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  • Why this alert comes in my smartphone

    Getting specific alerts on smartphone? Want to know if any hidden app is causing this alert? Find answers from our ISC experts on this page which can help you to avoid getting this alert.

    I am using Android Smartphone. I use only very few apps other than the inbuilt default apps.
    Many times I see an alert appearing on my mobile screen to the effect that messages cannot be sent at that time and it will be sent when the facility resumes.
    The message appears and flashes for just a second or two.
    At that there were no messages pending to be sent. I get scared if any hidden app is sending some message or some mischief happening.
    I am not able to take screenshot or exactly remember the words as it just flashes and disappears. Can you explain what it means and how it can be avoided or remedies?
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  • Generally two types of alerts are received in our mobiles. One is which comes as a flash and other which remains as notification and we can read it and take action as needed. Many people ignore the flash one as the flash type notifications disappears quickly. Sometimes, it is a matter for worry and could be a spammy element. The solution suggested for this problem is generally to uninstall the recent programs or apps as it can be an associated feature carried to your phone with them. After uninstalling them again install them from a reputed site like play store. This technique helps in getting rid of flashing and irritating notifications. If your phone is Apple phone then this problem can be solved by going to settings and then selecting notifications and then making the changes as required to enable or disable certain types of notifications.

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