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  • How can I get a job after completing advance diploma in big data?

    Looking for a job after completing advance diploma in Big Data? Know if you can get a good job after this diploma or you should study more to get good income.

    After completing advance diploma in big data from NIELIT what I should do?
    What should I do to get a job? During this lockdown time how can I boost my resume? Since there is a lot of uncertainty about earning sources? Is there any other free course that I can do? How can I generate income?
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  • You have completed the advanced diploma in big data from National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology (NIEIT), a Govt enterprise under the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology. During this course, you might had learned or revised your Linux concepts, Java programming, R Programming, Python Programming, BigData concepts, Hadoop and MapReduce, Hive, Pig, Sqoop, Flume, HBase, SPARK, Machine Learning etc followed by a project.

    So, purpose of this training was to equip you and teach you for data analysis which is required by many organisations and they are recruiting data engineers, data analysts or data scientists whatever name we give to it for getting the relevant data analysed thoroughly for their information and taking a business decision based on that. So you have to look for job openings as advertised in various portals which have that type of work potential and then apply in them. Please note that there are positions for the experience data analysts in the industry but those positions would not be available to fresh people. So fresh people have to join some lower position in an assisting capacity to some experienced person and one should grab even such a small job because once one learns the basic data analysis job through mining of data from internet and then selecting the appropriate and effective data from the mediocre and junk data, one learns the fundamental work stream required in this profession. Once sufficient experienced is gathered, one can switch the job quickly for better renumeration elsewhere.

    Many technology and big business giants in our country are becoming more and more inclined to digital and online technologies and are using the data available in the internet for their benefit. But it is only possible when they have good quality data engineers or analysts to support them through the genuine and useful data assimilation. Data is available in plenty - in the internet sites, servers, e-commerce domains, social media etc and the volume of data is unimaginable. It is huge and from that only the nomenclature of 'Big data' has emerged. This data is not stationary, it is moving with great velocities in the world wide web and available everywhere. Those who can comprehend it, analyse it and bring it to a proper form and also make it usable for the advantage of their companies are the true data analysts. Companies are looking for such potential people. Some companies would like to get this job done by the data analytics agencies and that is the reason why such consulting agencies are recruiting more number of data analysts. Some of these consulting agencies are Accenture, Microsoft, Adobe, JP Morgan, AIG, Ernst & Young, Wipro, Vodafone and Deloitte. There are many smaller consulting agencies also and one must not shy away if one does not get in the bigger ones. Let us first join any company small or big and learn the work and once we learn it we can always apply for higher positions.

    There are some conspicuous areas where there is a good scope of big data/ data analysis/ data analytics/ data science in our country and these are mainly banking, investment, healthcare, fraud detection, legal domain, safety and security, e-commerce, energy, telecommunications etc. There are advanced courses also in this stream and that you can think of going side by side of your data analysis job when you get it in some related company. So keep a watch in the openings in the web job portals and right now recruitments might be slow but once the present situation improves one would be able to get a job.

    Knowledge is power.

  • You have done your advanced diploma in big data. Now you are looking for a job. Now because of the situation in the country getting a job immediately is difficult and you can utilise this time for acquiring some additional skills. You can do a diploma in Data Analytics also. If it is possible you can take some problems from the available information and try to solve them so that it will become a good experience for you and your knowledge will also improve. It will help you in getting a good assignment. Meanwhile, make a resume and post it in and similar website where recruiters will visit and select the CVs they like and invite for an interview.
    The demand for data analysts is increasing and I understand there are many positions available for this qualification. So look around and apply if any suitable advertisement is there. Even fresh candidates are also getting good jobs with good pay.
    There are many jobs like Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Security Engineer, Database Manager, Data Architect and Technical Recruiter. The posts may be in senior cader or junior cader and the eligibility depends on the experience. But they recruit some freshers also and you can apply for those posts.
    Meanwhile, try to learn some soft skills which will be useful to you for making your CV more user friendly. I wish you all the best.

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  • Since you have completed the advanced diploma in the big data from National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, your career prospects will certainly be rosy if you could secure some projects from IBM,Oracle, Microsoft etc with your better performance in the interview.
    The demand of for the Analytics is likely to go up steadily but a huge deficit is seen at present from the supply side.
    The following are the favourable points which could provide you an upward trend in your career. For the professionals having acquired Big Data Analytics, there is an ocean of opportunities and needs to tap them.
    1) Huge Job Oppurtunities-
    In India there is higher concentration of Data Analytics but there is the biggest shortfalls of the personnels such as Data Scientists who can perform as Analytical Consultants with the thorough understanding the basics of data interpretation.
    The demand for the Analytics is likely to go up steadily but huge deficit is seen at present from the supply side.
    2) Salary Aspects- The annual pay hikes for the Analytics professionals in India is on an average 50 percent more than the conventional IT professionals.
    Similarly while considering the emoluments drawn by the Big Data Analytics in the UK also indicates the upward growth in terms of their emoluments.
    3) Growing Demand for the Analytics Professionals- The current demand for the qualified data professionals is just the starting point. In the next few years, the size of the analytics market will evolve to at least one thirds of the global IT market from the current one tenths.
    A majority of the organisations are in the process of implementing it or actively planning to add this feature within the next two years.
    4) A Top Priority for the Management-
    With the researches made on the front of demand of the big Data Analytics, it was concluded that the recruiting the Big Data Analytics is one of the top priorities of the top Management.
    A survey made by Deloitte Technology in the Mid Market reports that Big Data Analytics help in a big way to promote the business.
    5) Big Data Analytics Can Be Employed Everywhere- It is an established fact that there is an exponential demand fit the Big Data Analytics due to its awesome features.The tremendous growth is also being seen due to their absorption rate across the globe.
    6) Numerous Choice in their Job Titles -
    The aspirants can be placed in the different designations as shown below -
    1) Big Data Analytics Business Consultant
    2) Big Data Engineers
    3) Big Data Analytics Architect
    4) Big Data Analyst
    5) Metrics and Analytics Specialist
    They have been employed in the different organisations such as Oracle, Opera, IBM, Panorama Software, Tracx, Microsoft, FiCO etc and have achieved faster growth in their service career.
    7) Analytics Influencing In the Process of Decision Making -
    According to the latest surveys, it was revealed that Analytics will play more important roles in the organisation in the next three years. This is attributable to the fact that large datas are not being used at this point and hence the activities are needed to be intensified.
    Hence in the upcoming time, Analytics would play an important role in driving the business strategy providing effective guidelines in enhancing the business output.

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