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  • Urgent need- Hindi - tamil proverbs

    Wanted to know Hindi/Tamil connected proverbs? Check this page whether our ISC Experts would help you out.

    I want to know from which website I can find Hindi to Tamil proverbs.
    or if someone could help me please. I would like to contact them. I have the Hindi muhavare and I want the similar Tamil pazhamozhi. Treat this as urgent and provide a suitable reply for this.
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  • There are books published by some Hindi / Tamil publishers.

    1)Sura publishers book is available in many shops and details for that book is

    2) can be referred for instant information

    3)Tamilnadu, Trichy based Agasthiyar Book depot published a good Comprised Hindi Dictionery (I am having a copy) which contains everything connected to Hindi in English and Tamil

  • Thank you Sir. I hope this will be helpful for me. In the meantime If you find any other details please inform.- Thank you once again

  • There are some resources available which might be of use to you in this project. In Google book store a few books are available which has a lot of material on this conversion. The link is



    Then, there some sites where interesting phrases are converted from English to Tamil and also English to Hindi. That could also be seen for your work. These are,, and

    Knowledge is power.

  • You can visit the following sites :
    To buy a Hindi-Tamil-English parallel proverbs visit :

  • Thank you Sirs,
    I have around 1000 muhavare for which I want the tamil pazhamoshi. ofcouse I got few but still i need so many. I will try in these websites. very few i got through -
    )Sura publishers book is available in many shops and details for that book is

  • Hindi-Tamil-English Parallel Proverbs.
    This is the title of the book in which many proverbs in Hindi and their equivalents in Tamil and English are also given. It is published by Sura books. Their Phone number is 044 4265 5644. Their URL is The cost of the book is Rs.90/-. Email address is customer. support @
    you can try this book.

    always confident

  • Thank you for the inormation. I could get few proverbs from this book. I have more than 1000 hindi muhavare out of which I could write few in tamil proverb.

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