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  • Why men go bald and women does not?

    Are you in doubt that women do not go bald? Would you like to know why baldness is more common in men than among women? Follow this thread to know more about it.

    Today, When I went for a morning walk, I happened to see a woman with her extra long hair touching her knee. That raised a doubt in me as to why we don't get to see bald women as much as men. Why is that baldness in men is very common while it not so in the case of women? What might be the factors affecting baldness? Don't women get bald?
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  • Both men and women go bald. But the percentage in women is less and it more in men. The baldness in ladies is much less and the pattern is also different.
    Women baldness is of a different pattern than that of men baldness.
    Men who lose hair heavily may result in reducing hairline and bald spots.
    But in women, it will not form bald spots but lose hair evenly from all the areas. This form is known as female pattern baldness. The medicinal name for this is androgenetic alopecia.
    The first indication of boldness in ladies is the feeling of reduction in the thickness of hair. The volume of hair will come down as a result of this baldness. As age increases in ladies, the thickness of the hair will come down.

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  • While hair loss is can occur to men and women, the common 'male pattern baldness' is happening only to men. Almost all men from start of their forties, will start gradually balding –the male pattern balding. Women do not face this kind of baldness.
    The general opinion after studies are made is the male baldness is caused by the male hormone or androgens. Testosterone is an androgen. Studies found that Dihydrotestosterone, which gets produced as a degenerative form of male hormone testosterone is actually inhibiting or blocking hair growth. It causes thinning of hair. So after a certain age there is not much re-growth of the lost hair which is regularly happening. Hereditary factors may also influence this so that for some it may happen late and the bald area may less, but for others it may occur earlier and the bald area may be more.
    Though women also have androgens in them in small levels the presence of Estrogen is more. However during menopause women may have hormonal imbalances due to reduced production of estrogen and progesterone. This is why some women face thinning of hair in their frontal and middle area scalp, but the effect quite less than men both males and females.
    Tension, prolonged diseases, prolonged use of certain, medicines, exposure to radiation; Chemotherapy etc cause baldness in both. But many of these can be reversed if properly cared and treated, unlike the male pattern baldness.

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  • Hair loss is common in men as well as women but the only difference is in their patterns where men get clearly bald but women do not get bald but have thinning of hairs and also hair loss which they generally hide or camouflage with a canopy of folded hair. There are some genetic factors controlling the hormone activity in the body that differentiates between men and women in terms of getting baldness patches on their head. These hormones fall under the general nomenclature of androgens consisting of testosterone, oestrogen, progesterone, and androstenedione. The main difference is the presence of much more testosterone in males as compared to the females. Testosterone is a hormone which gives a male its male like characteristics. At the same time females have much more oestrogen than that of males which gives them female like characteristics. These hormones are regulated through the genetic codes in chromosomes. For example women have two X-chromosome while men have only one X-chromosome. There is one specific gene called as androgen receptor gene which is present in these X-chromosome. Incidentally one of the X-chromosome in the women is randomly inactivated to prevent an overdose of these hormones. So the net result of these hormone differences between men and women are attributable to the difference in patterns between the men getting bald while women only having hair loss and no conspicuous baldness patches.

    In certain conditions, where due to hormonal disorder the women also start producing some of these male hormones in their body, then they also start getting severe hair loss leading to baldness in patches. Women under strong chemotherapy drugs can also have temporary baldness due to effect of these medicines.

    Those who are interested to read about these studies connecting the baldness in men and women to the hormones and gene dispositions in X-chromosomes can read the material available in internet regarding the research in 1990 by the University of Melbourne's physiology department discovering the androgen receptor gene and other relevant studies. Subsequently, there had been many other researches in the subject which have added more information in the matter.

    Just to mention that these informations are used by the professionals engaged in hair treatment business to whom many people visit to arrest the fall of hair and reduce the severity of baldness. The treatment generally starts with the testing of hormonal levels in the individual.

