to get various benefits including AdSense approval to earning. The less number of videos and views even won't get AdSense or existing AdSense member (from other sources like a website approval) can't associate it with YouTube unless their YT platform contribution is good enough beside standard requirement (without copyright or violation) with some videos with enough views and subscribers.

    Yes, YouTube platform is free. So, many video makers are in benefit. Many struggles too as they are unable to get enough views or subscribers despite quality videos. It is also depend on promoting it in different channels, like, promiting YT videos in email, social media, website and Whatsapp etc.

  • Youtubers earn money from the number of views where in the viewer views the contents of the video along with the advertisement. Just like TRP for television programmes they too have rates slabs for quality contents and quality videos. This may change according to the rules set by youtube from time to time. It also depends on the economic boom. Since it is lockdown and economic growth has slashed down, you tube also reduces its slabs just like bank interest rates.

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  • There are lot of people not believing to make money on the Internet but contrary to this belief, there are a lot of success stories where people have made abundant success on this rout. YouTube could be one of the best platforms for earning huge money with the sincere dedication.
    There are some rough datas indicating how much You tubers can generate money with their involvements and of course earnings would depend upon proportional to your involvement.
    The details are given below -
    1) Google pays around 68 % of their Adsense revenue and this goes to the publishers.
    2) On an average, YouTube channels can receive $ 18 per 1000 ad views.
    3) The actual rate paid by the advertiser varies from $ 0. 10 to $ 0.30 per view which is averaging out $ 0. 18 per view.
    Of course, the most of the You Tubers, earnings may be feeble. Whenever there is the question of earning, YouTube succeeds with the strength of more subscribers.
    These subscribers will click on the ads providing the source of revenue generation. The more people clicks on the ads, the more is the chances of earning.
    The more you make a name as You tubers, the higher the chances of merchandise deals.
    It would depend upon how much popularity your channel has earned so far.

  • Google Adsense is the main source of income for YouTubers. Rest affiliated marketing, Sponsor are also sources for income.

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