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  • Is LPG gas pipeline SR box position threatening to house compound?

    Worried about LPG gas pipeline connectivity via a residential area? Check this ISC page to know about the possible consequences, if any from our Experts for further guidence.

    My society is mix of row house and towers. Builder has given NOC for provision of gas regulation through MNGL. Society is not formed yet but MNGL took signatures of few flat owners and allowed pipeline connections through society premises. However since I own row house, there was open space near to my gate stairs which society and MNGL decided to fix SR service regulator box. The SR box has written that no flammable or smoking etc. allowed nearby to it. I have raised concerned over this to MNGL but they are arguing to give us new location and flat owners asking to get written confirmation that it is unsecure location outside your house. I am stuck to take decision whom to contact. Gas is not commissioned yet. Should I go court for this matter?
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  • What you are talking of is piped natural gas (PNG) and is different from LPG in many ways right from handling to other safety precautions. MNGL is the main agency distributing these gas connections to the interested people. The purpose of SR box (Service Regulator device) is to reduce the pressure of the piped gas from 4 bar to 0.1 bar. Please note that in your house there would be a meter generally fixed in kitchen in which this pressure would further be decreased from 0.1 bar to 21 mbar (milli bar). So that is being done in stages to ensure safety and technical compatibility of gadgets. It is also pertinent to note here that the MNGL reduces the gas pressure from 19 bar to 4 bar in a central District Regulating Station (DRS) well before sending it to SR box.

    If SR box is in an open space near your gate and not obstructing in your way or in the way of your neighbour then it should not be an issue presently. Do you have a fear that some vehicle might hit it and it might get damaged or leak out the gas? If it is so you give a notice in writing to them to shift it to a more strategic place. There would be some ombudsman in your area related to the MNGL working and if such an authority is there you can talk to him and get it examined for shifting. Such installations are very common nowadays in the societies and generally are to be kept out in an accessible place so that in emergency it can be approached easily. I understand that MNGL regularly visits to check the condition of these boxes and other outside junctions in order to maintain a safety check as required by statutory practices. So as such I do not see anything of serious concern in this.

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  • MGNL authority has undertaken the responsibility of distributing PNG gas ( also known as piped natural gas ) to their consumers.
    PNG gas is always safer even if there is presence of gas in the limited quantity of natural gas at a low pressure level of 21 millibar.
    MGL gas supply system has undertaken to supply this natural gas to their customers with the application of several safety parameters including the reduction of pressure from the original intensity of 38 bar found in the MGL Gas Supply System to 21 millibar observed in the meter regulators installed at the kitchen outlets of the customers. Here the pressure is not reduced all of sudden but involves several stages. Such a mechanism is described below -
    1) SR device also known as Service Regulator box is installed to reduce the pressure from 4 bar to 0. 1 bar
    2) Provision of Meter Regulator - This device is installed to reduce the pressure from 0.1 bar to 21 millibar and the same is fitted in the kitchen premises.
    3) Provision of Warning Tape written as Danger - Gas main is placed 300 mm above the gas pipe line.
    4) Gas isolation valves are located at the most strategic place.
    5) Regular patrolling of gas network by maintenance personnel of the company to avoid the damage caused by the third party.
    6) PNG gas has the tendency to mix with the air immediately after the leakage because of its lesser density and to detect the same methyl mercaptans are added so that the same is detected by the personnel posted at such locations.
    7) Automatic regulation of over pressure and under pressure mechanism has been installed at City Gate Station, District Regulating Station and the Service Regulators.

  • @Umesh
    That location is you see just outside to compound near gate. During festival any firecrackers can blow it and perhaps if anyone smoke near to it can cause damage. Yes it's close to private parking as well
    Society and Mngl deadlocking me by blaming each other. No one ready to move. Whom should I complain? I don't see any ombudsman for my area too. Going to court will work? If yes then which court and which type of lawyer will help. I want stay on gas commissioning.

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    It is good that you have explained the situation in much details and if these people are not ready to hear you in moving this SR box to some other convenient place then legal recourse is the only thing. I am only apprehended because legal processes take time and are very embarrassing and frankly speaking I am not for it.

    So, there are two things now that can be sought in this matter. First is just consult a lawyer and instead of complaining or lodging a case in the court, give a legal notice to them through your lawyer stating that you understand that the position of the box is not as per the safety regulations and as it is an exposed place, there is all likelihood of a knock from a passing vehicle and all other related points like that. You write there that in case they do not shift it to a correct location then you would be forced to go to a court of law and fight for individual rights and justice which is a fundamental provision in the constitution. Second option is the long legal process in which you go to the district court and seek a stay through the legal process and the gas company would not be able to install it at that place till the case is decided in the court. If you give safety reasons and threat to the lives of people living nearby especially children playing in the area then court would easily grant you the stay.

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