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  • Baldness is related to the deficiency of the sexual hormones which can be marked due to the progression of age of males. However, this is also a continuous process and starts one attains the age of thirty. Upon the attainment of the age bracket between 40 and 50, the rate of fall of hairs speeds up and by the time, the man attains the age of fifty, he would almost loose half of his hair.
    Who are prone to loose hairs?
    Enzymes in the male bodies produce testerone chiefly known as Male Sex Hormone and this hormone coverts testerone into dihedrotesterone. This also depends upon the hereditarial problems either from the genes of mother's side or from father's side or perhaps both.
    Again the rate of fall of hair varies from race to race and in case of being an Asian, rapid fall of hair is seen.
    Why Women are not affected with baldness?
    Women folks are endowed with the female sex hormone known as Estrogen not allowing to hair fall. This hormone provides the opportunity to normal growth of the hair.
    Once the women folks reach menopause, the level of estrogen drops significantly and the testerone present in their bodies start showing its effects. Such a change can lead to presence of thinner hair on their scalps after the menopause. However, the recession of hair takes place uniformly but the fall would not make them so bald as seen in the cases of men.
    Apart from this, fall of the hair can be seen after the the delivery of the baby due to deficiency of certain nutrients and vitamins. This being a temporary phase and with the intakes of Folic Acid, Iron and other essential vitamins recommended by the Physician, this issue can be tackled effectively.
    If you follow Ayurvedic rout, you may administer two table spoon of Dashmoolarista along with equal amount of water to be taken half an hour after the principal meals for at least two months. This will compensate iron deficiency apart from supplementation of Phosphorous and Calcium necessary to restore overhaul health apart from arresting hair fall.
    The other herb known as Triphala Churna works wonder in strengthening the hair. Take two teaspoon of Triphala Churna along with half glass of hot water early in the morning in the empty stomach for at leat two months. Regular administration will provide you numerous benifits such as strengthening your eye - vision, removal of constipation issue, regulation of your blood - pressure, arresting hair fall etc.
    You may consume the same for at least six months with intermittent stoppage for two to three days during such intake. It is applicable for both the genders.

  • Rather than 'Hairless' we can say careless. Gents are normally do not care on their hair as they just comb their hair in urgency before going out. But ladies are taking much care to comb their hair by applying suitable oil etc., Many of them have head bath at regular intervals. In Kerala their application of coconut oil never stopped and therefore the hair growth found good in those ladies. Gents should also use a good coconut oil or gingely oil regularly.

  • Hair loss is a very common issue in today's world, but it is quite a difference in hair fall and baldness.

    Due to lack of nutrition and street people have the problem of hair fall but as far as baldness is concerned it is directly related to hormonal changes of a human body.
    Growing hairs and losing hairs are related to hormonal secretions in many extend.
    We all know that the pituitary gland is one main gland which controls all other glands of our body and this pituitary gland is situated in our forehead this is why everyone suggested for meditation when you have control over your pituitary gland then entire body's gland will automatically be controlled by it.

    The main reason is to increase the level of secretion of testosterone is more than normal secretion, cause baldness in men. Apart from them enzymes also affected this process.

    People should aware of their hormonal secretion to control them.
    There are some tips to avoid this problem -

    Daily meditate at anycast, this will help you as much as nothing can be.
    Do pranayam, and some other yogas will also help you with hormonal balance.
    Have nutritional food and avoid junk food.
    The balanced hormonal system is very necessary and important to keep your entire body healthy if one have a strong hormonal system then it will avoid many health problems like thyroid, diabetes, etc.

  • Baldness can be seen in both men and women. It is not true to say that men only go for baldness and women not. Nowadays, women also suffering from this disease in the same manner. It may be the result of heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions or ageing. Generally, male baldness is considered hereditary and may be linked to male sex hormones. Male hair loss can start at an early age. It affects two-thirds of men by age 35, and around 85 per cent of men by the age of 50. One of the main reason for baldness has been a health-related problem like anaemia or thyroid problem, protein and iron deficiency. Moreover, stress or Shock, Sudden excessive weight loss, a severe physical or emotional shock, surgery, or even fever and the flu may bring hair loss. The body's immune system also creates your hair fall problem causing small patches of hair to fall out. The main difference between men and women baldness is the pattern of women baldness is different from men baldness. Generally, men lose hair heavily may result in reducing hairline and bald spots. But in the case of women, it is not formed bald spots but loses hair evenly from all the areas.

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