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  • How to remove your website from Blogarama?

    Is Blogarama really stealing content? Can it hurt your blog? Know the reality behind the curtains and what protective steps you can take.

    So I own a blogging website and was searching for ways to promote it in the internet.
    I came across a blog submission website called Blogarama a few months ago and left it pending approval.
    Now I got an email from them telling me that my website has been approved.
    But as I searched on the web about the website I came to know about a shocking revelation.
    The website is actually stealing content and showing them as their own and rarely drives any traffic to the original website. I also heard that they send massive bot traffic hurting the bounce rate.

    Now I want to remove my website from its directory but unable to find any help.
    If anyone has any experience can you please share tips on how I can approach to get my website off the directory?

    Any help would be appreciated!
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  • I have not used this site. But I have seen many reviews about this. But very few are favourable reviews and many say it is not good to have a subscription to this. Many say it is a spammer. So I feel you need not continue on this site. They may charge some subscription fee monthly. Don't pay that. What I suggest you contact them directly and tell them you are not interested in continuing them and ask them to delete your blog from there. If they are not responding, you can contact their hosting provider. He may be helpful to you in deleting your blog. Otherwise, you have to make another blog and stop posting any more in the present blog.

    always confident

  • There are some mischievous and fraud sites which are actively engaged in illegal and unethical activities. They would attract gullible people to it and then exploit their work or data in various ways and sometimes may ask some subscription fee also. One should be very careful in this regard. If they have some email for communication then you please inform them that they should delete your account from their site. You also give them a threat in form of a warning that you are going to take up this issue with the cyber police in India and they would do the necessary investigation in the matter and if possible under the rules and regulation punish them. These sites cleverly hide certain setting parameters from the user like deleting or exiting from the account. They keep that option in their hands only to trouble the user.

    Blogarama is an alleged site to the extent that they are known for stealing the contents of the bloggers and selling it cheaply to the content buyers. Many people have complained about it. It is surprising that Google has not blacklisted it so far from its search.

    Knowledge is power.

  • I note that the question is never answered.

    "HOW to remove blog from Blogarama?"

    Better, HOW to close a Blogarama account?

    Anyone have an answer?

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